Getting Started with iOS network programming: Mbprogresshud Wait Indicator

Third-party wait indicator, MBPROGRESSHUD is the waiting indicator frame provided by the third party. The following is the wait indicator style provided by Mbprogresshud, which can be divided into two main types of wait indicators: unknown end time

iOS Development: Xcode packaging Framework

I think this packaging framework is a relatively important function that can be used to do things: (1) Packaging functional modules, such as the more mature function modules packaged into a package, and then their own or other colleagues to use

iOS Development: ASIHTTPREQUEST Progress tracking

This article introduces you to the asihttprequest progress tracking, which includes tracking the download progress of individual request, tracking the download progress of a series of request, tracking the upload progress of a single request,

iOS Development: Log frame Cocoalumberjack

Cocoalumberjack is a fast, simple, powerful, and flexible log framework on Mac and iOS. Cocoalumberjack is similar to the popular log framework (such as log4j), but it is designed for objective-c, leveraging the dynamic characteristics of

iOS development: Best Practices for interoperable prototypes

Many UX and PM students are still accustomed to using the traditional Axure RP product prototype, the author felt that the Axure RP in the IOS prototype phase still has advantages, such as can be very convenient interactive mode of innovation and

Use MD5 to encrypt strings in IOS _ios


1, new nsstring category, remember to add the header file required for encryption #import , Nsstring+md5.h: #import #import @interface nsstring ( MD5) + (NSString *) Md5to32bit: (NSString *) str; @end 2, write the encryption method:

A basic example of using CGCONTEXTREF to draw basic graphics in IOS app development _ios

The Graphics context is either a graphics contextual or a canvas, and we can do the painting on it, and when we do, we'll put the canvas in our view and view it as a frame.Cgcontextref function is powerful, we can draw various graphics with the help

Variable naming conventions and picture and Chettu naming conventions during IOS development __ios

In the multiplayer development process, the naming convention is very important, the unified naming convention is helpful for the coding readability, below share with you the name specification of iOS naming conventions and pictures and Chettu iOS

IOS Uitextview content not fully displayed

When we use Uitextview as a uilabel for some needs (in order to use Uitextview's own copy, paste, select function, automatic phone identification, email, link, etc.), we only need to disable the Uitextview of a few properties on the

iOS development using basic Auth authentication method

The development of our app usually has 2 kinds of authentication way is basic Auth, one kind is oauth; now generally or use oauth more, and use basic Auth authentication less, just what I introduced today is the use of relatively few badic Auth

ios-Use system default sound, vibration __ios

To import a frame: Code: [CPP]View plain copy #import #import @interface msgplaysound: NSObject {Systemsoundid sound;//system sound ID range is: 1000-2000}-(ID) initsystemshake;//System vibration-(ID) initsystemso Undwithname: (NSString *)

iOS development ~cocoapods using detailed instructions

I. Overview During iOS development, many Third-party libraries are referenced in the project, and Cocoapods ( can be used to facilitate the unified management of these third-party libraries (from one pit to

iOS development uses the. TTF or. OTF External Font Library

(reprint, please specify the source: Author: Arrow Address: Small partners, in the iOS development process may need to use more WordArt, and Apple offers the font does not meet our requirements, this time we need to

IOS icon and default picture naming rules

One, the application pictureThe image resources in the standard iOS control, Apple has done a corresponding upgrade, we need to worry about is the application of their own image resources. As with the @2x high-resolution version of the iphone 4, we

iOS location to obtain the current latitude and longitude, and then obtain the specific address (city and Province Streets)

First, we need to import the Corelocation system framework into the project. The header file is then introduced into our controller. #import Then, a Cllocationmanager object is declared as a member variable for locating the latitude and longitude

IOS app icon and launchimage boot page size and naming rules

2015/11/12 Thursday 1:39 Note: The rounded corners of all iOS icons are generated by the system, and the icons given cannot be rounded. App icon for the app Store (requiredto all apps) 1024 x 1024 1. Desktop icons (app icon)For IPhone6 Plus (@3x):

iOS human-machine Interface Design specification: human-machine Interface Design specification documentation Limitations

Article Description: iOS Wow Experience-First chapter-iOS Human Interface Design specification Overview. This is the first chapter of the IOS Wow Factor:apps and UX design techniques for iPhone and IPad, and the rest of the chapters will

iOS Camera/photo album Get pictures, Compress pictures, upload server method summary

These days in the iphone above an application of the development, there is a need for Camera/photo album programming and image upload problems, summed up here. "Partial Knowledge" Images in the iphone are usually stored in 4 places, "photo albums,

UIScrollView-isTracking delaysContentTouches cancancancelcontenttouches,

UIScrollView-isTracking delaysContentTouches cancancancelcontenttouches, UIScrollView has a BOOL-type tracking attribute to return whether the user has reached the content and intends to Start scrolling. From this attribute, we will explore how

Webview Memory leakage solution 2: webview Leakage

Webview Memory leakage solution 2: webview Leakage In this development process, webview needs to be used to display some interfaces. However, if a page is loaded with many images, the memory usage will soar. After exiting the interface, even in the

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