An example of IOS computing distances based on two-point latitude and longitude

Calculate the distance method according to two point longitude and latitude: -(double) LatitudeAndLongitudeWithLon1: (double) lon1 LAT1: (double) lat1 Lon2: (double) lon2 lat2: (double) lat2{Double er = 6378137; 6378700.0f;Ave. Radius = 6371.315

An example of IOS creating Uicollectionview

1. Create a custom Uicollectionviewcell Selected works, right key-new File ... Select "Cocoa Touch Class"-next, choose to inherit from the Uicollectionviewcell class, give a reasonable name Collectionviewcell, and then complete the Next. 1

How does the iOS system (IPHONE/IPAD) connect to the wireless network?

The detailed setup steps for the iOS terminal connection to the wireless network are as follows: The first step , open the iOS terminal main interface, select and click the Settings menu, as shown in the following image:

Development of iOS several ways to make a phone call

1. This method, the call is not back to the original application, will stay in the address book, and is directly dial, not pop-up prompts Nsmutablestring *str=[[nsmutablestring alloc] initwithformat:@ "tel:%@", @ "186xxxx6979"];NSLog (@ "str======%@

An example of IOS calling system texting

One, the program outward use system text message This method is actually very simple, direct call OpenURL can: Nsurl *url = [Nsurl urlwithstring:@ "sms://15888888888"];[[UIApplication Sharedapplication]openurl:url]; Second, the program calls the

UITableViewCell sliding Delete instance in iOS

In general, we use the form of a list to display the data will use the UITableView. After mastering the data with UITableView, you may encounter the need to delete the data in the development process, we want to implement a row of data on the move,

The difference between self and self.contentview in the iOS development cell

In general, we add a child view to the cell in two ways: 1, [cell Addsubview:]2, [Cell.contentview Addsubview:] The difference is in cell editing, such as cell content to move to the left or right, the first way the child view does not move, the

UITableViewCell Adaptive height of iOS development

Sometimes when we use Tableviewcell to present our data, we receive more data than we set when we initialize it, and we need to adapt the cell height. Here's the code to return the cell height. -(CGFloat) TableView: (UITableView *) TableView

IOS Alipay PayPal Payment integrated payment success does not execute Agent method

IOS Alipay or micro-credit payment will be invoked in Appdelegate when payment is successful -(BOOL) Application: (UIApplication *) application Handleopenurl: (nsurl *) URL;-(BOOL) Application: (UIApplication *) application OpenURL: (nsurl *) URL

IOS uses afnetworking to upload single, multiple photos to the background

We said that the first way to upload pictures is to transfer the pictures to the image stream to upload; Today we are going to introduce another approach. is to use the method of afnetworking in the use of URLs to upload the way. Concrete backstage

iOS data caching problem for iOS development

In order to save traffic, but also for a better user experience, many applications now use the local caching mechanism so I looked up the relevant data from the Internet, and found that there are generally two ways. One is to write their own cache

Apple iOS Uilabel text Marquee effect

In the actual development process, we will encounter such a situation, a sentence is too long, the display is not complete, the most typical is the navigation bar to display the title text, if too long text will appear incomplete situation, with

Detailed analysis of iOS project file main.m

iOS project file main.m is actually an OC a class of. m files, why we can not see this file immediately when the file is an OC class. m file? Since 1. OC Class General first Letter capital 2.OC classes typically have. h files First, the main.m

iOS uses Uipickview to write time selection effect code

First effect chart Because Xcode in the uipickdate on four modes, there is no only the pattern of years, so when there is a need to use uipickdate feel a bit of a pit, so here to give you the Uipickview use method This is the initialization

Apple development of iOS shake a shake animation

The micro-letter shaking animation effect looks great, here is a similar shake animation effect, code example: The code is as follows Copy Code #pragma mark-Shake it.-(void) Motionbegan: (uieventsubtype) Motion withevent:

An example of an adaptive height for IOS UITableViewCell

For example, Taobao after the purchase of merchandise evaluation, evaluation of the evaluation list, each individual evaluation of the content of different, evaluation content has less, we generally use UITableView to create the interface, this time

IOS separates the elements in the array into strings

Sometimes we need to take the elements out of the array and then put them in a string and separate the elements with commas, and if we use [NSString stringwithformat:@ "%@%@", @ "", @ ","] stitching up, not to achieve the desired effect. A very

IOS uitextview loading Local HTML file example

Sometimes we do not load a Web page directly from the server, we need to load the local HTML file, the implementation of the code is as follows: -(void) Viewdidload {[Super Viewdidload];Self.view.backgroundColor = [Uicolor Whitecolor];Create a URL

iOS development UIButton to the left picture, the picture followed by the text effect

In the use of UIButton, you need to implement UIButton left picture, the picture behind the word effect is more troublesome, simple implementation of the specific code as follows: -(void) Viewdidload {[Super Viewdidload];Self.view.backgroundColor =

Usage of Uiactivityindicatorview activity indicator in IOS development

Software development often encounter half a day before loading out the data, whether the program write rotten, or the original speed is relatively slow, the general will give a hint to let users feel that we are trying to load data, iOS can achieve

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