IOS Development Series-Notification and message mechanism detailed _ios

OverviewOnly one application can be active at any time in most mobile applications, and the notification mechanism can tell the user what is going on at this point if other applications are at the moment in which some users are interested. The

Apple iOS Development Photo frame detailed

I. Overview In IOS devices, photos and videos are a significant part of the process. Just in the process of making a custom iOS image selector, sort out the way you use the photo frame in iOS. Prior to the advent of iOS 8, developers could only use

IOS Seven gesture operations (drag, kneading, rotation, click, long Press, light Sweep, custom) detailed and instance code _ios

IOS Seven gesture operations Today for you to introduce iOS seven kinds of gestures, gestures in the development of often used, so it is simple and easy to understand the next, say not more, directly look at the code: 1, Uigesturerecognizer

IOS development Environment Windows Introduction _ios

1. XCodePerference General Double click Navigation-the default double click will pop up a new window (use seperate window), this is not the same as VC, the main window location and size usually makes people have a sense of incoherence. Change to

The difference between the Uicolor class of IOS and its related classes and the method of judging equality _ios

the difference and connection of the three Uicolor,cgcolor,cicolorRecently looked at coregraphics things, see About cgcolor things, so think of the way to see Uicolor,cicolor, find out the difference between them and contact. Let's take a look at

IOS Development--imitation news home effect Wmpagecontroller The use of detailed _ios

This record is the use of the third party library Wmpagecontroller control in iOS development, mainly used to page content, you can move through gestures to switch pages, or by clicking on the title section to switch pages, as shown in the following

IOS Add filters to pictures & use opengles dynamic rendering pictures and examples _ios

iOS add filters to pictures & use Opengles to dynamically render pictures Add a filter to a picture in both ways: coreimage/opengles here's how to add a filter to a picture using coreimage, mainly for the following steps: #1. Import original

IOS integrated micro-credit payment development _ios

The example of this article for everyone to share the iOS integrated micro-credit payment development code for your reference, the specific content as follows The first step is to clarify the process: 1, the user uses the app client, selects the

The problem of forward transfer in IOS development

Two input boxes and one button _textfiled = [[Uitextfield alloc]init]; _textfiled.frame = CGRectMake (0, 100, 320, 50); _textfiled.textcolor = [Uicolor Redcolor]; _textfiled.borderstyle = Uitextborderstyleroundedrect;

How iOS correctly empties an array

Nsarray and Nsmutablearray (immutable groups and variable arrays) are two arrays in OC, and in development, you often encounter the need to empty the array, and most people subconsciously think of nil this method. Even if array = nil, which not only

iOS multithreaded Programming Guide (appendix)

This appendix describes some of the key advanced thread security frameworks for Mac OS X and iOS. The information in this appendix may be changed. Cocoa The guidelines for using multithreading on cocoa include the following: Immutable objects are

iOS uses the photo picker (uiimagepickercontrollerdelegate) to save to the data library, the image compression

iOS uses the photo picker (uiimagepickercontrollerdelegate) to save to the data library, the image compression First look at the Uiimagepickercontrollerdelegate protocol, mainly using iOS-built graphics to select the

iOS development issues: adding libraries and copying other engineering files compile error issues

Add Library issues First: Select page Check build Phases->link Binary with libraries + Add library Then command+shift+k erase history's debug garbage. Copying other project file compilation error issues: When copying files into the project,

IOS Development AD access IAD framework _inmobi framework __ios

iOS development of embedded advertising, commonly used advertising framework to achieve, commonly used by Apple's official: iad and the three-party image: InMobi, etc. The following are described separately: iad framework IOS 4.0 introduced the

[Shaoxing Tang] IOS to determine whether the cell phone escape

So how can you tell if a cell phone is escaping? You need to add the following C language library #import #import #import #include #include #import #import #import 1. Through the prison after the increase of prison jailbreak file

IOS: Thread Security for Applications

This article explains the thread safety of OBJECTIVE-C code for iOS applications. First, a brief introduction to thread-safety basics, followed by a small example of non-thread-safe code, and finally a little bit about a tool that can be used to

Time stamp and time conversion __c language in iOS development

Because the time stamp and time conversion is not very common, so in the use of the time is only to find the code online. Today found that to find code on the Internet will still take a certain amount of time, so time-consuming to find the code as

Apple mobile IOS System connection AP hotspot hint Password error __ios

Recently found Apple mobile iOS system connection Rtl8188etv module of AP hotspot hint password error, puzzled. There is no problem with the Android connection. Print the following rtl871x: +onauthRtl871x:auth alg=0, Seq=1Rtl871x:going to Alloc

IPhone generation CPU architecture and xcode support for iOS SDK version and CPU architecture

The original iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch of the first and second generations only support armv6 CPU instruction sets. However, with the iPhone 3gsWith the release of this new product, Apple began to support the new instruction set armv7. All

React. js Best Practices for 2016, react. jspractices

React. js Best Practices for 2016, react. jspractices 2015 was the year of React with tons of new releases and developer conferences dedicated to the topic all over the world. for a detailed list of the most important milestones of last year, check

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