Several examples of gesture operation sharing _ios in IOS development

Gesture Operation---Recognition click or double-clickThe problem with recognizing both the click Gesture and the double-click gesture on the view is that when a click is detected, it is not certain that it is indeed a click or just the first click

The basic method of using Nsoperation class in IOS multi-threaded application development _ios

Introduction of Nsoperation 1. Simple description Nsoperation for ⽤: Multithreading can also be achieved with nsoperation and Nsoperationqueue Nsoperation and Nsoperationqueue to implement multithreading specific steps: (1) Encapsulate the

Viewcontroller page jump and Popup modal _ios in IOS development

Viewcontroller page JumpWhen you jump from one controller to another controller, you typically have the following 2 kinds:1, the use of Uinavigationcontroller, call Pushviewcontroller, to jump, this use of pressure stacks and out of the stack of the

In-depth explanation of Uiviewcontroller_ios in IOS development

Uiviewcontroller as the name suggests: View Controller. You should play the role of the control layer in the MVC design pattern. Some beginners at the beginning of the time did not understand why there is a uiview to uiviewcontroller what to do, not

The most basic location function implementation example in IOS development _ios

Location acquisition position and position coding-anti-codingOur application can get the map location of the device by adding the classes contained in the core location framework.Add the Corelocation.framework frame and import the #import.Using the

How to use two-dimensional code on Iphon IOS devices _ios

Here to introduce the next two-dimensional code introduction The two-dimensional code (2-dimensional bar code) is a Black-and-white graphic recording data symbol information which is distributed in a plane (two-dimensional direction) by a certain

Definition and analysis of flow state in iOS _c language

1:iostate rdstate () const; The return is iostate, which is simply an int value. Set to 1 in a position of 2 data to indicate a state 2: Thedefinition of failbit is as follows, when the second digit of binary data is 1, the data is indicated.

4 ways to get a list of IOS _ios

This example for you to share the iOS access to the Address Book 4 ways for Everyone to refer to, the specific content as follows Working with scenes Some apps use phone numbers to recommend friends, such as Weibo, Alipay First, the client will

IOS Xcode shortcut keys Daquan _ios

There are a number of shortcuts in Xcode that make your programming work more efficient, and are extremely effective for fast navigation, locating bugs, and adding new application features to code files. Of course, the purpose of your poking into

Two ways to detect network state in IOS _ios

Generally there are two ways, are the third party frame, the wheel, you can use the first, the back to optimize. One: reachability 1. First add the header file "Reachability.h" to the AppDelegate.h, and import the frame systemconfiguration.frame.

Analysis of cocos2d-x memory management related operations in IOS development _ios

One, iOS with picture memoryOn iOS, the picture is automatically scaled to the N-second size of 2. For example, a picture of 1024*1025, the memory occupied with a picture of 1024*2048 is consistent. The formula for calculating the memory size of a

Three ways to summarize the gradual color of IOS _ios

In the iOS development process sometimes need to use the gradient color, this article summed up three ways to achieve, the need for friends to take a look below. One, cagradientlayer to achieve the gradient Cagradientlayer is a special subclass of

Ways to detect whether IOS devices are escaping _ios

In the application development process, we want to know whether the device escapes, what permissions are running the program, to take some defensive and security hints. First, you can try using Nsfilemanager to determine if the device is installed

A detailed approach to implementing a rich text editor in IOS _ios

Objective Rich Text Editor is different from the text editor, the domestic do relatively good such as Baidu's Ueditor and Kindeditor. But these two also have its disadvantage: the interface is too complex, not concise, UI design is also relatively

12 IOS technical face questions and answers summary _ios


Objective With the continuous development and innovation of mobile internet technology, the interview is a time-consuming project for both the company and the developer or the designer, and it is filtered and summarized in the face of the problems

Modular development Solution in IOS (pure dry Goods) _ios


About the iOS modular development solution Online also has some introduction, but the actual implementation in the concrete instance but rarely see, plan to write system articles to introduce my understanding of the modular solution, which will

A brief analysis on the communication and thread safety between threads in IOS application development _ios

Communication between threadsSimple descriptionInter-thread communication: In 1 processes, threads are often not isolated, and multiple threads need to communicate frequentlyThe embodiment of communication between threads1 Threads passing data to

ARM assembly Reverse IOS Combat _ios

Let's start with some basic knowledge of arm assembly. (We take ARMV7 as an example, the latest iphone5s on the 64-bit is not discussed) Basic Knowledge Section: First you introduce registers: R0-R3: For the transfer of function parameters and

The basic implementation of uploading and downloading of files in IOS development _ios

Upload of files Note: File uploads are used when post requests, usually to upload data stored in the request body. This article describes how to implement the file upload in iOS development without the help of a third party framework. Because of

Explain how to use the Uipickerview control in IOS development _ios

The Uipickerview control is often used when selecting certain data for the user, which shows a simple selection of data, displayed in the Uitextfield input box, uipickerview as Input view, and toolbar as the selected Data button. Similar to other

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