Application startup principle and nested model development example in IOS _ios

Program Startup principle and UIApplicationFirst, UIApplication1. Brief introduction(1) The UIApplication object is a symbol of the application, and a UIApplication object represents an application. (2) Each application has its own UIApplication

An analysis of the common project files and the optimization ideas of MVC structure in IOS development _ios

Introduction to common project documentsI. Schematic diagram of project document structure Ii. Introduction of documents 1.products folder: An executable file used primarily for Mac development, which is not available for iOS

IOS get current device model information (full) including IPhone7 and Iphone7p_ios

#include #include //Get Equipment Model + (NSString *) getcurrentdevicemodel {int mib[2]; size_t Len; Charchar *machine; Mib[0] = CTL_HW; MIB[1] = Hw_machine; Sysctl (MIB, 2, NULL, &len, NULL, 0); Machine = malloc (len); Sysctl (MIB, 2,

Explain the archiving of apps in IOS development and how preferences are stored _ios

IOS Application Data storage mode (archive) One, simple explanation In the use of plist data storage and reading, only applicable to the system with some of the common types to use, and must first obtain the path relative trouble;Preferences (keep

Favorites for IOS Development common code block _ios

To remove an array element while traversing a mutable array Nsmutablearray *copyarray = [Nsmutablearray Arraywitharray:array]; NSString *str1 = @ "Zhangsan"; For (Addressperson *pername in Copyarray) { if ([[Pername name]

The use of modal in the UI development of IOS and the introduction of the mainstream application UI structure _ios

Modal Simple IntroductionFirst, a brief introduction In addition to push, there is another way to switch the controller, that is modal Any controller can be ⽰ out through the modal form. Modal default effect: The new controller is drilled from

One line of code to implement IOS 3DES encryption and decryption _ios

3DES (or Triple DES) is the generic term for a triple-Data encryption Algorithm (Tdea,triple-Encryption-algorithm) block cipher. It is equivalent to applying three DES encryption algorithms to each block of data. The encryption key length of the

In-depth explanation of how data is stored in IOS development _ios

XML attribute list-plistFirst, the application of sand boxeach iOS application has a ⾃ ⽤ sandbox (the application sandbox is the file system directory) and is isolated from other file systems. Should ⽤ must stay in ⾃ 's sandbox, other applications

IOS Observer design Pattern _ios

What is the Observer pattern? Let's make an analogy, it's like you're ordering a newspaper. For example, you want to know that the United States recently released some news, you may subscribe to an American weekly, and once the United States has a

The analysis of the interface switching of Unity IOS mixed development _ios

Ideas The previous article only talked about unity and the integration of the iOS project, and did not talk about the handover of iOS and Unity interface, here to talk about ideas, unity export of the IOS project inside the structure is roughly the

The use of quartz2d drawing path and the realization of stripe effect in IOS development _ios

Drawing path A. Brief descriptionWhen drawing a line, the method's interior defaults to creating a path. It put all the paths in the path.1. Creating a path Cgmutablepathref calling this method is equivalent to creating a path that holds the

IOS Development Notes Collation 49 of the detailed positioning Cllocation_ios

In the project function has a positioning cllocation needs, encountered some knowledge and difficulties, after the help of the heroes, problem solving, hereby share for everyone to learn, I hope we learn and progress together. One, simple

Understanding the development of IOS multi-threaded applications and how to create threads _ios

One, processes, and threads1. What is a processA process is an application that is running in the systemEach process is independent, with each process running in its dedicated and protected memory space For example, open QQ, Xcode at the same

Using arm assembler to crack IOS program basic knowledge sharing _ios

First, thumb instructions and arm instructions The thumb instruction is 16 bits, so the storage code is highly dense and saves storage space. But the function is not complete, it is only the arm instruction (32 bit) set supplement, is a subset

The use of Uipopovercontroller in IOS development _ios

First, a brief introduction 1. What is Uipopovercontroller is a common controller in ipad development (not allowed on the iphone) Unlike other controllers, it inherits directly from NSObject and does not inherit from Uiviewcontroller It takes up

IOS Self-adapting tool masonry guide to use _ios

About the iOS layout automatically after the IPhone6 is Autolayout,autolayout is very good, but sometimes we need to page layout manually, the VFL is a choice, and the VFL is not complex, understanding is very easy, the actual development of the

How IOS encapsulates a custom layout _ios

I. Overview1. For frequently used controls or classes, it is usually divided into a separate class for external use, so as to achieve a multiplier effect2, because the separation of the class is not dependent on other classes, so to use the class,

The method of realizing the infinite loop display of news pictures in the development of IOS _ios

Infinite Carousel (news data show)First, the realization effect Second, the realization step 1. Preliminary preparation (1) Mjextension of the third-party framework for importing data-transfer models (2) Add a plist file to your project that

Detailed explanation of the arc memory management in IOS application development _ios

Hint: the "instance variable" in this article is "member variable", and "local variable" is "local variable" 0. Introductionarc is a new feature that has been added since iOS 5, eliminating the cumbersome manual management of memory, and the

IOS UITableView Drag sort Implementation code _ios

Uitbableview as a list of information, in addition to the display of features, and sometimes used to delete, sorting and other functions, the following to explain how to achieve sorting. Sorting is when the table enters the edit state, a button

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