Example of key for iOS custom nsdictionary

Ask a question: 1. Why do I need to customize Nsdictionary key?2. What is the system requirement for a custom key? For: 1. The real problem I encountered was a level three menu, each of which required records to be selected. I chose to use three

A detailed explanation of iOS common network request method

The advantages of this common network request method are: This method can be called by both 1.get and post2. The Uiviewcontroller class can be invoked directly with the self pointer (because this method is written in the Uiviewcontroller category),

iOS lets TextView support Special tab Click Response (@ tag, #标签)

Sina Weibo has been used to find that Weibo provides several special symbolic labels for the messages sent. For example: Enter "@+ Weibo user nickname (ie ID) + space or punctuation", then in this micro-blog This @ entry will appear as a hyperlink

The reason that iOS overrides a method in the parent class to call the method in the parent class first

Existing two classes: 1.object001 inherits from NSObject #import @interface Object001:nsobjectObject001 header file and I'm just declaring a method here-(void) printfstring;@end#import "Object001.h"@implementation Object001Object001 implementation

iOS gets the UUID and uses the keychain stored code

Udid is deprecated and is used as a unique identifier for the device. After obtaining the UUID, if you use Nsuserdefaults storage, and then reload after the program is unloaded, the UUID obtained is different from the previous. Use keychain storage

The location of iOS development to obtain the current latitude and longitude, and then obtain specific address (city and Province Streets)

Foreword: When doing iOS project today, need to be positioned to get the name of the current city. Baidu Maps SDK has this function, but in order to not rely on a third party, here I use iOS with the framework corelocation to achieve this

Read and write examples of plist files in Apple iOS development

Preface: When doing iOS development, often use the plist file, then, what is plist file? Here, I do a simple introduction and use, it is the full name is: Property list, the attribute listing file, which is used to store the serialized object of the

iOS control Uipickerview implementation of provincial, municipal and regional linkage selector

Uipickerview is a selector control that generates a Single-column selector or a multiple-column selector, and the developer can fully customize the appearance of the selected item, so it's very flexible to use. Uipickerview directly inherits UIView

iOS keychain shared access sensitive information method

iOS development typically uses Userdefaults to access app configuration information, but if you need to save sensitive information, consider using keychain to access it. Development should be noted that the app uninstall after the Userdefaults

Vue.js to realize the _javascript skill of imitating native iOS time selection component instance code

Objective Have been watching Vue in recent months, and then try to implement certain components using only native Js+vue. PC end Time Selection component This is the first implementation of the PC on the time selection, usually the mobile end is

IOS Xcode Debugging common commands and breakpoint finishing _ios

IOS Xcode Debug Common commands and breakpoints The debugging techniques in Xcode are closely related to our day-to-day development, and these debugging techniques often have a multiplier effect when we solve bugs, often with various breakpoints

IOS Learning Notes (16)--Detailed database operations (using FMDB) _ios

The SQLite API, which is native to iOS, is quite unfriendly to use and inconvenient when used. As a result, there is a series of libraries that encapsulate the SQLite APIs, such as Fmdb, Plausibledatabase, Sqlitepersistentobjects, Fmdb

The limitations of the maximum number of characters and bytes in IOS Uitextfield _ios

Objective Here I give you a few groups of test cases can be a try, why not easy to use. 1, limit 10 bytes, enter 2 emoj after 8 bytes (a emoj is 4 bytes), then enter a Chinese to see how the results (Chinese UTF8 accounted for 3 bytes) 2, limit 5

IOS Imitation micro-blog Image browser _ios

KnphotobrowerHigh Imitation micro-blog Image browser Photobrower.gif I. Functional description and key points1. Load Network Nine Sudoku pictures, Collectionview,scrollview2.SDWebImage download picture, Knprogresshud Show loading progress3. High

Detailed IOS multithreading gcd problem _ios

GCD should be the most attractive in all iOS implementations of multithreading, because GCD itself is a solution for multi-core parallel operations by Apple. GCD will automatically take advantage of more processor cores as they work to make the most

IOS to implement the rounded arrow rectangle tip box _ios

Let's take a look at some of the rounded-arrow rectangle's Tip box effect chart that we've seen First, understand Cgcontextref First of all need to understand the Cgcontextref, the author has the opportunity to further explain in detail, this

IOS implementation of Third-party micro-letter Login Method Instance resolution (latest most full) _ios

Project Address: Https://github.com/zhonggaorong/weixinLoginDemo The latest version of the micro-letter login implementation steps to achieve: 1. In the micro-letter OAuth2.0 Authorized login access, the micro-trust open platform to register the

Detailed SQL database file encryption (using Sqlcipher) in IOS _ios

I was going to write a gae+goagent+switchysharp guide today! But then suddenly out of the previous period of time to write about the SQL database files in iOS encryption code, so decided to talk about this today! ~ So Goagent will be on weekends, in

Iconfont in the educational platform and application examples in iOS

Iconfont System Solution Performance optimization is the front-end development has to face, must pay attention to a durable topic. Education Platform Project in addition to the regular Web performance optimization, picture resources station to the

A detailed explanation of the time string for the iOS parsing with T

Existing time string obtained from the server: @ "2016-12-05t12:21:37″ The difference between this and the generally obtained time string is that there is a T in the middle.The NSDate method is obtained from this string as follows:1.

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