Mac_xcode compile iOS Static library

Compile and use the. A static library of iOS under Xcode The whole process is similar to vs compiler lib Static library new Static library project File-> New-> Project, select Static Library template The project is named Staticlib The library hasn'

UI adaptation for iOS development ~iphone6 and iphone6p

Summary So far, the iphone screen size has been four kinds: 3.5 (Inch): 1/3g/3gs/4/4s 4.0 (inch): 5/5s/5c 4.7 (Inch): 6 5.5 (Inch): 6Plus Take a look at the iphone4~6 (+) screen aspect ratio: IPhone4 (s): Resolution 960*640, Aspect ratio 1.5IPhone5

webrtc@ Fourth @ Compile Mac&ios version @v1.0.0__ios


 Harnessing Open Source Library WebRTC Fourth chapter-Compiling Mac&ios edition Author: Adam Acknowledgements: Lao Zhang Date: 2015-4-6 Version: 1.0.0 Welcome reprint, has the question feedback q:2780113541, as far as possible consummates series

Understanding and application of @selector in iOS development

understanding and application of @selector in iOS development What is the @selector: 1, a type of SEL2, on behalf of the message you want to send (method), and a bit like the string, you can turn.: nsselectorfromstring ()/nsselectorfromstring ()

How to use lazy load in iOS development-ui

1. Lazy Load Basic Lazy Loading--also known as deferred loading--is loaded when it is needed (inefficient, small memory footprint). The so-called lazy load, write is its getter method. The popular point is that in the development, when the program

iOS development-error:cannot assign to ' self ' outside of a method in the Init family

When we rewrite the Init method of the parent class, we do not notice that the first letter after Init is written in lowercase, and in this method it calls the initialization method of the parent class (self = [super init];) and the error message

iOS development-get rid of Tabbar top line

With the system Tabbar, if the whole tabbar is a regular rectangle, it is not easy to see the upper is a line, but irregular words, there will be a black line across there, very affect the interface beautiful, like this:Located in Tabbar, and the

iOS Development-tools: Skillfully use Xcode code blocks to improve coding efficiency-code snippets

Original from: In our coding process, we will find that there are some repetitive coding work, you may be tired of going to copy and paste, but you have to consider how to solve such problems. In fact,

How to solve the crash caused by iOS sigpipe In the development of the iOS long connection game encountered a problem: During the game running the player pressed the home button or other reasons game is suspended, the socket connection will

Code refactoring [iOS development]

Recently took over a year old project, get the code after a careful look, found there are more problems: 1. Not using SVN, or git, for management, all changes are in this project, where the problem is obvious, when the requirements are constantly

Steps to integrate Push Notification with Unity3d on IOS

Steps to integrate Push Notification with Unity3d on IOSTime 2013-08-09 00:09:38 Dzone-java original steps-to-integrate-push-notification-with-unity3d-on-ios/ Implementing Push Notifications in Unity Apps/games

iOS time format conversion

Recently in doing Sina RSS news XML parsing process, encountered a time string conversion problem. The problem is: Wed, 3 APR 2013 04:11:02 GMT (this data is obtained in an XML file) to intercept 04:11:02 in this string. Note: The GMT should pay

58 The evolution of iOS client component in the same city---the company is working in that direction.

Lead: The evolution of the architecture is to serve the continuous development of the business, the architecture can not be separated from the business, this is the most basic starting point. 58 City IOS clients as business volume and user volume

Transformation of several formats of time nsdate in iOS development

In development, you often encounter the conversion of time format when interacting with the background. First, several common nsdate formats are listed: 1. 20150605234106 format 2.2015-06-05-15:41:06 +0000 format (normal output format) 3.1433498400

IOS Runtime Utility Article---avoid common crashes

This article is collected from: Source Code Https:// program Crash experience In fact, very early to write this article, has been dragged until now. Program crashes experience 1

IOS opens third party apps

Now there are application A and application B two applications in which B would like to be able to open application A, passing certain parameters to a, to achieve interaction. The first step: the application of a in the info URL Types New, fill in

The iOS thing about memory management

iOS Memory Management iOS memory management on the whole, four points:① own generation of objects, holding themselves;② is not a generation of their own objects, they can hold;③ no longer needs to be released when the object is held by itself;④

The use of Wkwebview for iOS development and the problems encountered

introduction of Wkwebview UIWebView since IOS2, Wkwebview from IOS8 only, no doubt Wkwebview will gradually replace the heavy uiwebview. Simple tests show that UIWebView consumes too much memory and that peak memory is exaggerated. Wkwebview Web

Several encryption methods for iOS development

The common encryption method is to encrypt the password and save it to the user preferences. The keychain is kept in clear text, but it is not known where it is stored. 1base64 encryption Base64 coding is the foundation of modern

iOS and accessories to communicate [turn]

and accessories for communication On the iphone OS 3.0 and beyond, the External accessory Framework (Externalaccessory.framework) provides a plumbing mechanism that allows applications to be used with the iphone or ipod Touch the accessories of the

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