"Responder Chain" in iOS

A variety of operational events are encountered in iOS development and can be responded to by programs. First, when an event response occurs, you must know who is responding to the event. In iOS, the responder chain responds to events, all

The Uidocumentinteractioncontroller of iOS development

In the app development process, we can not avoid to open the software files, such as: Excel files, Word files, picture files and other files in different formats or want to use a Third-party app to open these files, Then we need to use the

Some debugging techniques in iOS

Programmers daily contact with the most is the object (their own initiative new) and bugs, and in the development of some debugging skills is very useful, today work encountered a bug made heart tired, at night to write a little of their own

Learn about iOS development you have to master Mac and Xcode shortcuts

1. Mac system and Xcode some shortcut keys 1. Mac Command + W Close window Command +q Shutdown Program Command +c Assignment Command +v Paste Command +a Select All Command +shift+4 Screen Capture Command +tab Toggle Window Command+shift+h Simulator

Opencv-ios Development Note 9 Use perspective transform to correct distorted pictures

When a camera observes a picture of a rectangle, it often only gets a distorted picture: Original: The reality is that cameras often look at pictures from a point of view: Use the OPENCV perspective transformation to correct the picture to the

High imitation imitation QQ space iOS source code

Description: This QQ space has updated the previous very basic code iOS Source download: Http://code.662p.com/list/12_1.html Update contentAn update of the landing interfaceThe second increases the input time password and the successful landing

Introduction to the--keychain use of IOS development __ios

iOS's Keychain service provides a safe way to save private information (passwords, serial numbers, certificates, etc.). Each iOS program has a separate keychain store. Starting with iOS 3.0, sharing keychain across programs becomes feasible. It is

What is the 12-runloop of the iOS face test?

iOS face Test 12-runloop is what. Runloop is literally the meaning of running loops, which is not bad, it is indeed a concept of the loop, or exactly the loop in the thread. Some programs are a circle, this circle is essentially the so-called

iOS face Test 8

iOS face Test 8 1. Multi-thread stack and heap, respectively, public or private (C) A. Stack public, heap private B. Stack public, heap public C. Stack private, heap public A. Stack public, heap private Explain Generally, stacks are private

iOS face Test 9

iOS face test 9 1. When you use Xcode to create a project, the version management library that supports simultaneous creation is (C) A.subversion B.mercurial C.git D.concurrent Version System 2.UIEdgeInsets edgeinsets = Uiedgeinsetsmake (10,10,1

Internal principles of Arc in iOS

As you already know, ARC will automatically help you insert retain and release statements. The arc compiler has two parts, the front-end compiler and the optimizer respectively. 1. Front-End compilers The front-end compiler inserts the

The IOS rewrite isequal method needs to rewrite the hash method

In a project, you sometimes compare two objects for equality, but instead of having to be the same object, you compare the content. NSObject provides a isequal to determine whether it is the same object. System NSString, Nsarray, etc., have been

iOS various debugging techniques

For software development, debugging is the skill that must learn, the importance is self-evident. For debugging skills, basically can be migrated, that is, you previously on other platforms mastered a lot of debugging skills, many can also be used

How does the iOS development-runtime implement the weak attribute?

features of the weak property:Weak indicates that the attribute defines a "non-owning relationship" (nonowning relationship).When you set a new value for the weak property, the set method neither retains the new value nor releases the old

iOS common error 9-uitableview,uiscrollview,uicollectionview offset 20 pixels

iOS common error 9-uitableview,uiscrollview,uicollectionview offset 20 pixels When there is a scrolling view in the system after the iOS7, such as Uitableview,uiscrollview, Uicollectionview is sometimes offset by 20 pixels. We can judge the

IOS Development Uisearchbar Custom Look __ios

MySearchBar.h is as follows: @interface Mysearchbar:uisearchbar -(void) layoutsubviews; @end MYSEARCHBAR.M is as follows: #import "MySearchBar.h" @implementation Mysearchbar -(void) Layoutsubviews { Uitextfield *searchfield; Nsuinteger numviews =

iOS common error 8-missing iOS distribution signing identity for "XXXXX". Xcode can request one for you.

iOS common error 8-missing iOS distribution signing identity for "XXXXX". Xcode can request one for you. This is because Apple's Wwdrca certificate February 14, 2016 expiredOpen Key chain, click Show-Show expired certificateDelete Expired

iOS Development 71-troubleshooting could not find Developer Disk image problem when debugging

iOS Development 71-troubleshooting could not find Developer Disk image problem when debugging When you use Xcode for true machine debugging, the pop-up dialog box "could not find Developer Disk Image" This is because the real machine system is

iOS Development 74-xcode (7.3.1) uses instruments (7.3.1) to test the memory leak example (circular reference)

iOS Development 74-xcode (7.3.1) uses the instruments (7.3.1) test memory leak example (circular reference) to intentionally write a memory leak code, circular reference in the ARC environment. Two objects are strong references and point to each

IOS warning about presenting view controllers on detached view controllers is discouraged

Uiimagepickercontroller *picker = [[Uiimagepickercontroller alloc] init]; [Self Presentviewcontroller:picker animated:yes completion:nil]; Into Uiimagepickercontroller *picker = [[Uiimagepickercontroller alloc] init]; Appdelegate *delegate =

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