Open source China iOS client Learning (vi) network connectivity detection

Open source China iOS client based on the network synchronization of data, so as to see the same data as the Web page, so the start of the program needs to check the network; This is also the first step in each networking application, if the network

Getting Started with iOS development: Mobile platform Architecture Design

Design of low-coupling enterprise-class system architecture We often call Java EE or. Net developed products as "systems", while mobile platforms (primarily: Android, iOS, and window Phone) develop products for "apps." "System" is more complex,

Getting Started with iOS development: tiled navigation-based on split-screen navigation and case implementation

The tiled navigation mode is a very important navigation mode. Generally used for simple flat information browsing or tasks. Flat information means that there is no subordinate hierarchical relationship between the information, such as China's

iOS development: UITableView Basic Use Method

UITableView Basic Use Method 1. First, controller needs to implement two delegate, namely Uitableviewdelegate and Uitableviewdatasource 2. Then the delegate of the UITableView object is set to self. 3. Then you can implement some of these

iOS development: Open source frameworks and classes

Open source frameworks and classes to use: 1:sdwebimage,uiimageview+webcache load a picture. 2:uiviewext is useful for locating coordinates and can be obtained directly from Bottom,top,left,right. 3:customcatagory, is a class, which has

iOS development: Multithreaded programming Nsthread use of the detailed

1. Brief Introduction: 1.1 iOS has three kinds of multithreaded programming technology, namely: 1., Nsthread 2, Cocoa Nsoperation (iOS multithreaded programming nsoperation and the use of Nsoperationqueue) 3, GCD full name: Grand Dispatch (iOS

iOS development: The animation effect of UIView

The so-called animation effect, is to move the painting, to iOS app in terms of words, is a variety of uiview mobile. Think about what you need to think about if we're going to achieve all the UIView animations ourselves? * Where is the UIView now?

iOS development: How to reduce the size of your application

Q: How to make my program installation package smaller, so that the download and installation of the program faster? A: This article collects some tips for reducing the size of the program installation package (when downloading and installing the

Compare four kinds of data storage in iOS

What is the method you use to persist data? This is an issue that will be mentioned in almost every conversation or discussion about iOS technology, and the enthusiasm for this issue continues to soar. This article mainly from the concept of "data

How to judge the character length of Chinese and English mixed in IOS _ios

No more nonsense to say, directly to everyone paste code. One, code. -(void) viewdidload { [super viewdidload]; Do no additional setup after loading the view. The first method NSLog (@ "--first-%i", [Self converttoint:@ "123 I Love

IOS implementation compression image upload function _ios

This article for everyone to share the image of iOS to achieve compression upload function for your reference, the specific content as follows #pragma mark-Open camera-(void) Imagepickercontroller: (Uiimagepickercontroller *) Picker

Solve the problem that does not support fixed under iOS

Our company has a fixed style at the bottom of the page, and whenever the keyboard pops up, iOS will get out of shape (Android doesn't have the problem, as far as I know). I did a simple deal with the product's approval prior to this (method 1).

iOS application development: Small artboard Demo

There are a lot of features can be added, note here to save slowly add it. Code section TouchView.h #import @interface touchview:uiview { nsmutablearray *points; Nsarray *points_all; Cgcontextref context;

Skype for IOS version 7 is better for ease of use

It's been a while since the official release of iOS 7, and we are now seeing software products in the app Store increasingly releasing updates for iOS 7, this time with Skype, the world's leading online voice communication tool. The software

Youdao Translation official iOS version to increase the copy translation function easy to achieve cross application translation

In the new version of the Youdao iOS 1.3, the new copy translation function, become the first support across the application of the translation of paragraph translation applications, users only need to select the sentence or paragraph to be

Cisco router storage and iOS upgrades

First, the Cisco router to introduce the memory A router is similar to a computer in that it also has memory, operating system, configuration, and user interface, and the operating system in Cisco routers is calledInternet Operating System

An Introduction to iOS program dependency management tools Cocoapods

1. Introduction Cocoapods is a tool responsible for managing third party Open-source code in the iOS project, and its source is open source on GitHub. Using Cocoapods can save time and increase productivity by setting up and updating Third-party

IOS 7 new features detailed

Although consumers have been waiting three months for Apple's newest mobile operating system, the system is expected to meet all consumers on September 18, local time. For this system, even Apple CEO Tim Cook called it "the biggest change that iOS

Common methods and examples of UITableView in iOS

Instance method Dequeuereusablecellwithidentifier:Initializes a Uitablecell object that specifies the reuse identifier Two agreements Uitableviewdatasource Tableview:numberofrowsinsection: (Required)Number of rows in the specified

A variety of picker in iOS

Briefly In the application of some settings often need to use some picker to quickly help users select the value, the general use of Uidatepicker,uipickerview and Uiimagepickercontroller. Initial interface As shown in the diagram, in the

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