Summary of NSArray, NSSet, and NSDictionary in ios

Three collection classes are used to collect cocoa objects (NSObject objects ): NSArray is used for object Ordered Sets (equivalent to arrays) NSSet is used for unordered objects. NSDictionary for key-value ing The above three collection classes are

Use of int, NSInteger, NSUInteger, and NSNumber for iOS development

1. When int type variables are required, you can use int or NSInteger, just like the program that writes C, but NSInteger is recommended, in this case, you do not need to consider whether the device is 32-bit or 64-bit.2. NSUInteger is unsigned,

Comparison of ios methods for obtaining Chinese pinyin

1. The size of pinyin is the smallest, and the declaration of POAPinyin is about 500 rows. 2. The speed is almost the same, but do not use the convert of POAPinyin native. It is very slow to traverse and search every time. 3. Compared with pinyin,

Search, delete, add, and Update IOS Databases

DB-class. h file# Import # Import @ Interface DB: NSObject+ (Sqlite3 *) openDB; // open the database-(Void) closeDB; // closes the database @ End DB-class. m file# Import "DB. h"# Import Static sqlite3 * db = nil;@ Implementation DB+ (Sqlite3 *)

How does IOS obtain network IP information?

13:06:48. 102 RouterAddressDemo [451: 907] broadcast address -- 13:06:48. 108 RouterAddressDemo [451: 907] local device ip -- 13:06:48. 111 RouterAddressDemo [451: 907] netmask -- 13:06:48. 114

Processing Data Storage threads in ios background

In the class, edit the following code: NSLog (@ "main thread begin ..."); [Self defined mselectorinbackground: @ selector (doSomething :) withObject: nil]; NSLog (@ "main thread end ....."); -(Void) doSomething :( id) sender { NSLog (@ "one

Solution: ios UITableView content cannot be refreshed

When using UITableView, If you modify some UITableViewCell-related content in UITableView in another view, you need to re-load the modified data when calling popViewController to return the UITableView, UITableViewCell data is not reloaded by

Hide the file and modify the content of the hosts file in ios

Modify the hosts file content: Go to the etc folder, find the hosts file, copy the file, modify the content, delete the hosts file in etc, and then take the modified file offline. The administrator password may be required. You can enter your

Clear iOS debugging information

Like C, Objective-C provides some standard macros that describe the number of lines of the current file, source code file, and function information. Objective-C also provides related class types. Can be applied to debugging and error handling

IOS uses Singleton for data transmission between different interfaces

First, write a singleton class that inherits NSObject Check. h file @ Property (strong, nonatomic) UITable * Table; @ Property (strong, nonitomic) UITextFiled * Text; + (Check *) specify datamodle; Check. m // Define a static checke Class

Analyze the configuration password settings of the Huawei switch based on IOS

This article analyzes how to configure the password for a Huawei switch based on IOS and how to configure the password for a Huawei switch. There are many methods on the network. The following is a common password for the setting method, which is

Cisco IOS router for Web Content Filtering

Nowadays, filtering network content is not only an optional action for enterprises, but also an action that enterprises must take to prevent employees from making mistakes. In this article, the author David Davis will explain how the Cisco IOS

Analysis of Cisco router IOS backup and recovery

Analysis of Cisco router IOS backup and recovery Introduction: I. Wiring Serial Interface-> console and pc Nic interfaces-> F0/0 // The IP address of the PC and the F0/0 interface (of course, other interfaces can be connected to the network cable).

CCNA Network Technology Lab Manual: Common configurations for Cisco IOS

[Lab environment] Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3.2 [PURPOSE] I will not describe the basic commands of Cisco IOS too much. I will focus on some common Cisco IOS skills to improve the efficiency of subsequent experiments. [Experiment topology] Lab

CCNA Network Technology Lab Manual: fixes IOS in ROM Monitor mode

[Lab environment] Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3.2 [PURPOSE] Simulate IOS damage on a Cisco device and practice how to fix IOS in ROM Monitor mode [Experiment topology] Lab procedure] 1. Connect the device according to the topology: Cisco devices do not

CCNA Network Technology Lab Manual: Cisco IOS backup and upgrade

[Lab environment] Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3.2 [PURPOSE] Exercise Cisco IOS backup and upgrade [Experiment topology] Lab procedure] 1. connect devices by topology. This time, the 2950 switch is used as the Cisco IOS bearer body because it is easy to

Tips for using the Cisco IOS extended ping command

When performing a Cisco decomposition experiment, such as routing, ACL, and route-map, you can use the extended ping command to specify the source address for testing if you only use a vro without adding a PC, by default, the extended ping command

Describes router IOS restoration techniques

Many people may not know much about the router IOS restoration. So I have studied the solutions and restoration techniques for this problem. I will share them with you here, hoping to help you. In flash, the IOS file in the router is upgraded or

Quickly restore Cisco Route switch IOS

With the development of China's routing industry, we have also promoted the update and upgrade of the routing switch technology. Here we have introduced the IOS restoration method of the Cisco routing switch, and we have tried one method, after

Introduction to the router IOS operating system

There are still many things worth learning about the router IOS operating system. Here we mainly introduce the detailed knowledge of the router IOS operating system and the recovery file. First, let's take a look at the Flash on the vro. Flash can

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