tutorial on the use of Uiviewcontroller classes in IOS app development _ios

One, Introduction as the C,controller in the MVC design pattern has been the most important role in project development, it is a bridge between view and data, through its management, the data methodically displayed on our view layer.

Implementation of responsibility chain (liability chain) model in development of IOS application design pattern _ios

Definedto avoid coupling the sender of the request with the receiver, make it possible for multiple objects to receive requests, connect these objects to a chain, and pass the request along this chain until the object handles it, the responsibility

Application of State mode in the development of IOS app design model _ios

1. Overview In the software development process, the application may make different processing depending on the situation. The most straightforward solution is to take all of these possible scenarios into account. Then use the If ... ellse

An in-depth analysis of the adorner pattern in the design pattern and its implementation in IOS application development _ios

The adorner pattern adds behavior and responsibility to an object flexibly without modifying the code. When you want to modify the behavior of a class that is contained by another class, it can replace the subclass method. First, the basic

An example of developing an strategy strategy pattern in IOS application design mode _ios

When writing a program, we often run into scenarios where we plug a bunch of algorithms into the same piece of code and then use IF-ELSE or switch-case conditional statements to determine which algorithm to use. These algorithms may be a bunch of

Detailed description of the image line in the IOS app tagging method _ios

Next we want to tell the picture of graffiti, we separate 1.1 point expansion, first to the picture underlinedCreate a project name Testaddline Next we add a picture to the default generated ViewcontrollerAdd a button at the same time

Application of the model of simple factory and factory method in the development of IOS applied Design Model _ios

Simple Factory modejust like the name of the pattern, the simple factory pattern is basically the simplest of all design patterns, and the relationship between classes and classes is straightforward. This time I will use the example of a lot of

A variety of animation, page cut effect _ios commonly used in IOS development

Today the main use of the animation class is calayer under the catransition as for the various animation class how to inherit in this also do not repeat, online information is a catch a lot. Good nonsense less to cut to the point of today.  I.

IOS Development Touch Events and gestures _ios

Events in iOS fall into three categories: touch events, accelerometer events, and remote control events. Only objects that inherit Uiresponder can receive and process events, called Responder objects. UIApplication, Uiviewcontroller and UIView all

Explain the Iboutlet and Ibaction_ios when using storyboard layout for IOS applications

In the graphical interface programming, the first problem to solve is how to associate the static interface with the code, or how the code and the object on the interface Communication, how the code operates on an object on the interface. On the

Alipay Payment Development IOS Graphics tutorial case _ios

Preface: Since the last "micro-letter payment to develop the iOS graphics tutorial case," has not been much time to update the summary of the detailed payment of such a lengthy, I am sorry. Today, a detailed flow of Alipay payment is introduced. 1

Micro-credit Payment development IOS Graphics tutorial case _ios

Foreword: The following introduces the details of the development process of micro-letter payment, illustrated, you can follow my essay process through the code. The package one also learned the micro-credit to pay. And payment is also the content

Application of Interpreter interpreter model in the development of IOS app design mode _ios

Interpreter mode The pattern we share with you today is the interpreter pattern. First, explain what kind of problem the interpreter model is suitable to solve. In fact, the problem with the interpreter pattern is that if a particular type of

Deep analysis of the management and use of image caching in IOS applications _ios

Our IOS apps contain a lot of images. Creating attractive views relies heavily on a large number of decorative images, all of which must first be obtained from a remote server. If each open application to get each image from the server again and

The IOS UI Learning tutorial distinguishes between NSBundle and Nsurl (reading files, writing files) _ios

The example of this article distinguishes NSBundle and Nsurl, and realizes the following contents In the project to add a file, this routine is added to the Aa.txt, the contents of the file for Baidu: Www.baidu.com, now to use NSBundle and Nsurl

IOS UI Learning Tutorial Settings Uitextfield various properties _ios

Uitextfield is a very common control used in iOS to receive user input and complete application and user interaction. Its primary properties are set as follows: Initialize the TextField and set the position and size uitextfield *text =

The IOS UI Learning Tutorial uses Uiimageview controls to make animations _ios

This example for you to share the iOS using Uiimageview control animation method for your reference, the specific content as follows Add 40 tomcat pictures to the list of resources: The name is cat_eat0000.jpg to Cat_eat0039.jpg.1, define the

Analysis of Layer-layer animation in IOS coreanimation development Framework _ios

Introduction of Caanimation Animation system Caanimation is the base class for animation objects in the Coreanimation frame, and here's a picture that I hand-painted, not very nice, but it can be clearly expressed in relation to several animation

A method of acquiring device information via Uidevice class in IOS app development _ios

Uidevice provides a wide range of properties, class functions, and status notifications to help us understand the status of the equipment. From detecting battery power to locating devices and proximity sensors, Uidevice's job is to provide some

A summary of how iphone sensors are invoked in IOS app _ios

Use of the Coremotion framework Coremotion Framework is very powerful, it not only the acceleration sensor and spiral sensor for the unified configuration and management, but also for us to encapsulate a number of algorithms, we can directly obtain

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