IOS two-dimensional code generation and sweep code detailed and example code _ios

iOS two-dimensional code generation and sweep code Now more and more applications to join the two-dimensional code-related business, in the iOS development market, many developers are using a third party sweep code and generate a two-dimensional

IOS to determine network request Timeout method _ios

  This article describes how iOS determines how a network request times out, with the following code: + (Afhttprequestoperation *) Requestoperationwithurl: (nsstring *) URL Requetmethod: (NSString *) method Paramdata: (nsdictionary *)

Seven kinds of gesture summary in IOS _ios

Today for you to introduce iOS seven kinds of gestures, gestures in the development of often used, so it is simple and easy to understand the next, say not more, directly look at the code: Initializes a uiimageview uiimageview *imageview = [[

Several methods and contrast _ios of IOS acquiring label height

Introduced When you set the Frame height of a uilabel, you cannot simply set it to a font font size . Otherwise, a portion of the font will be cropped off. Because Uilabel in different font settings, the height of the Frame requirements are not the

Use the UIWebView Shield alert warning box in IOS development _ios

If it is the contents of the page alert, we can wait for the page loaded, that is, in the Webviewdidfinishload to execute the following JS code, you can screen alert [Mywebview stringbyevaluatingjavascriptfromstring:@ "window.alert=null;"];

IOS Basic Animation tutorial Sharing _ios

iOS has a variety of animations, animation to do a good application will be more attractive, use it will be more dazzling, this article introduces several basic iOS animation, a single explanation for easy to understand, but the real use, combined

IOS Imitation micro-letter image Sharing interface implementation code _ios

Sharing features are now almost standard for many apps, and the app's picture-sharing interface, micro-mail and microblogging, is designed to be great, not only to show thumbnails, but also to preview deletions. Recently, I was doing a social

IOS 9 Unable to access HTTP solution _ios

After iOS 9, Apple's default requirement is that the URL to the app must be a secure link to HTTPS, and that the HTTP link is really unsafe, and that is why, if the request fails during the development process, the console displays information about

IOS development gestures gesture detailed _ios

Objective   In iOS, you can use the system's built-in gesture recognition (Gesturerecognizer), or you can create your own gestures. Gesturerecognizer converts low-level to high-level execution behavior, the object you bind to the view, and when a

IOS Click to see the animation effect of the larger image _ios

For the picture, in addition to the expression package, almost all will be clicked to see the big picture. Today to explain a view and put up a large picture animation effect, first directly to see the effect of the picture: As shown in the

An example of hand gesture recognition for IOS development _ios

It feels necessary to make a small summary of gesture recognition in iOS development. Here's how to use storyboard to add gestures to the corresponding controls, and then add gestures to our controls in pure code, and the gestures are simpler to use.

IOS Scoring (evaluation) Star Chart scoring function _ios

Download Address: Https:// Cause: The project often involves the user's score feedback, in my "E Chinese Medicine" project, involves several places. I have referred to the United States and drop the score

Three ways for IOS to dial phone codes _ios

1, this way, the call is not back to the original application, will stay in the address book, and is a direct call, do not pop-up prompts Nsmutablestring * str=[[nsmutablestring alloc] initwithformat:@ "tel:%@", @ "186xxxxxxxx"]; NSLog (@

Complete IOS Sina Weibo share feature development _ios

This example for you to share the Android nine Sudoku picture display of the specific code for your reference, the specific content as follows Sina share to do first to Http:// registered developer app is very simple! 1th Step

Ultra-accurate IOS pedometer implementation code _ios

This example for you to share the iOS pedometer implementation code, for your reference, the specific contents are as follows #import "ViewController.h" #import @interface viewcontroller () @ Property (Nonatomic, Strong) Cmstepcounter

IOS setting controls rounded corners with rounded corners _ios

Objective This article is mainly to introduce how to use iOS to set the direction of the selection of rounded corners of the control, not much to say, the following is the implementation of the sample code, take a look at it. Sample code First,

IOS Proxy Way to implement the example detailed _ios

IOS Proxy Mode implementation In client development, notifications, proxies, and blocks are often used to implement the links between individual pages. notification, which is passed in a "blind" manner. Agent, BlockYou can clearly understand the

The way IOS passes values between two pages via block _ios

First, functional requirements In the first page there is a button and a label,label on the default display "haha", click the button to enter the second page. On the second page there is a Uitextfield and a button2, click Button2 to go back to the

IOS calculates how long the last date is from the current code _ios

This article is an example of how the iOS last date distance from the current calculation code for your reference, the details are as follows /** * Calculate Last Date distance now * * @param lasttime Last date (required and format) * @param

IOS Custom status bar and navigation bar detailed introduction _ios

IOS Custom status bar and navigation bar Developing the iOS APP often changes the status bar and navigation bar according to the requirements, and there are several ways that you can look at. Navigation bar Transparency -(void)

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