jquery Imitation Apple mobile iOS switch effect

First define an outer div, inside the set a span as a button can be clicked, when clicked on it, use animation to slide it to the right, while sliding, you can change some other properties, to achieve better results JS Code: Effect Chart:

Example of a comparison of the size of IOS time (Month day)

Generally speaking of comparison size, we will think of comparing the size of two digits, but if you compare the size of two dates, such as: compare the size of 2016-07-21 and 2016-08-20, nsdate between the compare to achieve, collation method, the

IOS uses the following to mark members in a multidimensional array

The first is the most common one-dimensional array: Defining a one-dimensional arrayNsarray *array1 = @[@ "0", @ "1", @ "2"];A member in an array based on the subscriptNSLog (@ "%@", array1[0]); Then the two-dimensional array: Defining

IOS Uitextfield Examples of limiting input numbers

Sometimes in the project requires a text box can only enter numbers, such as: Price, mileage, fees, etc., the general text box does not limit the format of the input, this time can only be forced to restrict the input box input format, the code is

Why the Cellforrowatindexpath method for IOS UITableView is not implemented

As we all know, UITableView is a very common UI, but sometimes we run into a uitableviewuitableviewdatasource protocol where Cellforrowatindexpath does not execute, possibly as follows: 1.tableView width or height is equal to 0; In this case

iOS upload voice to server instance

iOS upload voice to server, here is an introduction to use AFN to upload voice files to the service side. Voice Turn NSData If it is not nsdata, we should find a way to convert the voice file into NSData before uploading the server. First we get

IOS Uidatepicker+uitoolbar Time Picker Instance

The simple time selector, in fact, is to take advantage of the Uitextfield Inputview attribute. Look directly at the code: #import "ViewController.h"@interface Viewcontroller () {Uitextfield *textfiled;NSString *timestr;}@end@implementation

Multi-View Sliding click Switch Implementation for iOS development

The following view (multiple-view sliding-click Switch) is useful in many apps. Using encapsulated view, external call to an API can be achieved, very convenient. Git code: Https://github.com/HelloYeah/HYTabbarView. Add a child controller

IOS Removal method sample from parent view

View structure In iOS applications, the structure of a view is a tree-type data structure that controls the view display, which has a good advantage: Hierarchical relationships are distinct and facilitate the delivery of events. Starting from the

IOS Custom System Uiactionsheet Modify the properties of the button

The Uiactionsheet in iOS offers only a handful of styles in the SDK that basically meet the development requirements, but also encounter more cumbersome requirements, which require a separate custom uiactionsheet to modify the button's properties.

IOS Uitabbarcontroller records the last selected TabIndex and returns

Uitabbarcontroller can implement multiple Uiviewcontroller independent displays, but the control of the relationships between the Uiviewcontroller is not very well controlled, especially when the most recently selected tab number is not recorded.

How to recharge the iphone mo MO members? iOS MO member Recharge method

1, in the iphone, we open the "personal"-"Member center" effect as shown below 2, then we enter into the "Member center"-"become a member" effect as shown below 3, select the type of membership you need, click to Buy, as shown below

Ios-hqsliderview Click on different button switch Tableviewcell

Effect: The code is as follows Copy Code 1. The Custom click button toggles the different Tableviewcell, the effect as shown in the picture Hqsliderview.gif

Apple iOS Modify object by pointer pointer

A more commonly used foundation method for converting an object to Jsondata:+ (Nullable NSData *) Datawithjsonobject: (ID) obj options: (nsjsonwritingoptions) opt error: (NSERROR * *) error;The error that this method passes is the pointer to the

Examples of Uipickerview use in iOS development

The system's Uipickerview is very simple, the style is also very simple monotonous, the interface feeling is very monotonous not good-looking, sometimes needs us to customize, makes oneself wants the style. First give the generic style of the

IOS determines whether a string contains spaces

Sometimes it is necessary to judge whether the password for registration, login, or forgotten password will contain spaces.I encapsulated a method on my own that could be judged by the value of the bool returned. -(BOOL) IsEmpty: (NSString *) str

iOS in ScrollView a key back to the top

As long as there are some controls in iOS that have the function properties of ScrollView, when the interface is very long and slide to the bottom, the user wants a key back to the top.We can set a button and set a click method for the button.

Solution to the problem of uitableview sliding gesture conflict on iOS plus Uiscrollview

In the UITableView inside realizes the cell the left slippery deletion function is quite simple, generally everybody will do. However, if the UITableView is added to the Uiscrollview, a series of problems will arise.The first reason is that because

Apple iOS UITableView left-sliding Delete custom Example

As we all know, UITableView's left-slip removal function is very cool, sometimes left-sliding features more than just delete one, sometimes there will be the other functions such as the top, this time we need to customize the left-slip -(nsarray*)

IOS Sina Weibo 6.12.2 released: the new information flow feature changes the gameplay of red packets

Yesterday, the latest version of Apple's iOS version Weibo was updated to V6.12.2, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch versions.This version adds the information flow function to quickly obtain rich information and video upgrades. The

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