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Input boxes in Uitextfield and Uitextview iOS

1.UITextField initialization and setup TextField = [[Uitextfield alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (120.0f, 80.0f, 150.0f, 30.0f)]; [TextField Setborderstyle:uitextborderstyleroundedrect]; Frame type//If Uitextfield does not appear, it is most likely

iOS Development-Learning Runtime's understanding and experience

IOS: Learning Runtime's understanding and experience Runtime wants to do a good job of iOS development, or really a deep grasp of the language of OC is necessary to understand the things. Recently in the study of runtime, have their own some

iOS development-remove already configured class libraries and remove Cocoapods

Introduction We use Cocoapods to import some third-party libraries into our projects very efficiently, but there is a question: if you find that a class library does not apply, or even the entire cocoapods we do not want to hold in the project, then

iOS category (Category), class extensions, inheritance differences

iOS has launched a category (Category) in 2.0, which allows developers to extend the class without altering the original class. We know that both OC and Swift have a single inheritance attribute, or you can implement a method extension of a class by

Why the block of iOS is decorated with copy

Before you read through the article, you may need to understand the basics of memory allocation. By default, the Blockis archived on the stack and may be recycled at any time, and can be kept in a heap by copy, which is equivalent to being strongly

ios-Add UIWindow Mask

Development often encounter the need to add a translucent mask, such as all kinds of tips, such as window. add masks on UIWindow layers Priority Level For example, a mask can also be added to a self.navigationController.view layer or on a

The Reactivecocoa source of iOS and its difficulty analysis

Reactivecocoa is a very complex framework, and before we begin to introduce its core components, let's look at its class diagram to get a macro view of its hierarchy: From the above class diagram, we can see that Reactivecocoa is mainly composed

Solve the problem that the low version Xcode does not support the high version iOS true machine debugging

Today, while doing the real machine debugging, I encountered one of the following problems: Could not locate device support files. This is the IPhone 6s is running IOS 11.1 (15b93), and which may isn't supported by this version of Xcode. It means

IOS Development Certificate application and implementation app message push (latest) __ios

First paste the original post address: First part The first step, of course, is to introduce Apple's push mechanism (PS: In fact, every tutorial has), first of all, look at an Apple's

Summary of problems encountered during iOS development

Summarize the problems encountered during personal development and keep updating: 1, the official website speakhere copy to own project, the hint CADebugPrintf.h file not found: Select the Target, open the Build Settings pane, search for

iOS Development Low-level Knowledge--runtime detailed

first, let's comb the bottom concept of the runtime, and if you want to see how it can be turned to the bottom. Brief Introduction Runtime is also called runtime, is a set of low-level C language API, which is one of the core of IOS internal, we

IOS Access WebSocket

1,websocket WebSocket is a protocol specification proposed by HTML5. It realizes the browser and the server Full-duplex communication, can better save the server resources and the bandwidth, WebSocket has agreed a communication specification,

iOS notes-macro definition, conditional compilation, and file import notes


1, preprocessing instructions (1) Concept: C language in the source program before compiling, will first of some special preprocessing instructions to explain (such as #include<> file contains instructions), a new source program, this process is

IOS Instant Chat audio format Turn NSData

WAV: Losslessis a sound file format developed by Microsoft that conforms to the Piffresource Interchange File format specification for storing audio information resources for the Windows platform and is supported by the Windows platform and its

IOS Heartbeat Animation (collection of Hearts animation)

An animation of a heartbeat -(void) viewdidload { [super viewdidload]; UIButton *heart = [[UIButton alloc]initwithframe:cgrectmake (Self.view.frame.size.width * 0.5-25, M, M)]; [Self.view Addsubview:heart]; [Heart

The basic use of Xamarin.ios camera and photo album

Summary of the contents of this article: 1. Call system camera and photo album Get photos 2. Set the selection or take a picture after the call system cropping function. 3. Set the system camera and album language as Chinese. The first is to create

iOS development-measuring app startup time consuming

Cold start Cold start is the process of starting from scratch after the app is killed. Hot Start When the user presses the home button, the iOS app will not be killed immediately and will continue to survive for some time. Ideally, when the user

Analysis and processing of sigpipe signals in IOS development __c language

The following sections come from network collection. I summed up the content of this blog to make the need for future browsing. Signal 13 corresponds to Sigpipe, the online interpretation of this signal is this: The pipe is broken. This signal

Cocos3d loads the 3Dmax model to ios

Two days ago, I suddenly saw cocos3d. I have been studying cocos2d before. After downloading the cocos3d development library, I started to try it myself and encountered many problems, let's take a look at how to use cocos3d to load the 3dmax model.

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