10 iOS users can laugh at the features of Android

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10 iOS users can laugh at the features of Android

The battle between Android and iOS devices never stops. After all, the concepts and actual expressions of all high-tech products are different. Taking Android as an example, many features make users unhappy or even angry. Let's take a simple look at 10 features that are better than Android. Of course, this does not mean that Android is worse than iOS, because the most headache for cook every day is that users switch to Android every day, and vice versa, because we can also drive 10 features that Android has better than iOS.

1. Design inconsistency

Let's face the reality. Even if Google announced the Material Design (Material Design) as a Design language and hoped developers could follow it, there are currently very few applications that actually use the Material Design interface, most of them still use the old Holo Design language. It is not clear whether it is because of poor Material Design or developers think it is unnecessary. There are still many apps of different styles on Google Play, and it seems that the road to unified Design is still very long. In terms of design language cohesion and uniformity, Apple's applications have done a lot better, and most applications have already tailored to the new system style to adjust the user interface design.

2. It is not like a simplified iOS

The Android operating system is far less intuitive than iOS. Different options or functions can always be found on any Android device, and the same method is used for everything on Apple's iOS system. However, the native Android operating system may be the most intuitive, but device manufacturers do not like native Android. Almost every brand of smart phones has their own custom user interfaces. This means that if a user wants to change to a different brand of mobile phone, he must learn to adapt to it. This learning process may be lightweight or difficult to use. More importantly, the UI for each smartphone of the same brand is different from that for iOS users.

3. system update and upgrade

This is also a fact. When the new version of Android comes out, most Android users have to wait for a long time to get the official version system upgrade, which is already lucky, unfortunately, you may have to wait permanently and have no hope for any upgrade. On the other hand, there are always a large number of users who upgrade the system directly on the date of the release of the new system version, and then the number of new systems occupies the majority. Of course, if a user holds a Nexus device, the upgrade will be the fastest, but Nexus's market share in global Android phones is quite low.

4. A large number of bloated built-in applications

The number and scale of internal applications depend entirely on which Android smartphone the user buys. Brand manufacturers and carriers like to preload various application sequences on smartphones, and most devices cannot be directly disabled or deleted manually. However, some devices are not too bloated. On the other hand, although many apps are pre-installed on iOS devices, some apps may not be of much use to individuals, such as Apple Watch, the pre-installed apps do not make users feel very bloated. In short, although the iOS system is growing, it is undeniable that the experience of many Android devices is indeed ruined by a large number of pre-installed applications.

5. the control center is more intuitive and easy to use

Different users have different feelings, and the response is good or bad. IOS devices support sliding up the access control center directly from any interface, and provide some important switches, including music Control and volume adjustment. Android is the first smart phone to provide quick settings and notification bar, but some users think that the arrangement is not intuitive enough. For example, in the Android Lollipop system, users must slide the top twice or use the double finger gesture, in order to find the desired quick switch, iOS as long as a simple slide from the bottom, it is simpler and more humane, but the defect is that the quick switch cannot be customized.

6. Limited built-in camera functions

As far as the default camera function is concerned, iOS looks more intuitive and more powerful than Android, such as manual control of exposure, automatic exposure/auto focus, etc, many functions are missing from default cameras on Android devices. However, the new Android version and the camera applications provided by most device manufacturers can be used as compensation.

7. No iCloud backup function

The powerful data backup function of iOS is nothing more than iCloud, And it is intuitive and easy to use. You only need to turn on the switch and select the application and data to be backed up, in a Wi-Fi environment, you can also perform automatic backup and restore at any time. There are similar solutions on Android, but most of them are difficult to complete backup. to be perfect, you need Root to get the permission and then back up and restore it through the third-party Recovery, for example, Nandroid and titanium backup solutions.

8. application updates

This is also the fact that Google Play does have more games and applications than Apple App Store, but the latter is always more popular with developers, especially when it comes to releasing new or new applications, iOS is always the preferred choice for developers. Android is followed closely by this. Many users are dissatisfied with the developer's "no updates to applications". However, Apple does bring more revenue to developers.

9. Lack of continuous communication functions

If you have a full set of Apple family products, such as Mac, iPad, and iPhone, as long as the mobile device is upgraded to the new version of iOS 8, it will be easier to process a lot of work and life tasks, for example, the unfinished work of Mac can continue on the iPad. When the iPhone calls, Mac can replace the phone number, and even if there is no Wi-Fi, it can share hot spots, many features enable seamless connection between Apple devices. However, this cannot be implemented on Android. Google is also improving Chrome OS, allowing it to receive notifications instead, and even directly run Android applications.

10. Apple's health applications are currently better than Google Fit

When it comes to Apple's healthy applications, Google Fit is inevitable. Compared with Apple, Google's solutions currently disappoint many users, especially the incomplete ecosystem. Apple has more health functions and many third-party applications and accessories. Thanks to the comprehensive HealthKit and ResearchKit, iOS devices are like a powerful medical platform.

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