How to teach Yourself iOS

One of my colleagues asked me how to learn iOS, the product does not necessarily have the code AH ~ Well, yes, I don't need to, but I can communicate better with programmers, at least we can understand the same language. Let me recommend the

IOS 8 Application Build Detail Mining application startup process

This article follows the authoring common agreement "signed-non-commercial-Consistent" Reprint please keep this sentence: The beautiful life of the Sun Vulcan-this blog focuses on agile development and mobile and equipment research: IOS, Android,

How does iOS get detailed addresses based on latitude and longitude coordinates?

Take the current mobile phone as an example: Get the current mobile address, and then convert from latitude to detailed address (including: Country name-Country code, province, city, street name, postal code, etc.). 1: Get the current mobile phone

Crash file analysis method for iOS system

The location of the Xcode 4.3 Symbolicatecrash is inconsistent with the old version. /applications/ dtdevicekit.framework/versions/a/resources/ Xcode 4.3

iOS development: The correct way to implement a prompt box

In the upgrade process from IOS8 to iOS9, the pop-up cue box has changed a lot, in Xcode7, iOS9.0 SDK, has been explicitly prompted to no longer recommend the use of Uialertview, but only the use of Uialertcontroller, we demonstrate through the code.

iOS development: Strong, weak and other detailed details

Now let's look at the New keyword in iOS5 strong, weak, unsafe_unretained. can be used to correspond to the previous keyword learning strong and retain similar, weak and unsafe_unretained functions almost (a bit different, and so on, the two new

iOS development: How to suspend the main thread

But at some point, we want the main thread to wait for the IO operation to complete--for example, after the main thread creates a folder, waits for completion, and then creates the file in the folder. The NSObject class has a method that

iOS animation--viewanimations

In this article we say the animation API in Uikit, the midterm includes: UIView.UIView.animateWithDuration Uiview.transitionwithview Uiview.animatekeyframeswithduration Uiview.addkeyframewithrelativestarttime Today's story will revolve around

How Mac configures the iOS development environment

To install the iOS application to the Mac iOS simulator, the following tools need to be installed on the Mac: Platform Assistant (Paserver) To test the target, RAD Studio uses platform Assistant, which must be installed and run on the Mac. XCode

Apple iOS total device running points comparison

Since the fifth-generation ipod touch began shipping, all iOS devices Apple has released so far have appeared in the hands of consumer groups. Do you prefer the new IPad, IPhone 5 or ipod Touch 5 for this year's three new products? In addition to

The technique of iOS photos uploading to Apple Mac

if you want to quickly upload a photo of your IOS camera film to your MAC, you can use the OS X built-in application image capture to do it easily. If you're not accustomed to using ICloud, image capture is a handy option when you want to bulk move

Ios/mac version iwork part removed function returned

In addition to announcing that its iwork and ilife apps are completely free for new Mac and iOS users, Apple added a lot of new features including support for icloud. However, the original old user found that the original iwork has some advanced

Tai Chi Brush Machine Master backup and restore iOS data tutorial

1, the mobile phone connected to the computer, open Tai Chi brush Master, select "Backup Restore"-> "itunes backup" 2, itunes contains two types of backup, you can choose whether to back up the mobile phone application data (backup

How iOS and OS X share files

 --Prepare for work First, your device needs to run iOS 7 (or more) and OS X Yosemite versions of the system to achieve Cross-platform file transfer. In addition, the user transmits the Mac must also be 2012 or after the model, the iOS device model

No provisioned IOS device is connected error resolution

1. Insert ipod, eject "This device is no longer connected." The warning message box is as follows: Solution: There is a problem with the device connection, mine is the line has a problem, I changed the root line on the normal. 2.

How Yosemite and iOS 8 devices turn on home sharing

In the newer version of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, a new feature called "Home Sharing" allows for easy content sharing and interaction among multiple users. Specifically, this feature allows up to 6 family members to share content purchased from

Get iOS device unique ID

During the development process, we are often asked to obtain a unique indication of each device so that the background can be processed accordingly. Let's look at the ways to get the unique markings on the device and then analyze the pros and cons

iOS SOAP protocol WebService article

This is an introduction to iOS using the SOAP protocol and WebService for communication. I also recently made a small project, the use of this approach. Of course, now iOS use more webservice to restful majority. Think of this complex protocol soap,

Some key uses of the IOS oc-date date classes

NSDate is a class of dates Create a date *date gets the time in whichever time zone it is, the time of the corresponding 0 time zone is printed nsdate *date =[nsdate Date]; NSLog (@ "%@", date); Results: 2015-07-23 16:04:00.431 oc07_nsdate[1430:10

Use OTA to distribute iOS apps on the LAN, and use ota to distribute ios apps on the LAN.

Use OTA to distribute iOS apps on the LAN, and use ota to distribute ios apps on the LAN. One of the company's projects has Android and iOS apps. The download and installation of Android are very convenient, but iOS is a little troublesome. Because

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