A summary of basic methods for accessing and managing file directories in IOS development _ios

Access to file directories Simplest: (Because of the sandbox relationship, no folder concept) Copy Code code as follows: uiimage* image = [UIImage imagenamed:@ "11.png"]; This is already a packaged path relative to the app and

Basic tutorial on dynamic and static cells in UI production developed by IOS _ios

Use of static cellsOne, the realization effect and the explanation Note: Observe the above display effect, you can find that the entire interface is displayed by a tableview, the above data are fixed, and almost will not change. There are

Basic operation and usage of Nsurl in IOS development _ios

Nsurl is actually the website address that we see in the browser, this is not a string, why also write a nsurl, mainly because the website address of the string is more complex, including a lot of request parameters, so in the request process needs

Basic usage guidelines for using SQL statements to manipulate databases in IOS development _ios

Examples of SQL code applications One, the use of code to bulk Add (import) data into the database 1. Execute SQL statement to add a piece of information to the database An SQL statement that inserts a single piece of data: After clicking

Explain how to create a controller in IOS UI development _ios

The creation of the controllerDescription: The controller has three ways to create, described below. One, the first way to create (using code to create directly) 1. Create an empty iOS project. 2. Add a controller class for your project. 3.

Examples of the basic use of quartz2d in IOS development _ios

First, draw a straight line Code: Copy Code code as follows: // yylineview.m 03-Draw a straight line // Created by Apple on 14-6-9. Copyright (c) 2014 itcase. All rights reserved. // #import "YYlineview.h" @implementation

Three ways to use multithreaded and multi-threaded implementations in IOS _ios

Multithreading is a relatively lightweight way to implement multiple code execution paths within a single application. At the system level, programs are executed side-by-day, and the program's execution time is determined based on the time required

3 ways to implement IOS multithreaded programming _ios


Objective In the multithreaded introduction, I've already explained that in order to improve the smoothness of the interface and the user experience. It is important that you do not block the main thread by putting time-consuming operations into

IOS imitation Alipay Sesame Credit score instrument panel animation effect _ios

First look at the effect chart: Dashboard animation effects. jpg 1. Rotation of green dots on the ring 2. The variation of the number of points and the prompt language 3. Changes in background color Directly on the main code: 1. Custom

The realization of the effect of IOS hair glass and three methods of image blur effect _ios

App design often uses some fuzzy effects or a glass effect, and iOS has now provided some fuzzy APIs that we can use for convenience. In the words of Apple after iOS7.0, many system interfaces have used the effect of the hair glass, increased the

IOS changes the height of the search box in Uisearchbar _ios

I. The searchbar of the system1. Neutron control and its layout of UisearchbarUIView (direct child control) frame equals Searchbar bounds,view child control and its layout Uisearchbarbackground (Indirect child control) frame equals searchbar

IOS to achieve a simple progress bar function _ios

This article has drawn a cool download progress bar, share for everyone to reference, the specific content as follows First, the realization of ideas1. To implement a drawing, it is often necessary to customize a UIView subclass, overriding the

IOS Implementation Verification Code countdown function (i) _ios

The Verification Code Countdown button application is very common, the blog and you together to write a idcountdownbutton to achieve the verification code countdown effect. You can want to use the ordinary UIButton type button, just need to set its

A simple way to use lazy loading and xib in UI development for IOS applications _ios

Lazy load 1. Lazy Load Basic Lazy Loading--also known as deferred loading--is loaded when it is needed (inefficient, small memory footprint). The so-called lazy load, write is its get method. Note: If it is lazy to load the words must be careful

Methods for using Nsurlconnection classes to handle network requests in IOS development _ios

Nsurlconnection as an abstraction above the Core foundation/cfnetwork framework API, in 2003, as the first edition of Safari was released. Nsurlconnection this name, in effect, refers to the Foundation frame URL loading system in a series of

Examples to analyze the usage of nsthread classes in the multi-threaded development of IOS applications _ios

First, the initialization of Nsthread1. Dynamic method Copy Code code as follows: -(ID) Initwithtarget: (ID) Target selector: (SEL) Selector object: (ID) argument; Initializing threads Nsthread *thread = [[Nsthread alloc]

Using Cocoaasyncsocket _ios in IOS

Socket Now in IOS applications to the Socket slowly up, on an instant messaging, many applications have integration, that instant messaging function is generally certainly based on the socket, socket this topic I have been talking about less, one

The things that IOS pushed _ios

Go straight to the topic and talk about how to simulate push and handle push messages. Before going into the topic, let me say a few key processes:1, Build push SSL Certification (push certificate)2. OS Client register push function and get

Add tutorials for navigation bar button Uibarbuttonitem in IOS application development _ios

1. How to use the Uinavigationcontroller navigation controllerUinavigationcontroller can be translated as a navigation controller, often used in iOS.Let's see how it's used:The following figure shows the flow of the navigation controller. The

How to load Web pages, files, and HTML using UIWebView in IOS _ios

UIWebView is a box used to load data from a Web page. UIWebView can be used to load PDF Word doc and so on files There are two ways to generate WebView: 1, through the storyboard drag 2, initialized by Alloc init. Create WebView,

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