Open source China iOS client Learning (eight) network communication afnetworking Class library

Afnetworking is a lightweight iOS network communications library, after the ASI class library is not updated after the developers have a good choice; Afnetworking class Library Source code download and use tutorial:

Open source China iOS client Learning (i) prefix.pch files

When we create a new project, in the supporting files file will see a-prefix.pch end file, PCH full name is "precompiled Header", that is, precompiled header file, the file stored in the project some not Code that is often modified, such as a

iOS development: Some of the debugging techniques in Xcode7

Apple has added two important debug-related features to our Xcode7. After the understanding feel very practical, introduced to everyone. 1.Address sanitizer: Mom doesn't have to worry about exc_bad_access anymore? Exc_bad_access has been a

iOS development asihttprequest send data and download data

Send Data This article introduces the contents of iOS development asihttprequest sending data, including setting request headers, using asiformdatarequest post forms, put requests, custom post requests, and so on.  Set Request Header

iOS development: Notification and multithreading

Let's take a look at the official document, and that's what it says: In a multithreaded application, notifications are always delivered to the thread in which the notification is posted, whi CH May is the same thread in which a observer registered

IOS 7 will affect screen capture detection for applications such as Snapchat

We've just counted the new features in iOS 7 Beta 2, and the readers of foreign media macrumors have revealed a small change that disappears in Beta 2. In iOS 7, screenshots were prompted, and the release notes said, "When a user needs a screenshot,

iOS development: Partial font parsing

First, iOS native font display Select font in the label, and change font from system to custom, you can see 72 special fonts in family. These have very cool fonts, but all are only for English numerals, not valid for Chinese. Write a program that

Cisco iOS firewall feature set

The Cisco IOS Firewall feature set integrates robust firewall functionality and intrusion detection for each network perimeter, enriching Cisco IOS security features. The Cisco IOS Firewall feature set provides a comprehensive, integrated, virtual

The hidden navigation design of reading interface in iOS read it later

Article Description: read it later software's reading interface in iOS. One of the most important characteristics of mobile device reading software is to enlarge the reading area as much as possible, to do so, you must make the screen as

Microsoft releases Remote Desktop applications for Mac and iOS platforms free of charge

Earlier today, the official version of Windows 8.1 was released. As previously rumored, Microsoft has launched a new Microsoft Remote Desktop Control app for iOS and OS X platforms, where users can access Windows PCs via RemoteFX on Macs, iphones

Life cycle of UIView in iOS

UIView objects are generally created by the Alloc and Init methods and are maintained and managed by Uiviewcontroller. Tasks that you typically need to accomplish are: Create a view, display a view, hide the view, and release the view. The normal

Cisco Catalyst Switch has been in Rommon mode unable to start iOS problem resolution

Found that Cisco Catalyst Switch reboot is always in rommom mode, the system reboots when the Confreg command chooses the startup mode of 1 (starting from the first file) and cannot enter the normal interface. Enter to boot: 0 = Disable Autoboot 1

Easy grabbing and viewing methods for iOS devices

Apple's official website gives detailed instructions on how to use Apple's devices to grab packets, which are handy for using remote virtual Interface (RVI). Using the RVI functionality requires a Mac system, and the Mac system on hand does not have

To teach you to draw a natural signature on iOS.

Here's a great article on how to get a smooth signature on Android:smoother signatures, but I didn't find a way to write on iOS. So what exactly does it take to get the user's signature on the iOS device? Although I didn't find any articles about

IOS 7 Background multitasking (multitasking) changes

In short, the gadget is friendly to the developer, but unfriendly to the device (it may sneak up on traffic and electricity). For users, if you have enough bandwidth and are not sensitive to heat, you will get a better application experience.

How to use scripts to turn off the VoIP app process in IOS 7

Background information One feature of VoIP-type apps is the need to keep running in the background to be able to receive incoming calls at any time. Because of this special mechanism that the system provides to the VoIP process, we are unable to

iOS Development Exception Error Summary: wait_fences:failed to receive reply:10004003

If in the process of using Uialertview, inexplicably appear wait_fences:failed to receive reply:10004003 this error, then Ten is because you forgot to close the keyboard. Uialertview a pop-up, if the keyboard is not closed, lost focus, when the

The use of Keychain in iOS development

Normally, we use Nsuserdefaults to store data information, but for some private information, such as passwords, certificates, and so on, we need to use a more secure keychain. The information stored in the keychain is not lost because the app is

IPad Mini IOS version 6 user Action Guide released

As usual, Apple, after launching the new iOS device, a guide to the use of the device will be published, with users complaining that iOS 6 has been officially released for the past one months, but Apple has not updated the ipad user's Guide, which

Introduction to New iOS development framework Reactivecocoa

Reactivecocoa (known as RAC) is a new framework developed by GitHub, an Open-source application for iOS and OS X. RAC has the characteristics of functional programming and responsive programming. It was mainly absorbed. NET, the design and

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