iOS development: cocoa-Class and object detailed

We can find the definition of class and object in/usr/include/objc/objc.h and runtime.h: typedef struct OBJC_CLASS *class; typedef struct OBJC_OBJECT { Class isa; } *id; Class is a pointer to a objc_class struct type, and an ID (any object)

iOS Development: 40 iOS Open source projects on GitHub

  1. afnetworking Among the many iOS open source projects, afnetworking can be described as the most popular library project for developers. Afnetworking is a lightweight iOS, MAC OS x network communication Class library, and now is the third

IOS 9.1 Mac version of the perfect jailbreak graphics tutorial

"notice before Escape" The computer system needs Mac OS X (10.8) or above; 1. Please back up your equipment data before escaping from the prison to avoid loss 2. This jailbreak is compatible with 64-bit iOS 9.1 devices (that is, the iphone 5S,

Resolution date set to January 1, 1970 causes 64-bit iOS devices to fail to start

The date is set to January 1, 1970 the solution that causes 64-bit iOS devices to fail to start: Solution One: Send to the Apple Store for repairs, dismantle the machine by the professional and remove the battery, and then reinstall it after 10

4 ways to get file paths in iOS

  code is as follows copy code   Nsarray *paths = Nssearchpathfordirectoriesindomains (nsdocumentdirectory, Nsuserdomainmask, YES); NSString *documentsdirectory = [Paths objectatindex:0]; NSString *writabledbpath =

A brief explanation of the related use of MD5 encryption in IOS application development _ios

One, simple explanation 1. Notes In the development of applications, the security of the data is critical, and only the POST request to submit the user's privacy data, or can not completely solve the security problem. Such as: You can use

Ios-nsdate 8 hours.

NSDate is stored in world standard Time (UTC) and needs to be converted to local time when output It seems to be starting from ios4.1 [NSDate Date]; It's GMT time, which is 8 hours away from Beijing time, and the following code solves this problem.

How to fit different screen size schemes for IOS turning front end __ios

Today, time to write a ~ before already done two demo, mainly using css+html completed, today or to complete a demo, build a pet website. Before we start, we'll introduce a knowledge point about adaptation. In fact, for the front end of learning, H5

A solution to HTML5 multiple digits in iOS into phone numbers

From "A little progress every day." When the HTML page is displayed on the iOS device, when a serial number is entered consecutively, the click Defaults to the phone number dialing. Methods to suppress this event: meta name= "Format-detection"

IOS Safari identifies numbers as phone __ios

If you have text similar to the following in your Web page 60/65/70/75/80/85 Or HTML like the following 60/65/70/75/80/85-Year-old Safari will be recognized as a phone, style and tags, like, click on the phone can be, this feature really ...

The custom Actionsheet view for IOS development __ios

Sometimes we need to use Actionsheet to show, but often the interface of the system is ugly or does not meet the requirements of the UI, so here is a custom, convenient to use later, there is time to write the development of Swift. The key point of

Bi-directional Adjustable slider slider __ios for IOS development

sliders are used in many places, so here we show you a custom, two-way-controlled slider, and you can get the corresponding range values through the proxy method, some of the code is as follows: Property Value: /**Set minimum value*/@property

The problem of nesting H5 pages in iOS has been blank

Problem description The following business scenarios, in iOS applications, embed the H5 page, call him a page, click a page to jump to b page, b page has a button, call him button S, button s will trigger an AJAX event, to request an application

Change iOS input style

Original address iOS under the input[type= ' Tel '],input[type= ' text '] input box, in the trigger, input will have a gray background color block, flash over, online search a lot of keywords, have nothing, and later with the development of iOS

IOS gets Web page text content via URL __ios

Today suddenly have a demand, the second page to display a page, the first page to display a picture title or introduction, etc., but! Backstage only returned a url! This means that I have to take the first page myself through the URL to get the

IOS Safari-click event Failure Solution __ios

Problem Description When you use a delegate to add a click event to an element, if the event is delegated to document or body, and the element of the delegate is not clickable by default (such as Div, span, etc.), the Click event is invalidated.

Play offline audio __ios in IOS Safari

Playing cached audio on iOS's Safari browser for offline use has been a challenge that has proven impossible to accomplish. But with the development of the Network audio API (which supports only the WebKit kernel), it is now finally implemented-but

Nested use of IOS development Xib

Recently the company project needs to use Xib nested XIB to layout the interface, studied for a long time to achieve!!! Share to everyone, hope to help more developers ... There are two ways of customizing the interface in development One: Pure

Analysis and implementation of selection switching effect of shrimp music channel developed by iOS

Today's blog content is relatively simple, is to look at the Shrimp Music Home channel selection of an animation effect of the implementation. Before using mask to write another kind of tab switching effect, NetEase cloud music inside a tab switch

iOS Development UI chapter-Creating a navigation controller and the life cycle of a controller using storyboard

The jar package is Commons-codec.jar.Pnuts//base64 decoding into picturesfunction Gldbase64toimage (imgstr,imgfilepath) {//Base64 decoding a byte array string and generating a picture if("". Equals (IMGSTR) | | Imgstr = =NULL)//image data is

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