iOS version WPS Office for the first time to update new PDF reading and many other features

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Recently, the iOS version of WPS Office 1.1.1 officially shelves, this is the first major update since the launch of the product. In the document management and playback aspect has the function promotion, the user uses will be more handy.

In addition to further expanding the support for the type of network, this update will also support the opening and viewing of documents in PDF format, as well as GIF image playback and hyperlinks in a PPT document, with a total of more than 10 new and improved features, please see important updates below.

New View PDF file

PDF is a portable file format developed by Adobe Company, which can faithfully reproduce each character, color and image of the original manuscript, and it is the best format to protect the document. Therefore, to become the electronic books, product descriptions, corporate documents, network information, such as the preferred format. Naturally, it is one of the documents that people often read on mobile devices.

After this version is upgraded, users will be able to use the iOS version of WPS Office to open the PDF documents in local storage or cloud storage, and enjoy the fun of reading anytime, anywhere.

New to open Jinshan fast disk shared files

In the previous release, users had been able to transfer documents on their computers and mobile devices via the Jinshan Express. In this update, iOS version of WPS Office has added support for shared documents.

With the Shared Documents feature, users can open files shared among friends in the iOS version of WPS Office. For reading and playing a document, it means that users can get documents from more channels.

New Support Disk Box

iOS version WPS Office has previously supported the Jinshan fast disk, Googledrive, Dropbox, including the view and playback of cloud storage documents, this update has increased the support of the network disk box. Box Network is launched by the box company, has now supported the Android and iOS and other mainstream mobile platforms, mainly overseas enterprise users.

With the iOS version of WPS Office more and more network support, users with the WPS Office Mobile version to view the document will be more convenient, only a good account can be configured through WPS Office to view and play the documents.

New Local File Lookup

For many cloud storage network disk support, iOS version of WPS Office has always been the advantage. The new version is not only more functional in the area of cloud storage, it will also continue to improve the use of local storage.

In this updated version, the product new local file lookup, search for storage in mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices in the document will be more convenient. iOS version of WPS Office is not only a useful free playback software, but also better help you retrieve documents. Users who have more documents to store will no longer be bothered.

In addition, this update also increases the support of hyperlinks in the PPT document, whether it is a switch between pages of a document, the loading of multimedia files, or the Web page that you want to open in a browser, you will be able to achieve it.

The latest iOS version of WPS Office has been online in Apple's official market App Store, and users can go to the download.

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