Detailed IOS multithreading GCD use _ios

Grand-Dispatch (GCD) is one of the techniques for performing tasks asynchronously The dispatch queue is divided into the following three types: 1 runs the main thread of the main queue and gets it through the dispatch_get_main_queue. /*! *

IOS gif pictures show n ways (native + third party) _ios

This article shares the iOS GIF image display n way, for your reference, the specific contents are as follows Native method: 1.UIWebViewFeatures: The loading speed is slightly long, the performance is better, the playback GIF dynamic diagram is

IOS Remote push push development tutorial _ios

Remote Push notification What is a remote push notification As the name implies, is the notification from the remote server to the client (requires networking) remote Push service, also known as APNs (Apple push Notification services) Why remote

IOS judgment string is not a pure digital method summary _ios

Objective In the development of the project, the encounter needs may be let us enter only a paragraph of pure numbers, this time we have to filter the string to judge, do not conform to the pure number of prompts to operate, in order to achieve the

The function _ios of IOS to implement mailbox fuzzy matching

Let's take a look at the effect chart that you want to implement I. Introduction to the function When you enter a number of mailboxes, will be the default to match out, of course, this default can be replaced by other such as @163

Complete parsing of IOS sync requests, asynchronous requests, get requests, post requests _ios

First of all to introduce the next iOS synchronization request, asynchronous request, get request, the meaning of post, and then in one by one to introduce the example. 1, the synchronization request can request the data from the Internet, once

Detailed IOS data storage _ios

The usual way of using data storage for iOS 1.XML attribute list (plist) archive. 2.Preference (preference setting). 3.NSKeyedArchiver archiving. 4.sqlite3 5.Core Data Apply Sandbox Each iOS application has its own application sandbox (the

Analysis of the implementation of abstract factory pattern in design pattern in IOS application development _ios

OverviewAbstract Factory pattern is the object creation pattern, it is the further promotion of the factory method pattern. Suppose a subsystem needs some product objects, and these products belong to more than one product hierarchy. In order to

Multi-image download with IOS multithreading (ii) _ios

On the article to introduce you to the iOS multi-threaded implementation of multiple pictures download 1, this article continues to introduce you to the iOS multi-threaded download pictures. This is the use of multithreading to download and store

IOS implementation infinite loop picture Carousel package _ios

There are many times in the project that meet this need, the realization of a number of pictures of the infinite cycle of rotation, has done before, several places in the project used, at that time did not package, a few places are copied almost the

IOS to convert text into color text picture _ios

This article has written a text into a colorful picture of the function, input text to the text into a color text picture, you can choose a different font, gradient, first look at the effect. Implementation mainly with Cagradientlayer gradient,

How to realize the waterfall flow effect in IOS _ios

The first is the effect demo Features: You can set the total number of columns for the waterfall flow (the effect is 2 columns) Although the iphone's system album does not use this layout effect, waterfall flow is still a very common way of

UITableView detailed _ios of IOS development

First, UITableView basic introduction The default UITableView has 2 flavors: Uitableviewstyleplain (not grouped) uitableviewstylegrouped (grouped) The data in the UITableView is only the concept of row, the concept of no column,

IOS Simple artboard development case sharing _ios

Recently in learning quartz2d, learned a simple artboard implementation, now the implementation process record. The main point is to draw lines, screenshots, draw pictures, select pictures, and save all drawn lines. First of all, the layout of the

An example of the application of the builder model in the development of IOS app design model _ios

defines                                                                                                               The Separates the build of a complex object from its performance so that the same build process can create different

The navigation bar Uinavigationbar and toolbar Uitoolbar key points in IOS _ios

One, navigation bar Uinavigationbar1, the use of navigation bar In iOS development, we usually use the navigation controller, the navigation controller encapsulates a uinavigationbar, in fact, we can also without using the navigation controller in

IOS Uimenucontroller using an instance of the menu component _ios

The use of Uimenucontroller Uimenucontroller's presentation needs to be based on a view, whose interaction needs to be based on the responder of the view in which it resides. For example, if a uimenucontroller is displayed on the current

Uipasteboard Paste Board Class usage in IOS management clipboard _ios

First, native UI controls with the clipboard operationin the iOS UI system, there are 3 controls that have their own clipboard operations, namely Uitextfield, Uitextview, and UIWebView. A long press gesture at the text interaction of these controls

Key points for reading photo gallery and saving pictures or videos to photo gallery in IOS _ios

Read Photo Gallery Photolibraryif we only need to read a picture or a video (or take a photo/video) Once in iOS, then we can do it with Uiimagepickercontroller. But most of the time we need to read multiple photos or videos from the photolibrary, we

The remote push principle and process _ios of IOS

Push notifications are now an essential feature of the application. So how do we implement remote push in IOS? What is the remote push principle of IOS? When doing IOS remote push, we have all kinds of problems. So first let's prepare something to

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