IOS Uitextview HTML code sample loaded with HTML tags

In development, we are most commonly used to load HTML UIWebView, in fact, Uitextview can also load HTML code. -(void) Viewdidload {[Super Viewdidload];Uitextview *textview = [[Uitextview alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (0, Kscreenwidth,

iOS development translates Chinese into character value references (numeric character reference, NCR)

1, what is the character value reference (1) Character value reference (numeric character reference, NCR) is an escape sequence structure commonly used in markup language SGML and derived, such as HTML and XML, to represent a single character in

Probe into the deep use of block in iOS development

Block is added after iOS 4.0 and is heavily used in the new iOS API. Block is an anonymous piece of code that can be used as a parameter to another object and get the return value. In essence, block is similar to other ordinary variables, except

Some uses of Uidatepicker in iOS development

Example The code is as follows Copy Code NSDate *currenttime = [NSDate Date];DatePicker = [[Uidatepicker alloc] initwithframe:cgrectmake (0, 100, 320, 216)];[DatePicker Settimezone:[nstimezone

Uilocalnotification implement local notification implementation reminders in IOS development

These two days in a calendar to remind the function, the use of local notification function, record the relevant knowledge as follows: 1, the definition and use of local notification: A local notification is an instance of Uilocalnotification,

IOS App Code-Free Intrusion Method Hook detailed introduction _ios

IOS App Code-free intrusion Method hook The study of continuing OBJECTIVE-C runtime Recent company projects are doing user behavior analysis So app-side in some pages to switch, interactive operation of the need to send a message to the

Cocos3d loads the 3Dmax model to ios

Two days ago, I suddenly saw cocos3d. I have been studying cocos2d before. After downloading the cocos3d development library, I started to try it myself and encountered many problems, let's take a look at how to use cocos3d to load the 3dmax model.

IPhone Development Study Notes 001-how to associate controls with codes on the Xib Interface

(Note: Environment Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 + Xcode 4.2.1 + iOS SDK 5.0 .)For example, if a sub class of UIViewController is added to the project and "With XIB for user interface" is selected when the new class is created, three files: xxx. h, xxx. m,

IPhone development and learning notes 006 -- NSNotification

Recently, I saw a demo on the Internet, "add a hidden toolbar to the keyboard in iPhone development". After running the demo, I found that after clicking "hide the keyboard, the previous TableView cannot be restored to the display when the

IPhone Development Study Notes 003 -- UITableViewCell self-adaptive height

This article uses the previous replace the corresponding Cell. xib interface with the following: Then, add the attribute "dataArray" to oneViewController, that is, add @ property (nonatomic, retain)

IPhone Development Study Notes 007 -- iPhone multi-view development under Xcode4.2 (self-created MainWindow. xib and no M

When you create a Window-based Application project, MainWindow. xib is automatically generated and contains at least one UIApplicationDelegate and one UIWindow object. However, after Xcode4, when a new project is created, the Project template is

IPhone Development Study Notes 008-three methods to customize titles

Method 1:Self. title = @ "title text ";OrSelf. title = [[[NSBundle mainBundle] infoDictionary] objectForKey: @ "CFBundleName"]; Method 2:Self. navigationItem. title = @ "title text" Method 3:Self. navigationItem. titleView = xxxView;Specifically,

Data of iPhone development skills (1) --- use regular expressions

Regular Expressions are often used when processing strings, which are no exception on iphone OS. Use RegexKit Frameworkhttp: // Here the

POJ 1273 Drainage Ditches my first network stream-Maximum Flow Problem

The problem is not to mention the biggest flow problem in the network flow is a bare, you can use the augmented circuit algorithm to do, that is, the EDMONDS-KARP algorithm. Multiple groups of data will be read. Each group has N and M first. N

75 required tools for iOS developers

You can see how software developers use their tools. Experienced developers are dedicated to using tools. Continuously researching the tools you are currently using and learning about the use of some alternatives can fill gaps when your current

How to Use PHP/MySQL to write a simple web server PART1 for iOS apps

Original article: As an iPhone/iPad developer, it is useful to write a simple web server by yourself. For example, you may want to display some updates from

IOS Study Notes (14th)-call and text message

  [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL: [NSURL URLWithString: @ "tel: // 10010"]; // call         UIWebView * callWebview = [[UIWebView alloc] init]; NSURL * telURL = [NSURL URLWithString: @ "tel: 10010"]; [callWebview loadRequest:

Cocos2d-x learning Transcript: compile iOS project into Andriod Project

1. Build an Android Environment 1. Install Andriod-NDK (Native Development Kit) Create a new folder (eg: NDK), decompress Android-NDK, and put the decompressed file and compressed package in a directory (eg: In NDK ). 2. Install cocos2d-x Unzip the

10 Cisco IOS file management commands

10 Cisco IOS file management commands in this article, author David Davis will list our commonly used Cisco IOS file management commands to help us consolidate how to manage flash on Cisco routers, nvram or files in other file systems, and teach you

Layer-3 Switch cisco3560 ios loss Solution

  The computer cannot access the Internet. After checking that there is a problem with the layer-3 Switch cisco3560, the following error is returned: ========================================================== =====   Base ethernet MAC Address: 00: 19

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