IOS Development's motion events and remote control _ios

Before we've learned about touch processing and gesture recognition, in fact these two touch events that are part of the iOS event, today we're going to learn two other things about the iOS event: I. Sports EVENTSMotion events, which are triggered

Summary of common attributes of Uitextfield components in IOS app development _ios

Key attributes After you use the IB in Xcode to drag a text box to the view, select the text box to set its various properties in the attribute Inspector. Attribute Inspector is divided into three parts, namely Text Field, Control and View section.

Example to explain the Uipageviewcontroller paging view controller in IOS _ios

First, the introduction Uipageviewcontroller is one of the rare animated view controllers in iOS that allows you to create a scrolling view that is similar to Uiscrollview and Uipagecontrol, or to create a cool page view that resembles a book

A summary of the basic data management functions of the core information framework in IOS app development _ios

First, what is CoreDataCoreData is a framework for managing data that has great advantages in both performance and writing, and in database management, Apple strongly recommends that developers use the CoreData framework, said in Apple's official

Summary of HTTP request and request receipt Class usage for IOS _ios

Request Class NsurlrequestSummary of common methods and properties in the Nsurlrequest class: To create a default request object from a class method/*The request object created in this manner defaults to the Nsurlrequestuseprotocolcachepolicy cache

Example explains the catransition transitions animation using _ios in IOS

First, IntroductionCatransition is a subclass of caanimation that is used to animate transitionsThe ability to provide a layer with an animated effect of moving out of the screen and moving it into the screen. iOS has less effect than Mac OS x

A summary of Uipagecontrol paging controls used in IOS app development _ios

Pagination control is a visible indicator to replace the navigation bar, easy to direct the page, the most typical application is the iphone's main screen, when the number of icons will automatically increase the page, at the bottom of the screen

Summary of UISlider Slider assembly usage in IOS _ios

The slider on the PC is very ugly, because we can only drag him through the mouse. But when jobs transplanted it to iOS it became cool because we could drag it through our fingers, and that was a good feeling.The slider provides a visible way for

Explain the component usage in IOS applications that play local video and select local audio _ios

Mpmovieplayercontrolle play local video Mpmovieplayercontrolle is a bit like Avaudioplayer, which plays video, which plays audio, but there are a lot of differences, MPMoviePlayerController can be initialized directly via a remote URL, And

Solution for layer animation flicker in IOS coreanimation _ios

An example of a core animation layer animation on the web is to move the cloud in view from left to right until it is moved out of the screen, then move the cloud to the left and then repeat the motion. All animations are done on the layer, but

A summary of Uitextview text input cursor usage techniques in IOS _ios

1. Create and initialize @property (nonatomic, strong) Uitextview *textview; Create Self.textview = [[Uitextview alloc] initWithFrame:self.view.frame]; Set TextView inside the font color self.textView.textColor = [Uicolor blackcolor];

Explain the basic usage of Uitabbarcontroller components in IOS app _ios

Uitabbarcontroller This controller is definitely a common control for project schemas.We have a rough look at the effect of the control and we know why he is common. This is the simplest form of a prototype, presumably now basic 70% of the

Summary of common HTTP operations for afnetworking libraries in IOS application development _ios

Get readyfirst, you need to include the afnetworking framework in the project. If you haven't afnetworking, download the latest version here:Https:// you extract the downloaded files, you will see that there

Use of Asyncsocket Library to handle socket communication in IOS applications _ios

With the socket can be implemented like QQ to send instant messaging functions. The client and the server need to establish a long connection, and in the case of a long connection, send the message. The client can send a heartbeat packet to detect

About the solution for the IOS navigation bar return button problem _ios

Recently encountered a question about the return button on the navigation bar, because the previous project is used in the system default return button style so did not want to go to change, then it is necessary to return the button arrow next to

The initial use of Nstimer timer in IOS _ios

Create a timer (Nstimer) -(void) viewdidload { [super viewdidload]; [Nstimer scheduledtimerwithtimeinterval:1 target:self selector: @selector (actiontimer:) Userinfo:nil Repeats:yes]; -(void) Actiontimer: (Nstimer *) timer { }

Cisco 6506 Switch Upgrades iOS process

Cisco6506 Switch upgrades iOS detail process Cisco6506 Upgrade iOS Operating manual Key Words: L The whole process can not reboot the device, can not lose power L System configuration files are not affected 1. Check Equipment System files

iOS device access WiFi and 3G network security analysis

1. WiFi access 1.1 Wireless Peer-to-peer Privacy WEP (Wired equivalent Privacy) WEP uses RC4 symmetric encryption at the link layer, and the user's encryption key must be the same as the AP's key to gain access to the network's resources, thereby

Cellular data and Wi-Fi connection can be run at the same time in the official version of iOS 7

The official version of IOS 7 has a new feature that is not found in a beta version: A cellular connection, Wi-Fi connection, and Bluetooth connection can be run at the same time. It is technically called "Multiplexing TCP" (Multipath TCP).

Use the keychain feature to save the unique identifier of the device ., Keychain ID

Use the keychain feature to save the unique identifier of the device ., Keychain ID Because the data stored in the IOS system is in the sandBox, the sandBox will no longer exist once the App is deleted. Fortunately, one exception is the keychain

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