Detailed IOS multithreading gcd problem _ios

GCD should be the most attractive in all iOS implementations of multithreading, because GCD itself is a solution for multi-core parallel operations by Apple. GCD will automatically take advantage of more processor cores as they work to make the most

IOS to implement the rounded arrow rectangle tip box _ios

Let's take a look at some of the rounded-arrow rectangle's Tip box effect chart that we've seen First, understand Cgcontextref First of all need to understand the Cgcontextref, the author has the opportunity to further explain in detail, this

IOS Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo share function Example _ios

One is Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo's share button, one is their binding (in fact, is the authorization). Click on the microblogging share Sina or Tencent button, the corresponding authorization (if not authorized), display micro-blog content, and then

IOS Move File Method Rollup _ios

This section of Objective C code is used to move files under the specified path Copy Code code as follows: if ([FileManager copyitematpath:@ "FilePath1" topath:@ "FilePath2" Error:null]) { NSLog (@ "Copied successfully"); }

Example of using schema protocol in IOS to invoke app and open app using IFRAME _ios

In iOS, you need to tune up an app to use the schema protocol, which iOS native supports, and because the iOS system doesn't use its own browser kernel, all browsers support it, unlike Android, where Android can do its own kernel, But not iOS.

The development of IOS--Weibo OAuth Authorization _ Obtain the user authorization Accesstoken_ios

Final Effect Diagram: Oauthviewcontroller.m OAUTHVIEWCONTROLLER.M//20_ handsome no Weibo////Created by Beyond on 14-8-5. Copyright (c) 2014 Com.beyond. All rights reserved. Authorization controller, run only once, obtain the current user's

Use regular expression nsregularexpression in iOS to validate textfiled input _ Regular expressions

What is a regular expression A regular expression (regular expression), in computer science, refers to a single string that describes or matches a series of strings that conform to a certain syntactic rule. In many text editors or other tools,

The implementation method of UIWebView loading loading in IOS _ios

The first method: using UIView and Uiactivityindicatorview Copy Code code as follows: Create UIWebView WebView = [[UIWebView alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (0, 44, 320, 400)]; [WebView Setuserinteractionenabled:no]; [WebView

IOS Open System Camera flash _ios

iOS has two ways of photographing and video: 1. Direct use of Uiimagepickercontroller, this class provides a simple and easy to take pictures and select pictures in the library function. 2. Another way is to fully customize the photo-taking

IOS detects whether a file with a specified path exists _ios

Copy Code code as follows: -(NSString *) DataPath: (NSString *) file { NSString *path = [[Nshomedirectory () stringbyappendingpathcomponent:@ "Documents"] stringbyappendingpathcomponent:@ " Badge "]; BOOL bo = [[Nsfilemanager Defaultmanager]

Learn more about the UIWindow associated with IOS development _ios

UIWindow is a special kind of uiview, which usually has only one uiwindow in an app. After the iOS program is started, the first view control created is UIWindow, then creates the controller's view, and then adds the controller's view to the

Explain the UIWindow use _ios in IOS design

Each iOS program has a uiwindow, when we work through the template resume project, Xcode will automatically help us generate a window, and then let it become keywindow and display. It all comes so naturally that most of the time we forget that we

IOS keyword const, static, extern detailed _ios

IOS keyword const, static, extern detail: First, the preface Reading other people's code (some excellent source) can always find some common keywords, with the accumulation of programming experience most still know what it means, but in terms of

IOS Development Project-based on WebSocket chat (1) _ios

Company project needs to develop a similar QQ, micro-letter Instant IM chat function, do real-time monitoring messages, need to use the technology is websocket. Overview WebSocket: 1.1 Why do we need to websocket such a real-time communication

Get the picture instance in the System album in IOS _ios

This article introduces the iOS in the Acquisition System album pictures, in many applications can be used, you can get a single picture, you can get more than one picture, nonsense said, look below it. I. Get a single picture Ideas: 1. Use

Detailed IOS lock @synchronized_ios for multi-thread threads 2.NSThread

When you need to lock it, that is, when more than one thread at the same time to operate a variable, you need to add a lock. On the Code declaring variables @interface Viewcontroller () @property (Strong, nonatomic) Nsthread

Simple encapsulation of video players in IOS _ios

Objective If the use of only playing video is very simple, but compared to mediaplayer,avplayer for video playback more controllable, you can customize some of the controls to achieve video playback pause, and so on. So here's the video playback

IOS version of the Micro-trust Circle recognition Picture location information how to achieve? _ios

One feature of the iOS version of micro-mail: When you send a photo in a friend's circle, you can show the location based on where the photo was taken. News, netizens have started to try new features of the play. When uploading pictures in the

A summary of IOS four callback methods _ios

Recently to do the iOS project encountered a callback, time to put the relevant information, the following is the content: Callback A callback is the binding of a piece of executable code to a specific event. This code is executed when a specific

IOS solves the Xcode 8 console garbled way _ios

Here are some of the ways that we used to solve the console log output Xcode8 inside Edit scheme-> Run-> Arguments, environment variables inside add Os_activity_mode = Disable environment variables, this believe everyone will. Using changes to

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