The KVO mechanism of IOS __ios

the KVO mechanism of IOS Overview Key-value Observing (abbreviated KVO): Allows the object to receive notification mechanisms when the properties of the specified object have been modified. Each time a specified object's properties are modified,

iOS Development--solving uicollectionview cell spacing and setting mismatch issues

When displaying data with Uicollectionview, we sometimes want to tune the cell spacing to a value that we want, and then check the API to see that there is a property: -(CGFloat) minimuminteritemspacing {return 0; } However, in many cases we

IOS Rollup __ios

class library list: Dznemptydataset (UI, empty table View graph operator) Pdtsimplecalendar (ui,drop-in calendar component) Magicalrecord (core Data assistant implementing active record Mode) Chameleon (UI, Color frame) Alamofire (Swift Network)

iOS reads large files on one line

DDFileReader.h @interface Ddfilereader:nsobject {NSString * filePath; Nsfilehandle * FILEHANDLE; unsigned long long currentoffset; unsigned long long totalfilelength; NSString * Linedelimiter; Nsuinteger chunksize; } @property

IOS Application remote Testing

When a developer completes an application and needs a lot of testing, the developer may not have a full version of the mobile phone, this time will need friends around to help test, the following describes the installation method of the program.

IOS WebView and Wkwebview are slow to compute and speed up loading.

We develop the details page, sometimes we need to calculate the height of webview or Wkwebview, then calculate the height of ScrollView and put WebView on ScrollView. But the calculation of the webview height of the process is time-consuming,

__typeof and TypeOf in iOS

SDK Development to introduce afnetworking so many files is not appropriate, so these days in the streamlining afnetworking, and sharing GitHub, Https:// Look at the AFN source of the afurlconnectionoperation.m file

IOS control TableView Drop-down Refresh, load data __ios

First, click on this link to download the resource file, will EGORefreshTableHeaderView.h, egorefreshtableheaderview.m two files, and Enormego provided by the package of pictures dragged into your project. Second, find your uitableviewcontroller. h

Reuse mechanism of iOS development table

template for this method -(UITableViewCell *) TableView: (UITableView *) TableView Cellforrowatindexpath: (Nsindexpath *) Indexpath { //cell identifier // later table may have different styles of cell, distinguishing the style of the cell

IOS 10 upgrade does not have a true machine test could not find Developer Disk Image

After IOS upgrades to 10, you will find that you are unable to perform a true machine test. I also encountered this in the iOS 8.4, 9.3 update. The reason is that the iOS 10 SDK is missing from Xcode's devicesupport. So you can choose to update the

IOS Adaptation Method-annotated article __ios

for automatic layout and automatic adaptation of annotations, UI matching Automatic layout auto Layout:auto Layout guide:introduction, if designers understand HTML and CSS will be easy to understand some, I also just understand the fur of HTML,

iOS settings [Self.navigationitem Settitleview:view]

Custom Navigationbar Functional requirements in the Navigationbar to add a search box, and its position to put forward a request, the system Titleview can not be satisfied, so consult the data, rewrite the TitleviewTitleView.h file, overriding

IOS Common Data Conversion __ios

SData converted into uiimage Nsdata*imagedata =[nsdata Datawithcontentsoffile:imagepath]; UIImage *aimage =[uiimage Imagewithdata:imagedata]; converting from UIImage to NSData type The SDK provides a way to directly invoke the   

[IOS APP] Time is a love flower __ios hand in front of Buddha

This app includes "The years are the Buddha before the hand of a flower." Homeward Bound, the first half of my life to walk the road, from life to death, in addition to love, I do not know what the meaning of life. I am a moth to fire, into the

iOS system replacement phone ringtones, Apple 8 phone How to customize the ringtone?

How to replace iOS ringtones. Want to change the ringtone, do not want to under other app. What if you can't find a ringtone in the database after downloading the latest itunes from the website? The online method is not available. Today we will

IOS Baidu Translation API interface implementation effect

Yesterday received several new tasks, the first one is to implement the text translation function. Search data from the Internet to find commonly used there are Baidu translation, Youdao translation, Google translation. All three are in contrast: 1.

iOS TableView with a request to refresh the data piece.

divide the viewwillappear and viewdidload, and viewdidload These methods, pay attention to the good order Otherwise, you want to wait for the TableView to refresh the data at the request, but the first request to refresh the data, and then

Crash Analysis tools for iOS

Recently engaged in the analysis of iOS crash log, summed up: The iphone development is going to be a non-stop version, followed by various versions of the crash log. If not properly managed, developers will soon be lost in the crash log and

IOS Jsonmodel Use detailed __c language

Jsonmodel is a library that can intelligently and quickly create data model that you can use on your IOS project or OS X project.How to use Jsonmodel1* create a class of your own and inherit to Jsonmodel2. Declare the JSON key value you need in your

Use the zxing Library [iOS-barcode] in IOS

Preface Zxing (GitHub image address) is an open source library for generating and scanning bar codes (the Open Source protocol is apache2.0 ). It not only supports a large number of bar code formats, but also provides implementation versions in a

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