WebRTC for iOS

A recent study on how WebRTC speech runs on iOS found that the voice_engine of WebRTC has implemented iOS-related classes, but encountered a series of problems in specific applications. After several days of hard work, finally, we solved a series of

Use it directly! The most popular open-source IOS Project

Abstract:Every change in IOS will always lead to the evolution of IOS open-source projects, from IOS 1. from X to iOS 7 today, some projects have been abandoned, some continue to develop, and new projects are emerging one after another. In this

Synchronous requests, asynchronous requests, GET requests, and post requests for iOS

1. synchronous requests can request data from the Internet. Once a synchronous request is sent,ProgramUser interaction stops until the server returns data,2. asynchronous requests do not block the main thread, but create a new thread to operate.

IOS scans WiFi hotspots

As for how IOS scans for WiFi hotspots, you may find it on the Internet. After reading it, it is estimated that you will crash. Because all the articles actually come from one place, there is no new idea in the transfer. In many cases, the problem

"IOS push notification": from creation to setup to running

Abstract:This is a compiled article (because I rarely write purely translated articles myself). The content and dairy products are all from the iOS development tutorial of parse.com. At the same time, the author also provides video explanations,

The arm structure that IOS developers should know

When I wrote "getting started with the neon iPhone", I thought that the reader had a better understanding of the processor knowledge of iOS devices. However, after reading some discussions on the internet, I found that the original knowledge is not

Error generated by presentmodalviewcontroller in IOS.

When debugging the code, a controller is displayed in the model mode. The Code is as follows: Systemstyleviewcontroller * s = [[systemstyleviewcontrollerAlloc] init]; Uinavigationcontroller * nav = [uinavigationcontrollerAlloc]

IOS network programming (HTTP synchronous GET request, synchronous POST request, asynchronous GET request, asynchronous POST request)

 The following describes some basic concepts: Synchronous requests, asynchronous requests, GET requests, and post requests. 1. synchronous requests request data from the Internet. Once a synchronous request is sent, the program stops user

Facebook SDK (IOS) Beginners

The Facebook SDK has been upgraded to 3.1.1. Recently, the latest SDK has been used to complete two basic functions: Login and posting in the project. These two functions already exist in the Facebook SDK, which is very simple to use. However, the

IOS-path Overview

// ================================================ ========================================================== // Resource Directory Nsstring * defaultdbpath = [[nsbundle mainbundle] resourcepath] stringbyappendingpathcomponent: Filename]; // =======

IOS development framework (II)-Ios framework and development information

IOS Development Information IOSIt is an operating system running on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. It manages device hardware and provides basic technologies for the implementation of local mobile apps. Different operating systems have

Some open-source IOS projects (WiFi barcode scanning TCP/IP, etc)

Scan WiFi information:Http://code.google.com/p/uwecaugmentedrealityproject/Http://code.google.com/p/iphone-wireless/Barcode scanning:Http://zbar.sourceforge.net/iphone/sdkdoc/install.htmlTCP/IP communication

Simple and thorough solution to iOS 5.0.1 perfect jailbreak ibooks second retreat Problem

I stayed up late last night and escaped from jail. I was depressed by ibooks.I tried a variety of methods, including the Popular ibooks. app COPY method. It is difficult to install the 5.0.1 patch in the cydia 178 source.Finally, I found this

Write and implement the push notification IOS client and the push Server

1. iOS client Programming The push notification technology can run on Mac OS X and iOS systems. This chapter mainly introduces the programming of IOS clients. The push notification programming is relatively simple. The key to programming is to

How does iPhone IOS display different fonts and color texts (uilabel) in the same line)

The following are some of your friendly support: Made a product, need popularity support a bit, Android and iPhone 91 market search # super junior mission #, or directly to the page to download the http://m.ixingji.com/m.html? P = x16. You can join

When an iOS asynchronous image is used to load sdwebimage, file not found and symbol not found: _ objc_storestrong are displayed.

Today, I used IOS asynchronous image loading. I found the sdwebimage that everyone talked about on the Internet. I haven't done it for half a day by referring to some previous blogs, in fact, readme on GitHub has been clearly written, but I did not

OS X and iOS kernel Programming

Original Title: OS X and iOS kernel programming Author: Halvorsen, O. H .) (Australia) Clarke (Clarke, D .) translator: jia wei series name: Turing Program Design Series Press: People's post and telecommunications Press ISBN: 9787115318244 Release

The ARM structure that iOS developers should know (from apple4us)

This is an article about arm structure in IOS. It has simple words, clear logic, and humor. Non-developers are also worth reading, and the right to increase knowledge. When I wrote "getting started with the neon iPhone", I thought that the reader

Is the higher the IOS, the better?

The higher the version, the better. Because of the new version of the operating system, it has high hardware requirements. There are also many vulnerabilities. Therefore, when selecting an operating system for users, we generally choose an operating

Cisco IOS: Understanding Ethernet MAC addresses

Although you may be familiar with Ethernet MAC addresses, what do you know about their applications in Cisco Internet Operating System (Cisco IOS? In this version of Cisco routers and switches, this article teaches you how to determine and modify

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