IOS project structure directory reference diagram

For iOS project development, a clear, reasonable, easy to maintain project structure directory for the development of multiple people collaboration is also a very important thing (note: Be sure to make Xcode's engineering directory and the actual

Xcode the IOS Project: Introduction to the project documentation (the role of each document in the project) __ios

Transfer from: top iOS Development UI article-common project documentation Introduction I. Schematic diagram of project document structure Second, File introduction 1.products folder: Mainly for

Standard specification for iOS design dimensions

Models Size Resolution Logical resolution Ppi Status bar Height Navigation Bar Height Label Bar Height App Store icon Icon of the main screen Set icon Spotligh Notice icon Toolbars and navigation

IOS Click on the notification bar message to jump to the specified page

This is divided into 3 different cases. 1. When the app is off, click on the notification bar message to jump to the specified page 2. When the app is running in the background, click on the notification bar message to jump to the specified page 3.

IOS-Hardware configuration related-get WiFi SSID (draft)

-(ID) fetchssidinfo { NSString *currentssid = @ ""; Cfarrayref myarray = Cncopysupportedinterfaces (); if (myarray!= nil) { nsdictionary* mydict = (__bridge nsdictionary *) Cncopycurrentnetworkinfo ( Cfarraygetvalueatindex

Can iOS development get the signal strength of a connected WiFi?

RT, whether the return is a number of variables, or only a few states are OK, as long as you can detect the current connection of the WiFi intensity of the signal. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

iOS developer, are you ready to jump to a new job?

Preface I believe many people are saying that the iOS industry is not good, iOS is now getting more and more difficult, the unemployed people than the job search for more. Unemployment is the equivalent of a career change, which is tantamount to

IOS (i) UI AppIcon and Brandasset (launchimage)

first, let 's start by creating the simplest program After clicking, select Single View application, then click Next Enter project name and continue to point next Select the place to create the project, click Create One of the simplest

What do you know about the 66 knowledge points that an iOS developer has to master?

1. Non-variable group converted to variable array Declaring an array of instance variables must remember to implement the If you still need to find the object after traversing the array, remember to end the search (return/break) nsarray * arr = @[@

iOS multi-task breakpoint Download afnetworking

#import "DownLoadCell.h" @implementation Downloadcell -(Instancetype) Initwithstyle: (Uitableviewcellstyle) style Reuseidentifier: (NSString *) reuseidentifier{ Self = [Superinitwithstyle:style reuseidentifier:reuseidentifier]; if (self) { _button =

ios-Regular expression of __ regular expressions

There are three ways to implement regular expression matching in iOS. Now record them all here:1. Using nspredicate (predicate) matchingFor example, to match a valid mailbox: NSString *email = @ ""; nsstring *regex = @ "[a-z0-9a-z.

Get the height and width of the text in iOS

In many cases, we need to know the width and height of a piece of text to better write the interface. The method in iOS is actually very simple, write a simple method as follows: cgsize calculatetextsize (uifont font, nsstring text) { cgsize

IOS Gets the height and width of the text __ios

+ (CGFloat) heightforcontent: (Mymsgtextmodel *) content withwidth: (cgfloat) width {cgsize contentsize; if (System_version_greater_than_or_equal_to (@ "7.0")) {Nsmutableparagraphstyle *paragraphstyle = [[NSMutableParagr Aphstyle Alloc]init];

Development experience Summary of iOS memo

Reprint from: Click to open the link Summary of knowledge points often used or infrequently used in iOS development, collection and accumulation of several years (trampled pits). i. IPhone Size Mobile phone Model Screen Size

The iOS login interface switches to the registration interface and returns the UI design (easy to)

function RealizationEnter the registration interface from the login interface to return to the login interface from the registration interface function Realization Idea Search on the internet found that you are using navigation, but the individual

IOS byte intercept socket parsing

* Detail Learning-intercepting socket data parsing for IOS byte arrays * I recently made a socket long connection. Meet some problems, I hope to give you some information about the brick friends First question to meet:The returned socket data has

IOS byte-byte arrays related operations

1 intercept byte[] Part of the data, starting from begin, length is count -(void) Bytesplit2byte: (byte[]) src orc: (byte[]) ORC begin: (Nsinteger) Begin count: (Nsinteger) count{ memset (orc, 0, sizeof (char) *count); for (Nsinteger i = begin; I

iOS Development App version update, reminding

/** * Detecting the parameters to be used for version upgrade * * Ifeverappid = @ "1076057848"; AppId; Invoke method to detect version update [selfcheckversion]; * * Detect whether the software needs to be upgraded */ -(void) checkversion { Get the

How does an iOS project implement a version update?

Everyone at the end of the project development, we must encounter a problem is: How to keep a project version of the update function to the user login software hou, if there is a new version, can have relevant prompts to update. First of all, when I

IOS app Frame Check Update avoid audit rejected __ios

I. Preface 1. The first time to write a blog, you can say that the summary of online resources, the similarities are more magnanimous. 2. The official review of app shelves in March 15 does not allow you to be prompted to update the words for

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