IOS project structure directory reference diagram

For iOS project development, a clear, reasonable, easy to maintain project structure directory for the development of multiple people collaboration is also a very important thing (note: Be sure to make Xcode's engineering directory and the actual

Xcode the IOS Project: Introduction to the project documentation (the role of each document in the project) __ios

Transfer from: top iOS Development UI article-common project documentation Introduction I. Schematic diagram of project document structure Second, File introduction 1.products folder: Mainly for

My IOS Engineering directory structure __ios

The following are personal insights, please point out any inappropriate places. Have done Java Web work before the development of iOS, and have a more profound understanding of the structure and layering of the project directory. Whether it is a

iOS Application security Code obfuscation design article

The topic of code obfuscation for iOS application security is divided into the following chapters: 1.iOS Application Safety Code obfuscation design article 2.iOS Application Security Code obfuscation implementation Chapter The security of iOS

"iOS Interface Development" iOS Uicontrol event description

In the Uicontrol control event, briefly explain the following several events. Description: Because it was tested in the IOS simulator, you can't use your finger, you can only use the mouse. 1) Uicontroleventtouchdown Refers to the left mouse button

The use of ios-regular expressions __ Regular expressions

In general, we use regular expressions in iOS. There are several steps 1, create a regular expression object to define rule 2, and use the regular Expression object to test the corresponding string. We might have matched the string in the previous

The creation of the Calayer-layer of iOS core animation

This article directory one, add a simple layer two, add a layer to display the picture three, why Calayer use Cgcolorref and cgimageref these 2 types of data, without Uicolor and uiimage. Iv. UIView and Calayer's Options v. Other relations between

calayer-custom layer of iOS core animation

This article directory one, the custom layer method 12, the custom layer method 23, other The custom layer, in fact, is the drawing on the layer, a total of 2 methods, described in detail below. Back to the top one, custom layer Method 1 Method

[IOS] Play and record audio using audio Queue Services

To play and record audio on iOS devices, Apple recommends that we use the Avaudioplayer and Avaudiorecorder classes in the Avfoundation framework. Although the usage is simpler, it does not support streaming; This means that before playing the audio,

iOS Development: Headphone Wire control

Headphone Wire Control 1. Introducing #import 2. Turn on remote control events [[Avaudiosession sharedinstance] Setcategory:avaudiosessioncategoryplayback Error:nil]; if (![ [Avaudiosession sharedinstance] Setactive:yes Error:nil]) {

A way for iOS to monitor headphone plug implementations without using system notifications

Preface The usual way to monitor headphone plug in iOS is to use the headset provided by the iOS system to notify event avaudiosessionroutechangenotification. The code structure is the following system notification method Add observation

IOS 4.2 AirPrint Call __ios

#pragma mark-#pragma mark Application Lifecycle #define pdfurl -(BOOL) Application: (UIApplication *) Application D Idfinishlaunchingwithoptions: (nsdictionary *) launchoptions {            //Override Point for customization after application launch.

iOS uses Uicollectionview to implement a rotatable menu

First, the effect of the picture: In the project before the use of Uicollectionview to achieve a circular distribution of the menu, but can not rotate with the gesture, just the two days of vacation, reference to some of the great God's article,

iOS program supports headphone line control

1, allow remote events to be accepted [[UIApplication sharedapplication] beginreceivingremotecontrolevents];[Self becomefirstresponder]; This sentence is important, otherwise some devices do not respond -(BOOL) Canbecomefirstresponder { return YES; }

The iOS login interface switches to the registration interface and returns the UI design (easy to)

function RealizationEnter the registration interface from the login interface to return to the login interface from the registration interface function Realization Idea Search on the internet found that you are using navigation, but the individual

IOS byte intercept socket parsing

* Detail Learning-intercepting socket data parsing for IOS byte arrays * I recently made a socket long connection. Meet some problems, I hope to give you some information about the brick friends First question to meet:The returned socket data has

IOS byte-byte arrays related operations

1 intercept byte[] Part of the data, starting from begin, length is count -(void) Bytesplit2byte: (byte[]) src orc: (byte[]) ORC begin: (Nsinteger) Begin count: (Nsinteger) count{ memset (orc, 0, sizeof (char) *count); for (Nsinteger i = begin; I

iOS Development App version update, reminding

/** * Detecting the parameters to be used for version upgrade * * Ifeverappid = @ "1076057848"; AppId; Invoke method to detect version update [selfcheckversion]; * * Detect whether the software needs to be upgraded */ -(void) checkversion { Get the

How does an iOS project implement a version update?

Everyone at the end of the project development, we must encounter a problem is: How to keep a project version of the update function to the user login software hou, if there is a new version, can have relevant prompts to update. First of all, when I

IOS app Frame Check Update avoid audit rejected __ios

I. Preface 1. The first time to write a blog, you can say that the summary of online resources, the similarities are more magnanimous. 2. The official review of app shelves in March 15 does not allow you to be prompted to update the words for

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