iOS development ASIHTTPRequest data compression and use of cookies

Data compression Use gzip to process compressed response data Starting with version 0.9, ASIHTTPRequest prompts the server that it can receive gzip-compressed data. Many Web servers can compress the data before it is sent-which speeds up download

iOS Nil, Nil, NULL, Nsnull detailed

This article mainly introduces the iOS in Nil, Nil, NULL, Nsnull detailed information, the need for friends can refer to the OBJC inside a few empty value symbols will almost kill me, these basic things should be clear to the line, in order to

Code to delete files under iOS system

This article summed up a few in the iOS system to delete the file code, very practical, the need for small partners can refer to. Method One: This section of Objective C code is used to delete the file of the specified path ? 1 2 3

iOS detects whether a file with a specified path exists

This article to share is in the development of iOS to detect the existence of a specified file method, for everyone summed up 4 kinds, very practical, small partners according to their own needs free choice. The code is as follows: -(NSString *)

Tips for designing Apple iOS program icons

The article like triple friends to introduce Apple iOS program icon design skills, tutorials difficult medium, the IPHONE, IPAD, ipod become more and more people use mobile interconnect devices, so we often encounter for these devices design

Tips for improving the iOS design process in Photoshop

In this article I (the original author) summarizes the methods that are followed when designing iOS software in Photoshop. Many of the techniques apply to general UI design. Note: The shortcut keys mentioned in this article are for Windows; Mac user

How to quickly save a CD as an iOS image format under the WINDOWS7 system

You have a CD, and your friends did not have, on the internet also did not download, how to do? How do I share my CDs content with my friends? If you copy the contents of the disc or make it into a compressed package, you can only lose other

IOS Reverse engineering Use LLDB USB connection to debug third party App_ios


LLDB is the abbreviation of low level debugger, LLDB is often used in the debugging of iOS development, LLDB is the Xcode built-in dynamic debugging tool. Use LLDB to debug your application dynamically, and if you don't do additional processing

Use Picker view in IOS development to implement a UI example for a la carte application _ios

First, the realization effect Note: Click on the Random button, can automatically select, the bottom of the data automatically refreshed. Second, the realization of ideas 1.picker view has a default height of 162 and cannot be modified.2.

IOS implementation Custom Layout waterfall Flow _ios


Waterfall flow is one of the ways in which electrical business applications display goods, such as illustrations Waterfall flows are implemented in the following ways, usually Implemented via UITableView (not commonly used) Implemented

IOS Introductory Notes Location system _ios

About geographical position and location system, in the development of iOS is also more common, such as the United States outside the restaurant shop search, it first needs the user's current mobile phone location, and then in this location near the

HealthKit and Cmpedometer_ios of IOS pedometer function realization

Introduced Cmpedometer: can access user activity (can access the step data) applicable to iOS8 above the system iOS can see the following description HealthKit: A health application in the iOS system needs to be licensed to access health data

IOS Perfect for data persistence with two lines of code _ios

Objective In actual iOS development, there are times when it comes to saving the state of a program for the next recovery, or to record some user preferences and user login information, and so on. This requires the persistence of data, the

Implementation of message push and principle analysis in IOS _ios

First, the message pushes the principle: Mention several push-related concepts before implementing a message push, as shown in Figure 1-1: 1, Provider: is to specify the iOS device application to provide a push server, (if the iOS device

Tutorials for using and customizing UITableViewCell in IOS app development _ios

UITableView is used to display data in tabular form. Regarding UITableView, we should note: (1) UITableView is used to display the visible part of the table, UITableViewCell to display a row of the table. (2) UITableView is not responsible for

To explain the various methods of setting up the top blank of UITableView cell in IOS development _ios

I know no one will voluntarily set this thing, but you must have encountered this problem, the following summary of what may be:   1, self.automaticallyadjustsscrollviewinsets = NO; This should be the most common and not easily found cause of the

Full mastery of Uiscrollview components in IOS via Uikit coordinate system _ios

Thanks to Uikit's coordinate system features, so that we spent 30 lines of code can reproduce the essence of uiscrollview, of course, the real uiscrollview than we do more complex, rebound effect, momentum rolling, amplification attempts, there are

Brief analysis of shallow copy and deep copy (copy and mutablecopy) in IOS _ios

iOS provides a copy and Mutablecopy method, as the name suggests, copy is a copy of a Imutable object, and Mutablecopy is a copy of a mutable object. The difference between copy and retain: Copy is to create a new object, retain is to create a

Detailed use of exif.js to solve the iOS mobile phone upload photos rotated 90 degrees _javascript tips

Html5+canvas mobile phone photo upload, found that the iOS mobile phone upload photos will be rotated counterclockwise 90 degrees, horizontal shot without this problem, the Android phone is not the problem. So the idea to solve this problem is to

iOS: How to join the Apple developer program

Apple is very strict with software and developers, and you can only put your software on a real machine or post it to the App store only after you have joined the Apple developer program. This approach seems to be troublesome, but it effectively

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