Detailed explanation of the arc memory management in IOS application development _ios

Hint: the "instance variable" in this article is "member variable", and "local variable" is "local variable" 0. Introductionarc is a new feature that has been added since iOS 5, eliminating the cumbersome manual management of memory, and the

IOS Development uses JSON to parse network data _ios

After a server request, the data returned to the client is typically in JSON format or in XML format (except for file downloads) This article will first explain JSON parsing. Body: About JSON: JSON is a lightweight data format, typically

The basic tutorial for using View Control UIWindow in IOS application development _ios

First, a brief introduction iphone applications usually have only one window, represented as an instance of a UIWindow class. The application creates this window at startup (or from a nib file) and adds one or more views to the window and displays

IOS TextField limit byte length _ios

In the OC language, the NSString type of string, depending on the English alphabet and Chinese characters, is a length (String.Length a Chinese character as a length), whereas in fact an English letter occupies only 1 bytes and one Chinese character

Use the Reachability class to determine the current network connection type for IOS devices _ios

(1). Download Https:// (2). Drag reachability.h,reachability.m into the project (Library non arc) Arc:-fno-objc-arc (3). Import Systemconfiguration.framework (4). Usage

The use of UIWebView in IOS _ios

First, initialization and three kinds of loading methods UIWebView inherits and UIView, so its initialization method, like the general view, is initialized by Alloc and Init with three different ways of loading data: First type: -(void)

Example to analyze the encapsulation _ios of audio file Playback tool class in IOS app development

One, simple explanation 1. A brief description of music playback (1) Music playback using a class called Avaudioplayer (2) Avaudioplayer common methods Load music files Copy Code code as follows: -(ID) Initwithcontentsofurl:

Examples of IOS application development using UITableView to create a custom table _ios

A table view with indexed catalogs 1. Effect drawing 2. Data source I would like to get the name of the address book, but in order to use the simulator debugging convenient, wrote dead data, so also only wrote part of the letter, in short, so

IOS Micro-letter third-party login implementation _ios

First, access to micro-letter Third-party Login Preparation work.Mobile Application Micro-letter login is based on OAUTH2.0 protocol standard built micro-letter OAuth2.0 Authorization Login system.In the micro-letter OAuth2.0 Authorized login access,

How to Call pictures in an album in IOS app and get a recent picture _ios

Uiimagepickercontroller from photos, galleries, photo albums to get pictures There are three ways to get a picture of IOS: 1. Direct Call camera photo 2. Choose from the album 3. From the gallery to select Uiimagepickercontroller is a

IOS Development Network Chapter-socket programming detailed _ios

I. Network protocols: TCP/IP, SOCKET, HTTP, etc. The seven layers of the network are the physical layer, the data link layer, the network layer, the Transport layer, the session layer, the presentation layer and the application layer respectively.

IOS Multilevel list Implementation code _ios

In the project development, the level list often encounters, the simple point two level list utilizes the UITableView header to be possible, then the simple point three level list by adjusts the cell height to also be possible to achieve the three

IOS coredata additions and deletions to check the detailed _ios

Recently in the study of CoreData, because the project development needs, deliberately learn and tidy up a bit, sorted out to facilitate later use and peer reference. Currently developing projects using the swift language development. So the swift

The communication between IOS app local Socket_ios

I've seen an article about five ways to communicate between apps, which have URL Scheme,keychain,uipastedboard,uidocumentinteractioncontroller and use sockets for local communication. The first 4 kinds of things have been useful, but also relatively

Nullable, NULL resettable, NULL KINDOF usage in IOS generics _ios

IOS9 New Keywords: used to modify attributes, or method parameters, the return value of the method IOS9 New Keyword Nonnull,nullable,null_resettable,_null_unspecified One thing to be aware of is that you can only decorate objects and not modify

IOS Micro-credit payment development case _ios

Micro-letter payment has a lot of holes, the official documents are not comprehensive, and demo is also more "shy" difficult to understand. A lot of attention details are not reflected, took a lot of detours. Therefore, the development process of

The breakpoint of the programming of the IOS Development network continues to pass _ios

Objective Network download is the function we often use in the project, if it is a small file download, such as pictures and text, we can directly request the source address, and then download the complete. But if you are downloading large audio

Summarize the use of runtime in IOS _ios

iOS friends know or hear about runtime, which is much like the reflection mechanism of Java , but the function is much better than the reflection of Java . By Runtime we can dynamically add attributes, member variables, methods , and read and write

IOS Regular Expression detailed _ios

First, the system with the regular expression of the use of In addition to being able to use, and nsscanner this class can achieve some of the same effect 1. Creating Regular Expression objects 2, the method that the regular

IOS development of the Cascade Interface (recommended interface) to build principles _ios

First look at the effect chart: I. Overall layout1. Project requirementsClick on the left cell, the cell data on the right update2. The interface constructs2.1 to two controller management more trouble, click a controller need to notify another

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