Solve the problem of can ' t map file, errno=22 file ' xxx ' for Architecture arm64 (ARMV7)! __ios

Today, when introducing a static framework library, the compiler encountered the "Can" T map file, errno=22 file ' xxx ' for Architecture arm64 (ARMV7) Problem! Cause I was in the main project, build setting-----"Other linker flags-force_load the

[IOS] Timestamp and string time conversion __ios

[IOS] timestamp vs. String time conversion Timestamp of the current time + (NSString *) cnowtimestamp{nsdate *newdate = [NSDate Date]; long int timesp = (long) [Newdate timeIntervalSince1970]; NSString *temptime = [NSString

"ios" other Linker flags configuration

When we use a third party static library, we generally remind you to configure "-OBJC" or "-all_load" or "-force_load" in the other Linker flags. Their role is to: -OBJC tells the linker to load both the Objective-c class and the category class

"iOS Development-simulator" Xcode6 after the iOS emulator installation path and the program sandbox path in Mac

Emulator installation Location /users/ttf/library/developer/coresimulator/devices/emulator identification (some strings) Behind those simulator IDs is that some strings represent each of the different iOS devicesFor example, d3e79030-5db9-4e5b-8e46

Cfbundleshortversionstring and Cfbundleversion in IOS

Original address: Cfbundleshortversionstring and cfbundleversion in IOS IOS development often see cfbundleshortversionstring and cfbundleversion Two can be used to identify the application version number of variables, which should be used. Here's a

iOS Development Apple supports Chinese fonts, and uses fonts

1. Chinese fonts turn from: iOS7 English fonts: Helvetica under the various systems, such as Helvetica Neue, very annoying, different places with different systems, but Helvetica family

AOP-oriented programming of iOS decoupling mode


MVVM decoupling Demo and blog introduction approach to slicing programming (AOP) Demo At runtime, the programming idea of dynamically slicing code into the specified method of the class, specifying the location, is the aspect-oriented programming.

Problems with iOS 11 adaptation

Question 1. Custom Uitoolbar, after upgrading to iOS 11, click No response Reason: IOS11 's uitoolbar adds a Uitoolbarcontentview child control that covers the outermost layer so that the button is added at the bottom, and the click does not respond.

Integration and considerations for iOS Aurora push

Turn from: now, we start by creating a good Aurora application, and after we get Appkey, open the Xcode, enter the project, as shown in the diagram, you can see a switch, push notifications Notification

Coreimage FRAME (framework) in IOS

Coreimage Framework Composition Apple has helped us classify image processing to see its structure: Mainly divided into three parts: 1) Definition part: Coreimage coreimagedefines. See the name of Righteousness, represents the Coreimage this

Xcode of engineering references, iOS static library

turn from: Today, a friend asked a question, engineering reference to other projects how to achieve, can be modified in the project, explained a long time I know he asked is actually

iOS gesture unlocking and fingerprint unlocking

effect Find a way to use the picture online, Kkgesturelockview, but if you want to do animation aesthetics, you have to draw, on this basis to customize, first look at the effectgesture Unlock 1. The first gesture to unlock the area is a custom

2015 latest iOS true machine debugging steps

2015 The latest Baidu experience, iOS true machine debugging, the latest debugging steps. Tools/raw materials Mac computer, iphone Developer Account Method/Step 1 To obtain the certificate of the True machine debugging, first generate the file to

iOS Uitextfield return key hide keyboard

In iOS development, you only need the following steps to realize the effect of clicking the Return key on the keyboard to hide the keyboard. We first said Uitextfield return key to hide the implementation of the keyboard, the next time to say

IOS Issue Certificate Request

The overview is based on this tutorial. Http:// Due to Apple's mechanism, the installation of applications on a non-jailbreak machine must be done through the official App Store, developers can upload the App store

ios--Select View Uipickerview

First, Uipickerview 1. Property1) Data source object @property (nullable,nonatomic,weak) id DataSource; 2) Proxy Object @property (Nullable,nonatomic,weak) id delegate; 3) To set whether there is a check mark (with the highlighted background

IOS timestamp conversion to a few just, etc.

The constructor converts the timestamp to a few just/hours ago/a few days ago/a few years ago Createtimestring 13-bit pure digital time stamp for backstage. -(NSString *) Updatetimeforrow: (NSString *) createtimestring {//Get current time stamp 14663

Step by step to teach you to do iOS push

Original address: Recently in the study of iOS push problem, encountered some problems, and finally sorted out. Put it here and share it with you. the push mechanism of APNs First, let's take

IOS removes spaces or extra spaces in a string (for English words)

Nsstring-stringbytrimmingcharactersinset: It's a method you need to keep in mind. It often passes in Nscharacterset +whitespacecharacterset or +whitespaceandnewlinecharacterset to remove the blank symbol at the ends of the input string. It is

iOS timestamp nsstring nsdate turn long

1. The question NSString format timestamp = = = "NSDate time stamp = =" Long millisecond time stamp 2. Code NSDateFormatter *dateformatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc]init]; [Dateformatter setdateformat:@ "Yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss"]; NSDate *logdate =

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