IOS gets the current Apple device model (true machine test is valid, the simulator only outputs display simulator)

IOS get current Apple device model code: -(nsstring*) Dodeviceplatform{size_t size;int NR = Sysctlbyname ("Hw.machine", NULL, &size, null,0);Char*machine = (char*) malloc (size);NR = Sysctlbyname ("Hw.machine", Machine, &size,null, 0);NSString

IOS packaged test Release environment configuration-Previous article __ios

Requirement Typing The development of iOS project, sometimes due to the needs of the project, often have a test environment, release environment, enterprise environment, such as configuration of different environments.This in the code there will be

Mac_xcode compile iOS Static library

Compile and use the. A static library of iOS under Xcode The whole process is similar to vs compiler lib Static library new Static library project File-> New-> Project, select Static Library template The project is named Staticlib The library hasn'

The use of iOS Layoutsubview

Reproduced from: From Baidu search for the use of layoutsubviews, the following is the result of the search, of course, the author will be verified. 1. Init initialization does not trigger

The use and proxy of ios-network-uiwebview

One. Basic use VIEWCONTROLLER.M//12-Master-uiwebview's basic use///Created by Xiaomage on 16/2/26. copyright©2016 years Small code brother. All rights reserved. #import "ViewController.h" @interface Viewcontroller () @property (weak, nonatomic)

iOS development screen adaptation, how the pure code is implemented?

"iOS Development" multi-screen ruler automatic fitting AutoLayout (Pure code way)(2014-09-19 09:35:47) reprint Tags: autolayout iOS development xcode UI Category: Xcode/ios/macos With regard to AutoLayout, it was first

UI adaptation for iOS development ~iphone6 and iphone6p

Summary So far, the iphone screen size has been four kinds: 3.5 (Inch): 1/3g/3gs/4/4s 4.0 (inch): 5/5s/5c 4.7 (Inch): 6 5.5 (Inch): 6Plus Take a look at the iphone4~6 (+) screen aspect ratio: IPhone4 (s): Resolution 960*640, Aspect ratio 1.5IPhone5

IOS Keychain (keychain) Simple encapsulation

1, keychain is a very useful local storage tool can completely replace nsuserdefault to use and more secure than Nsuserdefault. 2, Keychain relative to nsuserdefault the main point is that Nsuserdefault can only access the project Keychain said that

The correct way to remove cookies in IOS

Requirements: Delete QQ login cookies to ensure that the next time you open the QQ login page will not default login implementation: NSString *url = @ "Https://|app_push|enter|ios&ad=false &f=

Rookie beginner iOS, tidy up the way to get iOS various sandbox paths __ios

In the beginning of iOS programming, there are many do not understand and do not understand the place, in the spirit of sharing, will learn to use some of the things written out, if there is not the right place, I hope everyone correct. This is a

iOS Remove All Cookies

First, delete all cookies three words to fix: Nshttpcookie *cookie; Nshttpcookiestorage *storage = [Nshttpcookiestorage sharedhttpcookiestorage]; for (cookie in [storage cookies]) { [storage Deletecookie:cookie]; }

How to use lazy load in iOS development-ui

1. Lazy Load Basic Lazy Loading--also known as deferred loading--is loaded when it is needed (inefficient, small memory footprint). The so-called lazy load, write is its getter method. The popular point is that in the development, when the program

iOS development-error:cannot assign to ' self ' outside of a method in the Init family

When we rewrite the Init method of the parent class, we do not notice that the first letter after Init is written in lowercase, and in this method it calls the initialization method of the parent class (self = [super init];) and the error message

iOS development-get rid of Tabbar top line

With the system Tabbar, if the whole tabbar is a regular rectangle, it is not easy to see the upper is a line, but irregular words, there will be a black line across there, very affect the interface beautiful, like this:Located in Tabbar, and the

Baidu Push (IOS)

1. First generate the Certificatesigningrequest file. Click on Keychain Access--> request a certificate from a certification authority--> fill in the user email address--> common name--> Click Storage--> continue--> last click Save. On the desktop

iOS development about TableView loading pictures when the card appears immediately solution

Novice do the development of the general will encounter the use of TableView from the internet to load pictures and display graphics and text when there will be cotton phenomenon, and this cotton phenomenon is due to a variety of reasons. Generally

Do not install virtual machines release iOS app to app Store under Windows

Implement iOS app to app Store on Windows, Linux---- Share a shelves of assistive tools Appuploader that can be implemented on Windows,linux or Mac without the need for application loaders and Mac computers to release apps to the App Store.

iOS Development-Tools: Cocoapods Use detailed instructions

I. Overview During iOS development, many Third-party libraries are referenced in the project, and Cocoapods ( can be used to facilitate the unified management of these third-party libraries. Second, the

Optimization techniques for IOS---uitableview

In iOS development, UITableView is the most commonly used complex control. It is not difficult to use, but it is not easy to use it well. Need to consider the background data design, Tableviewcell design and optimization, as well as tableview

iOS version big turntable

iOS version big turntable Using the Cabasicanimation animation with iOS to achieve a simple, core code : Rotating animation Cabasicanimation *anim = [cabasicanimation animationwithkeypath:@ "transform.rotation"]; Start position

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