A collection of time conversion methods in iOS development

This article mainly introduces the iOS development in the time conversion method collection, the need for friends can refer to the When developing an iOS program, sometimes you need to adjust the time format to the format that you want, and we can

How to use AirDrop to share files and send files to iOS devices on a Mac

The AirDrop feature in the Mac makes it easy for you to wirelessly send files from your Mac to people around you who use iOS devices to share photos, videos, locations, and more. So how do Apple devices share files and send files through airdrop?

IOS Development Series-Map and location source code detailed _ios

Overview Now many social, electrical, and group purchase applications have introduced maps and positioning functions, it seems that map function is no longer a map application and navigation applications unique. Indeed, with the map and positioning

Apple 5s IOS 7 off app Bug

The bug implementation process is as follows: 1. Open more than 3 applications casually. Click the Home button and return to the main screen . 2. Double-click the Home button, open the application switch and close the interface. (Figure 1 shows

Apple iOS 9 split-screen multitasking how to use? iOS9 split-screen multi-task test

The iOS operating system allows two applications to run and display on the same screen interface, with a video on the left, a chat window on the right, or a courseware on the left, and a note application on the right. The ipad's same-screen

IPhone6 How to save electricity? IPhone6 IOS 8.1 Power Saving tips (1/2)

Many internet users who use iphones and ipads believe they have updated iOS 8, or even iOS 8.1, for love machines. If you think that after the upgrade, the battery use time is shorter than before, you can refer to the following methods to try to

How to open the Apple iOS 9.3 System Night Shift mode method

Where does the new color temperature auto Adjust (Night Shift) feature in IOS 9.3 be set? 1, after upgrading the iOS9.3 system, open the "settings" →"display and brightness" option to open the Click to enter the effect as shown in the

What Bugs did Apple iOS 9.3 beta 4 fix?

What Bugs did Apple iOS 9.3 beta 4 fix? The new beta gives him the feeling that it's faster and smoother, and that the speed of opening the application seems to be improving, but there's no obvious difference in the frame-dropping problem. In

Development tool: 5 Types of iOS apps that are most valuable to game developers

development tool: 5 Types of iOS apps that are most valuable to game developers Summary:As game developers, the game development process must use other aids, for voice editing, animation editing, browser-based project management, file management,

IOS certificate management, verification, packaging process

Background The development and release of iOS software is inseparable from certificates and profiles, and if you want to release the app to the Apple Store or use Apple's push notification feature, you will need a personal developer certificate to

Using Fiddler to carry out Http/https grab kits for iOS apps

Fiddler not only intercepts HTTP requests from various browsers, but also intercepts HTTP/HTTPS requests made by various smartphones. Fiddler can capture requests from iOS devices, such as the iphone, IPad, and MacBook.  Wait for the Apple device.

IOS protocol-oriented encapsulation of blank page functionality

In order to have a good interactive experience, I believe that everyone in the treatment of ScrollView no data when the prompt page will use some third-party to customize, the most typical is the use of dznemptydataset. But it is not so good to

"iOS Interface Development" UIWindow screen rotation adaptive

Each view displayed on the screen is included in the UIWindow object, and each window in the app is independent of each other. The events that the app receives are routed to the appropriate window object first, and then distributed to the

iOS JSON format conversion __JS

The common Third-party frameworks for JSON parsing are: Jsonkit, Sbjson, Touchjson, whose sex is reduced from left to right. But starting with IOS5, Apple provides native support for JSON (nsjsonserialization).Jsonkit has stopped updating in 2012,

"IOS" COCOS2DX package for view convenience to do 3D animation effect

Copyright statement: This article for the original blogger, if you need to reprint, please specify the source. It 's written in front . This document simply encapsulates COCOS2DX as a uiview to facilitate the direct addition of use Coco2d-x version

IOS Selector (Selector)

1 Preface This article is an article about selectors (Selector), Selector can be understood as a method name, see below. Original English: http://blog.csdn.net/developer_zhang/article/details/12188099 Reprint please specify the Source:

iOS development-Make local push uilocalnotification at specific times and at any time

When you need to send a local push, we need to set the firetime to send time, a lot of sample code on the Web is simply to set a time similar to 10 seconds later, but we may need to be in a custom or user defined a specific time to send, in fact, it

iOS developer reads data from the input stream

Article from: http://blog.csdn.net/caryaliu/article/details/7640197 iOS cocoa programming, reading data from Nsinputstream includes several steps: 1. Create and initialize a Nsinputstream instance from the data source 2. Configure the input stream

Writing iOS programs in Lua

Original: http://luanova.org/ioswithlua/   This article discusses 3 ways to create iOS applications with Lua. This includes using LUA to create a complete application (Corona) to use LUA as a scripting element in the app (via wax or DIY). Before

IOS Programming Touch Event handling detailed

Iphone/ipad no keyboard design for the screen for more display space, large screen in view of pictures, text, video and so on to bring users a better user experience. Touch screens are the primary way for iOS devices to accept user input, including

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