Getting Started with iOS network programming: Nsstream Implementing a TCP Socket iphone client

Client we use the iphone application, the screen is relatively simple. Click the Send button to send some strings to the server past. Clicking the Receive button reads some strings from the server and displays them on the screen. On the client

Getting Started with iOS Network programming: Socket Programming in iOS

Using socket for C/s structure programming, connection process The server side listens for a connection request on a port. The server-side program is blocked until the client issues a connection request to the server, and the server-side accepts

Getting Started with iOS development: Creating a Storyboard based iOS 6 Hello World

HelloWorld Project based on story board Storyboard (Storyboard) is an alternative to xib technology and one of the most important new features of iOS 5. We reconstructed HelloWorld with storyboard (storyboard). Refactoring HelloWorld using

Getting Started with iOS development: writing Ocunit test methods-applying test methods

Applying test methods Application testing is a test of the application's functionality, which is specific to the click of a button to trigger an event, so it is mainly the test presentation layer. Let's look at the methods in the view controller

Getting Started with iOS development: writing Ocunit test Methods-logical test methods

Application Tests and logical tests When adding ocunit to engineering, we mentioned that both the application test (application testing) and the logical test (Logic testing) are concepts that are not concepts in Ocunit, but in unit tests.

iOS Development: UI Tests Exploration notes

What is the UI tests? UI tests is an testing component that automatically tests UI and interaction What's the use of UI tests? It can be done by writing code, or recording the process of the developer and code, to automatically click on a button,

Add properties and methods to IOS runtime

First: Methods in runtime.h bool Class_addproperty (class CLS, const char *name, const objc_property_attribute_t * attributes, unsigned int attributecount) #include #import @interface someclass:nsobject {Nsstri ng *_privatename;}

iOS Development @property Keywords

When declaring a property, in the header file: @interface Myclass:nsobject { float value; } @property float value; @end In the implementation file: @synthesize float value; The @synthesize instruction is equivalent to having the compiler

Summary of moving file methods under iOS

This article is mainly for you to summarize the iOS mobile file method, from simple to complex, very practical, the need for small partners can refer to. This section of Objective C code is used to move files under the specified path The code is

An example of using the iterator pattern in the development of IOS app design mode _ios

What is an iterator pattern? Iterators provide a way to sequentially access elements in a collection object without the underlying representations and details of the burst structure. The function that traverses the elements in the collection is

A method to change the background color and background image of UITableView in IOS applications _ios

Change the header, footer background color of the UITableView It is a common problem to change the header and footer background color of the UITableView. The general practice previously known is to implement Tableview:viewforheaderinsection: return

IOS clock development case sharing _ios

The example of this article introduces the iOS clock development process, for your reference, the specific contents are as follows The idea is to use calayer implicit animation to achieve. Because the UIView layer, which is a manually created layer,

IOS from app jump to system settings menu The writing method of each function item explains _ios

Skip to the WiFi interface in system settingsinfo Inside Set:Add a URL types to the Info.plist in the project and set a URL schemes to Prefs, as shown in the following figure Code: Copy Code code as follows: Nsurl *url = [Nsurl

Using Nsurlconnection to process HTTP synchronous and asynchronous requests in IOS _ios


First, the introduction After the iOS7, Nsurlsession basically replaced the nsurlconnection for network development, after iOS9, nsurlconnection related methods are completely discarded, iOS system has backward-compatible features, Although

Nsurlcache data Cache Class usage resolution in IOS _ios

In iOS application development, in order to reduce the number of interactions with the server, speed up the user's response speed, the iOS device will generally add a caching mechanism. The purpose of using caching is to use the application to

Uipasteboard Paste Board Class usage in IOS management clipboard _ios

First, native UI controls with the clipboard operationin the iOS UI system, there are 3 controls that have their own clipboard operations, namely Uitextfield, Uitextview, and UIWebView. A long press gesture at the text interaction of these controls

Summary of Uikeyboard keyboard view usage in IOS _ios

First, keyboard stylethe Uikit Framework supports 8 styles of keyboards. Copy Code code as follows: typedef enum { Uikeyboardtypedefault,//default keyboard: supports all characters Uikeyboardtypeasciicapable,//support for ASCII default

Upgrading Cisco 3750G iOS to support advanced Routing and SSH features

In order to allow Cisco switched remote connections to the security of the account password improved, you can use SSH to connect the terminal, but many factory switches default iOS is not supported by the SSH feature, in order to enable Cisco

IOS 7 Perfect Escape Diagram Tutorial

This evening, the jailbreak Dream Team Evad3rs a surprise attack, quietly releasing the iOS 7 perfect jailbreak tool, support for all upgrades to iOS 7 iphone, ipod Touch, ipad, and ipad Mini, version of the support for iOS 7 to any version in 7.0.4.

The use of iOS development int,nsinteger,nsuinteger,nsnumber

 1, when you need to use a variable of type int, you can do the same as a C program, with an int, or you can use a nsinteger, but it is more recommended to use Nsinteger, because you don't have to consider whether the device is 32-bit or 64-bit. 2,

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