Create a simple Web browser interface using UIWebView in IOS applications _ios

UIWebView is one of the most commonly used controls in the iOS SDK. is a built-in browser control that we can use to browse Web pages, open documents, and so on. In this article I will use this control to make a simple browser. The following figure:

IOS set QQ small red dot elimination method (one key retreat) _ios

QQ sticky Little Red dot very funny there are wood, so they want to achieve some, see the iOS implementation of less people, Android more, so this is the use of iOS to achieve ha ~ Effect Chart: Debug diagram: In fact, in terms of

IOS realizes 3D floating effect animation _ios

The technical points involved Catransform3drotate Transformation coordinate system Hierarchy of the overall view Tvoscardview Cardimageview Cardparallaxview Code to transform a coordinate system CGFloat xfactor = MIN (1, MAX

Remote message push processing _ios for IOS remote notification

There are three remote message push processing scenarios: The app is not running, the app is running in the foreground, and the app is running in the background, below is a description of the related process and three scenarios 1. Process (1)

Detailed IOS local push and remote push-send _ios

First, Introduction It is divided into 2 kinds of local push and remote push. The user can be prompted if the application is not turned on or even the phone is locked. They all need to register, after registering the system will pop up the prompt

IOS Cocoapods Detailed use method _ios

One, what is Cocoapods 1. Why need CocoapodsIn the development of iOS, there is always the use of Third-party open source libraries, such as Sbjson, afnetworking, reachability and so on. When using these libraries, you typically need to: Download

IOS Read txt file appears in Chinese garbled solution _ios

Description of the situation: Background to a TXT file, encoding is Utf-8, in the MAC computer Xcode development environment to read TXT file content, Chinese characters will appear garbled, English no garbled this situation. Second, try to solve

IOS get to the user's current location _ios

Through corelocation positioning, get to the user's current position, with the map of different positioning. First, import Corelocation.framework Second, #import Third, the declaration agent Four, code implementation 1. Statement

IOS easy steps to implement custom transitions animation _ios

One, the system provides the animation of the transitions At present, the system provides us push/pops with present/dismiss two kinds of controllers between the jump side. Of course, by setting UIModalTransitionStyle properties, you can achieve the

IOS Interview Encyclopedia of Common Algorithms _ios


This text to share the iOS interview familiar with the common algorithm, let's take a look at it. 1. Sort the following set of data in descending order (bubble sort). "24,17,85,13,9,54,76,45,5,63" int main (int argc, char *argv[]) { int

IOS Implementation Click Status bar automatically back to the top effect of the detailed _ios

Objective We all know that the implementation of the status bar (StatusBar) automatically return to the top effect, designed to facilitate the user browsing the interface, click the status bar can quickly return to the top of the interface, so

IOS program Development using Placeholderimageview to achieve elegant picture loading effect _ios

Description 1. Placeholderimageview based on Sdwebimage 2. Given a picture of the urlstring, and a placeholderimage can be elegant display picture loading effect Effect Source Placeholderimageview.h/.m

Hands-on teaching you to implement micro-credit video IOS code implementation _ios

Previous time project requirements need to be in the chat module to add similar micro-letter video features, this blog is mainly to summarize the problems encountered and solutions, I hope to have the same needs of friends help. Effect preview:

Uikeyboardtypenumberpad Digital Keypad custom button _ios for IOS development

Recently did a search user's function, here uses the Uisearchbar. Because the search is only mobile phone number, so the keyboard here to limit the number of input, you can do this: Self.searchBar.keyboardType = Uikeyboardtypenumberpad; If you are

Detailed IOS Depth Copy _ios

Objective Three ways to copy OC objects The object copy of OC has the following three ways, many times we confuse deep copy with full copy, other they are different, specifically as follows Shallow copy: in a shallow copy operation, a pointer

Use TableView in IOS to implement the right sliding display selection function _ios

1, in IOS8 before, we realize TableView slide show Delete, top, more and so on the button, all need to implement themselves, in the IOS8 system has been written, as long as a proxy method and a class on the line 2, IOS8 protocol to a method, the

Implementation of View_ios with arrows based on IOS

I use DrawRect to stretch the view (which is described here??), and the effect chart also implements a micro-letter view effect that you can take a look at. Create a view that inherits from UIView. h file Backgoundview @property

IOS implementation of fragmented animation detailed _ios

Fragmentation effect Diagram Mask View There is a Maskview attribute in the UIView, which is the most important variable we have today to implement animation. This property is used after iOS8 to represent the mask of the view. What is a mask? I

IOS Real-time monitoring network status change _ios

In the network application, sometimes needs to the user equipment network state to carry on the real-time monitoring, has two purposes:(1) Let users understand their own network status, to prevent some misunderstandings (such as the use of strange

Scanning two-dimensional code control package IOS implementation _ios

Scan two-dimensional code effects Source: Https:// QRCodeView.h//QRCode////Created by youxianming on 16/7/7. copyright©2016 years xianming you. All rights reserved. #import #import @class Qrcodeview;

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