A strong walkthrough of the IOS object pointer and the underlying data type _ios

This article mainly introduces the object pointer and the basic data type in iOS how to make a strong turn, the following words do not say more directly to see the example detailed. One, the object pointer's strong turn: UIView *view =

Swift3 listens for Uitextview text changes in IOS development (three methods) _ios

The use of text input box in the project will often use Uitextview outside the Uitextfield, there will be a need to monitor the number of text in the Uitextview text box. Here are two common ways to swift3 Mode one: Global notification 1. Notice

IOS Development Project-based on WebSocket chat (2) _ios

Company project needs to develop a similar QQ, micro-letter Instant IM chat function, so that real-time monitoring messages, need to use the technology is websocket, today to tidy up the language chat this piece; in fact, language chat, including

Version and build detailed in IOS project _ios

Version and build in the IOS project Version's key in the plist file is "cfbundleshortversionstring", which identifies the release version number of the application and is consistent with the version number on the App store. The version number of

IOS realizes micro-letter automatic red Envelope (non jailbreak iphone) _ios

iOS micro-letters automatically grab red envelopes (not jailbreak) Now the micro-letter red envelopes are very popular, especially in the micro-letter group in the red envelopes, if not in time to rob the red envelopes, simply can not rob, so I

IOS High Imitation Micro-letter album Interface rollover transition animation effect _ios

When you point to a micro-letter album, want in the album Image interface jump view point Zane Comment, the micro-letter will use the interface Flip transition animation to jump to the comment interface, as if it is on the back of the picture

Two solutions for multilingual localization of IOS applications _ios

Recently to a game for multi-language localization, on the Internet to find some solutions, coupled with their own a little idea to organize a set of programs and share! Multiple languages typically have two approaches in an application: One, the

Detailed use of IOS gesture recognition (drag, zoom, rotate, click, gesture dependent, custom gesture) _ios

Gesture recognition is important in iOS, and gesture manipulation is an important feature of mobile devices, greatly increasing the ease of use of mobile devices. 1, Uigesturerecognizer Introduction Gesture recognition is important in iOS, and

IOS custom Control Development Carding summary _ios

In the day-to-day development of iOS, the control provided by the system often does not meet the business function, this time we need to implement some custom controls. Custom controls allow us to fully control the display of the view and the

A brief introduction to IOS Xmppframework (realizing timely communication) _ios

Xmppframework is an open source project for an OS X/ios platform that uses OBJECTIVE-C to implement the XMPP Protocol (RFC-3920) and also provides tools for reading and writing XML, greatly simplifying the development of XMPP based communications

IOS-GCD the use of detailed and case analysis _ios


IOS-GCD Use detailed Objective For beginners, GCD seems to be a barrier to the past, many people in the synchronous, asynchronous, serial, parallel and deadlock in the vortex of several nouns gradually abandoned treatment. This article will use

IOS Development acquisition System photo and video tutorials in photo album (with URL conversion) _ios

A few days did not write something, the company recently to do new projects, a little busy. Do not want my insistence on this interruption, I took my previous days to study the things to show you. This is the use of assetslibrary and Photokit. I am

IOS Baidu Map Simple use of detailed _ios

Baidu map iOS SDK is a set of iOS 5.0 and above version of the application interface, not only provide the basic interface of the map, but also provide POI search, path planning, map tagging, off-line map, positioning, surrounding radar, such as a

IOS Development Imitation Electric Quotient class app homepage instance _ios

Now Taobao, Jingdong application is very wide, and today imitate to do a similar electric business app home example. One, GIF effect chart: Second, the UI layout:look at the hierarchy of the diagram below, remove the bottom of the Tabbar, the rest

IOS Click Push message skip to application specified page instance _ios

IOS Click Push message skip to application specified page Now the push is more and more frequent, almost every application is beginning to use. In fact, how many users will go to see the push message? No way, product manager biggest Ah, just bitter

IOS Development Notes--detailed Uilabel related property settings _ios

Uilabel is a commonly used control in iOS programming, and here's a way to share Uilabel's related property settings. A lot of learning iOS6 programming starts with storyboard, and when you use Uilabel, you drag controls to the storyboard to build

IOS Third Party Library Zxeasycoding_ios

Two-time encapsulation of fastcoding to enable more convenient storage and reading of data, to share Zxeasycoding Description Encapsulates the fastcording and makes it easier to store and read object data Installation: Add Zxeasycoder entire

Talking about several kinds of lock _ios in IOS

1 Preface Recent work is not too busy, just have time to understand some other things, originally intended to go to the physical examination this morning, but to see the weather or tomorrow to go again, there is a big reason: there is no

IOS Click Push message jump to apply specified page method _ios

Now the push is more and more frequent, almost every application is beginning to use. In fact, how many users will go to see the push message? No way, product manager biggest Ah, just bitter we this a bunch of programmers ah! Gossip less and get to

IOS deferred execution method detailed _ios

Recently learned several methods of delaying execution, share. 1.performSelector (NSObject) method 2.NSTimer method 3.GCD method 4.sleep (Nsthread) method Deferred code execution: -(void) Delaydo: (ID) Sender { NSLog (@ "do:%@",

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