How flash becomes a legitimate iOS developer

The application process for iOS developers If you're a development team, it's a good idea to ask your colleagues if you have a developer license before you can afford to pay for an iOS developer's license, because a development license could

Peer summary can be immediately hands-on iOS specification reference

has been studying the design of the mobile end, different from the creative manuscript, focusing on ideas, visual communication, less consideration of development costs, or product requirements. To be on line of the design of the draft needs strict

30 Secret tips for improving the iOS design process with PS design app

Design is a long and painful process, during which you can use a bit of skill to reduce pain, 30+ tips to improve your IOS designs workflow (in Photoshop) summarizes 30 practical tips you can learn from. ———— – The following is a translation ——————-

Ios:. Nsrunloop Understand again

We will often see this code: 12345678910 -(Ibaction) Start: (ID) sender{pagestillloading = YES;[Nsthread detachnewthreadselector: @selector (loadpageinbackground:) totarget:self Withobject:nil];[Progress Sethidden:no];while

iOS programs are published as IPA files downloaded and installed via the web. Install App via Ota__web

Turn from: IOS 7.1 Official release, the previous use of the Itms-services://url method of online installation of IPA files is invalid, click the error is: "Unable to install the application,

The most complete Uitextview in iOS history the N ways to implement placeholder placeholder text

Objective In iOS development, Uitextfield and Uitextview are the most commonly used text-acceptance classes and text-display controls. Uitextfield and Uitextview Both enter text and can also listen for changes to the text. The difference is that

iOS Drag button Sort UI effect

The project encountered the drag button sorting effect requirements, online also just write scattered explanations, after a simple study, a demo was done and a custom control was encapsulated for everyone to learn. Nonsense not much talk, first on

iOS variable parameters (va_list,va_start,va_end)

Original address: iOS variable parameter (va_list,va_start,va_end) For example: The Otherbuttontitles in Uialertview's Init method: (NSString *) Otherbuttontitles, ... and more variable parameters. The way that iOS implements multiple parameters

The Avaudiorecorder__ios of IOS development

In the Avfoundation framework, a Avaudiorecorder class specifically handles recording operations, and it also supports multiple audio formats. Like Avaudioplayer, you can totally consider it a sound Recorder control class, and here are the common

iOS common picture buffering strategy

Original address: picture buffering strategy It 's written in front . "Download Picture" is almost every mobile app to deal with the problem, for the iOS development platform, downloading pictures is not a

iOS development-a project for multiple environment switching, suitable for people who need to play a lot of different environmental packages often

The following configuration is not valid under the SWIFT project with a small partner, so the blogger has identified a slight difference between swift configuration and OC after a study, and if you are the SWIFT project, please go to the SWIFT

IOS uses plist and archive to store data

1 storing data using plist files The first thing to know is that using plist to store data, you can only store the data dictionary and array of OC, can not store the custom data model, example look at the style of the info.plist know Storing data in

iOS Development Cocoapods installation (2017)

Because the image of Taobao is not maintained, so recently saw a 2,107-year cocoapods installation blog mark First step: Install RVM, Whether or not you need to upgrade RUBY,RVM allows you to have multiple versions of Ruby, and you can switch

IOS Unique identifier Fetch

// UDIDTools.h // Udidtools//// Created by Lovell on 9/9/16. copyright©2016 Lovell. All rights reserved. #import @interface udidtools:nsobject * * @brief obtain Unique Device Identity * /+ (nsstring*) UDID; @end

IOS push to receive no notification

IOS push to receive no notification First, the general steps 1, verify that your application has been correctly configured on the Apple Developer website APNs, and download the installation of the APNS certificate; 2, please use the equipment to

IOS Development Certificate application and implementation app message push (latest) __ios

First paste the original post address: First part The first step, of course, is to introduce Apple's push mechanism (PS: In fact, every tutorial has), first of all, look at an Apple's

iOS uiautomation test

[JavaScript]View plain copy reproduced the source taobao QA Team, source address: Wireless clients are fast growing, especially for the Android and iOS two wireless operating system client applications, the

Implementation of IOS development app push

Part I. The first step, of course, is to introduce Apple's push mechanism (PS: In fact, every tutorial has), first of all, look at an Apple's official APNs to explain the outline. Provider is a server that sends a push message to your mobile phone,

How iOS implements the conversion of date and time stamps

In project development we often need to convert the date and time stamp to each other as follows: Date converted to timestamp: currentyear=@ "2016" NSDateFormatter *formatter = [[Nsdateformatteralloc] init]; [Formatter setdateformat:@

Apple App installation rejected common errors and app Common Errors

Apple App installation rejected common errors and app Common Errors0. Apps adapt to Ipv6 Networks After March, apple needs to adapt all apps on the Internet to the Ipv6 environment! We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPhone

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