iOS version WPS Office 1.1.3 release support laser pen and SkyDrive

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May 9, iOS version of WPS Office 1.1.3 officially shelves. This update continues to improve the playback effect of the demo document, as well as the new support for the network disk.

Surprisingly, the 1.1.3 version is more granular in document playback, such as Speaker view mode, video playback, and laser pen capabilities. In addition to the new ipad vertical screen playback support, a total of nearly 10 new and improved features, please see the following important update content.

ipad vertical screen Playback document effect

New Support Laser pen annotation

The update also features a laser pen that makes it easier for speakers to capture the user's perspective on a tablet computer. You can use a laser pen to do any annotation.

In the shared playback mode, the speaker can slide on the screen with his or her fingers, and the traces will disappear in a few seconds. Let the speaker better impart his intention to the audience.

Red marks for laser pen effect

New Support SkyDrive

With the advent of the mobile office, the network is not only able to connect computers and mobile devices, but more users bring a new experience across all devices to process documents.

IOS version WPS Office continues the openness of the Android version of WPS Office, and has fully supported the global mainstream network and WebDAV protocols including Jinshan Fast, Google Drive and Dropbox, and box. This new support for the SkyDrive. Users can view and play the document through WPS Office with only a good account number configured.

Speaker View Mode

Starting with the previous release, iOS version WPS Office has started supporting the display of document notes. In document playback mode, the Notes window appears when you slide from right to left at the top of the screen. Starting with version 1.1.3, the iOS version of WPS Office will bring the Speaker view mode. In speaker view, the Notes window will be hidden and only be seen by the speaker. Dual-screen playback mode helps the user to play the speech perfectly.

The action method plays a demo document for sharing, and the speaker view is visible next to shared information, as shown in the following image. As the first value-added service of iOS version WPS Office, users need to pay ¥ 12.00 yuan to use.

WPS Office is the introduction of the Kingsoft Office software, running on the Windows/android/ios/linux platform of the full function of Office software. Support to view, create and edit a variety of common Office documents, so that users can achieve Office applications on a variety of devices, to meet the needs of users anytime and anywhere office.

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