Basic usage and performance optimization method of UITableView control in IOS development _ios

UITableView Control Basic Use De jure simple hero Show program NJHero.h File Code (dictionary-turn model) Copy Code code as follows: #import @interface Njhero:nsobject/*** Avatar*/@property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *icon;/**

An analysis of the uigesturerecognizer of IOS ' gesture operation (recommended) _ios

I. Overview The iphone handles touch screen operation, before 3.2 is mainly used by the uiresponder of the following 4 ways: -(void) Touchesbegan: (Nsset *) touches withevent: (Uievent *) event -(void) touchescancelled: (Nsset *) touches

Explain IOS four ways to save data _ios

In the iOS development process, no matter what application, will encounter the problem of data preservation. Save the data to the local, can let the program run smoother, do not appear the disgusting chrysanthemum shape, make the user experience

Common Regular Expressions _ regular expressions for iOS development

A regular expression is a tool used for text matching, and its syntax is elegant and concise. In development, finding, contrasting, and matching strings is a commonplace business, with regular expressions we describe these services as some

How to display GIF images in IOS development _ios

We know that GIF is made up of waves of pictures, and each frame of the screen playback may be unequal, observe the above two examples, found that they do not have a GIF in each frame of the display often do processing, the result is that the entire

IOS note 061 two-dimensional code generation and scanning _ios

Now two-dimensional code everywhere, whether it is a kind of goods or a variety of gift certificates are not the figure of two-dimensional code. Mobile devices such as mobile phones and become a two-dimensional code of a good application platform,

IOS Object Properties Detailed Introduction _ios

IOS Object Properties Some properties of the OC object: Retain,strong, Copy,weak,assign,readonly, ReadWrite, unsafe_unretained Here are a few separate functions and differences: retain, counter plus 1, (add a pointer to memory) corresponding to

A summary of the core technical points of IOS for playing remote network music _ios

First, the preface The two days of a small project involving remote music playback, because the first time to do this music project, side of the data to do, which involves the main technical points are: How to play remote network music

How to customize the IOS address Book _ios

Apple provides users with their own address book, but according to the needs of the business needs to customize the address book, we need to customize according to business requirements.First we need to know some of Apple's foundation, Uikit

IOS crash routine tracking method and bugly Integration application detailed introduction _ios

IOS crash routine tracking method and bugly integration application When the app crashes, the development phase can typically track crash information in the following ways #1. Emulator run, view Xcode error log #2. True machine debugging, viewing

How IOS obtains various file directory paths _ios

The iphone sandbox model has four folders, what they are, where the permanent data store is typically placed, and what the simple way to get the emulator path is. Documents,tmp,app,library. (Nshomedirectory ()), Manually saved files in documents

How to use IOS to invoke WebService (SOAP interface) _ios

In a project development process, the use of iOS to call the WebService interface, so take a short time to this aspect of the content for everyone to organize and share to everyone. Method One: Using the WSDL2OBJC tool, turn the interface into an

CMake iOS version not found, tested: [5.0;5.1;6.0;6.1;7.0;8.3] Solution _ios

First of all, let us simply say cmake. CMake is a more advanced compilation configuration tool than make, which generates corresponding makefile or vcproj projects based on different platforms, different compilers. By writing CMakeLists.txt, you

A summary of some Xcode usage tips for IOS development _ios

One, the use of shortcut keys The shortcut keys that you use frequently are as follows:New Shift + CMD + N New Project CMD + N New file View Option + cmd + ENTER to open assistant editor CMD + carriage return Display main window cmd + 0

Share some of IOS development practical tips _ios

1. Set Navigationbar title color Uicolor *whitecolor = [Uicolor whitecolor]; Nsdictionary *dic = [nsdictionary dictionarywithobject:whitecolor forkey:nsforegroundcolorattributename]; [Self.navigationController.navigationBar

Use quartz2d drawing and custom Uiimageview controls in IOS development _ios

Draw Basic GraphicsOne, simple explanation Graphics Context Graphics: is a cgcontextref type of data Role of graphics Context: Saving drawing information, drawing status Determines the output target drawn (where to draw to?) (The output target

Introduction to the use of Uidatepicker controls in IOS development _ios

The time and date controls on iOS are such that the left side is a mix of time and date, and the right side is a simple date pattern. You can choose the mode you want, time, date,date and time, Count down timer four modes. This article briefly

IOS implementation Input Verification code, password-by-bit segmentation (ii) _ios

This article provides the implementation of IOS implementation of input verification code, password-by-bit segmentation of a train of thought, share for everyone to reference, I hope to communicate with you. First, the realization of ideas1.

IOS 10 push higher-order posts (must see) _ios

Recommended reading: Basic knowledge of IOS10 push (must see article) Starting with this article, I'll talk to you all about Apple's new IOS10 announcement class. First, create a local notification case detailed: Attention Ah, small partners,

IOS Pixel Alignment Concept resolution _ios

In iOS, there is a concept called pixel alignment, if the pixel is not aligned, then in the GPU rendering, the need for interpolation calculation, the interpolation calculation process will have performance loss. On the emulator, there is an option

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