IOS Client and WebSocket Communications (i)


My address: This article we first understand the basic knowledge, this is more helpful to our study behind. Socket,websocket,http,tcp and so on we have heard the ears have a cocoon, but use the

iOS adds attributes to categories using the @selector () principle

The SEL can be understood as a function pointer in C language. The SEL and ID, and class, are all data types in OC, as int and float. SEL variables can store selector data. @selector can be used to obtain the selector of a method. SEL Afun =

A summary of the SEL and selector principles of "iOS development"

introduction of Selector (selector) A selector is a name used to select a method to execute for an object, or to replace the name of a unique identifier for that name when compiling the source code. A selector does not do anything by itself. It

iOS Headset wire control questions about "remotecontrolreceivedwithevent" not implemented

First reprint several technical articles, to make the record iOS Development Series--touch events, gesture recognition, shaking events, headphone wire control The Uiresponder of iOS framework

iOS custom camera output crash resolution +[avcapturestillimageoutput Jpegstillimagensdatarepresentation:]-NULL Sample BUF

When using a custom camera, when you output a photo, Sometimes it will crash in nsdata*jpegdata = [Avcapturestillimageoutputjpegstillimagensdatarepresentation:imagedatasamplebuffer]; This place, and prompted "+[avcapturestillimageoutput

IOS Processing PFX file

To popularize the basics, a PFX is a portable format that is specified by the public key encryption technology, standard 12th (Cryptography Standards #12, PKCS#12) for storing and transmitting user or server private keys, public keys, and

iOS Development Jenkins (Dryplugin) +PMD/CPD detect Duplicate code

1. Build Jenkins Reference: Http:// 2, install DRY plugin DRY Plug-in 3. Download PMD, decompression PMD and placed in the designated

23rd Article Ninja installation (iv) and compiling Ios-webrtc__ios

Key Words: Ninja installation, compiling IOS-WEBRTC I. Installation of Ninja (Iv.) To install Ninja. Pre-installation of Graphviz and its development library gtest,git, RE2C, and Python are required 1.1 Mac Terminal Installation RE2C Download the

IOS Create Cocoa Touch Static library (binary library) and bundle

Create bundle New bundle Project, resource file (xib, picture, file ...) Drag in directly to compile. Tai Keng: The direct iphone project is not built bundle project, build a x-code collapse once, began to think X-code6 how so weak, then the brain

IOS Local Storage sandbox (Document)

to save a picture for example: 1. Save /** * Save user Avatar * * + (NSString *) Saveuserimage: (UIImage *) image{nsstring; Gets the document path Nsarray *document = Nssearchpathfordirectoriesindomains (NSDocumentDirectory,

IOS interacts with JS

1. Through UIWebView and JS interaction Native and server interaction through Web pages so easy. Of course, to achieve the delegate of WebView. Self.webView.delegate = self; 1.1 iOS Client Calls JS method. Directly using the method of the system

iOS learning iOS global variables definition and use __ios

several ways to use global variables in the iphone development( Method 1: Use static variables (not recommended) Method 2: Use singleton pattern (ref link: Method 3: Set the global variable to Appdelegate In the

IOS cgrectdivide Layout (code example)

#import "BingChengItemViewCell.h" #import Staticcgrect oldframe;//used to record frame before zooming in @implementation Bingchengitemviewcell -(void) awakefromnib { [Self.bgviewsetcornerradius:5]; } -(void) Loadcontentandimages:

The difference and connection of the three Ios-uicolor,cgcolor,cicolor __ios

The difference and connection of the three Uicolor,cgcolor,cicolor Recently looked at coregraphics things, see About cgcolor things, so think of the way to see Uicolor,cicolor, find out the difference between them and contact. Let's take a look at

Xamarin.ios Show round Picture

When you do the project, you will definitely encounter the display of circular pictures. Use UIButton to display a circular picture, to facilitate the next click event, and through the set of rounded corners to achieve the purpose of the circular

Xamarin.ios Encapsulation Delegate Events

A few days ago, the blog, customized a Portfolio view, because of the C # event mechanism does not understand, so the View button callback controller way I chose to develop Android often used interface callback. After my colleague pointed out the

Xamarin.ios Click UIView overall transparency (including child controls) problem

Today I met a wonderful bug when I wrote some controls add to a UIView. After running, clicking on the controls on the interface is no problem, but when I click on the UIView blank area, the entire uiview is transparent, including the child controls.

Xamarin.ios Wave Effect

Android has previously written a demo, is the wave effect, should be modeled on Baidu's external sales of the Avatar effect. Suddenly want to take Xamarin to try, use my brain hole finally to get out, do not know the method is not reasonable. Just

Xamarin.ios Navigation bar Location button settings

Basically each interface in development has a navigation bar to control where each of your interfaces comes from. The usual situation is a return button on the left-hand side of the navigation bar, and the middle text shows what the interface

IOS-third party open Source Library records

Record Standbyindicator 1.SVProgressHUD Transparent Indicator Https:// 2.MBProgressHUD Https:// Picture 1.SDWebImage Picture Asynchronous loading

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