Basic tutorials for navigation controllers in IOS development _ios

A simple introduction to multiple controllers and navigation controllersOne, multiple controllers An iOS app is rarely made up of only one controller, unless the app is incredibly simple. When there are multiple controllers in the app, we need to

An example of how IOS gets the number of days of the month of a year

In a one-month interval for the first and last day, you need to know how many days of the month you have to know what the last day is, and whether it is a leap year, maybe 28 days in February.Attached code: -(void) Viewdidload {[Super

IOS nsdateformatter Nslocale use En_us_posix or en_US

The date-time format object provided by the IOS SDK needs to use the Nslocale object to control the display of the date and time, and en_US is often used most of the standard formats, but friends who are accustomed to using Java or C # will overlook

Detailed development of IOS implementation app message push (latest) _ios

Long time no blog has been written, today by the rookie to do a simple Iosapp message push Tutorial! Starting from 0, including XCode6, IOS8, and the Apple Developer Center on how to register apps, request certificates, and download configuration

How IOS develops to upload data via put request _ios

One, what is put request The put request is a request that the server store a resource and use Request-uri as its identity, similar to post, but not commonly used, and put requests are relatively rare. This is not supported by HTML forms either. In

IOS Photo Operations (Get information and modify photos) detailed _ios

IOS Photo Operations (Get information and modify photos) Recently customers want a photo watermark, and modify other content including get location, and modify events etc, oh, yes, I think of the UIView variable UIImage method can be

About Bootstrap modal solutions that can't pop up in IOS9 (iOS 9 bootstrap modal iOS 9 noticework) _javascript Tips

Recent projects with the bootstrap front-end, mobile phone just updated IOS9 found that modal there is a bug, Home point pop-up box will appear problems, find a lot of information finally find a solution. Add the following code in the CSS Css

IOS Bezier Curve (Uibezierpath) Properties, method collation _ios

A detailed explanation of IOS Bezier curve Development of iOS Friends are aware of the importance of iOS Bezier curve, as often used in such things, simply draw time to the corresponding all the attributes, methods to make a summary. Uibezierpath

Common parsing XML class libraries and brief installation methods in IOS development _ios

In the iphone development, XML parsing has many options, the IOS SDK provides Nsxmlparser and libxml2 two class libraries, as well as a number of Third-party class libraries to choose from, such as Tbxml, Touchxml, Kissxml, TinyXML and Gdataxml. The

Explain the realization of data refresh function of UITableView control in IOS development _ios

Implementing UITableView Control Data RefreshI. Project document structure and plist documents Second, realize the effect 1. Description: This is a hero display interface, click on the selected row, you can change the name of the row hero

Instance code for the Lglalertview prompt box in IOS _ios

Use and iOS8 later, just put the system Uialertcontroller encapsulation, save every time to write a lot of code. After encapsulation only need a code, deome address : Https:// On code LGLAlertView.h:

The enumeration usage summary of IOS development _ios

Objective Enum, that is, the enumeration, from the C language, C + +, Java, objective-c, Swift These languages, of course, have the corresponding enumeration type, the function may have less, but the core is a-specification of the definition of the

Memory Management in IOS _ios

Memory management in both Objective-c and Swift languages is based on reference count "reference counting", and reference counting is a simple and effective way to manage the lifecycle of an object. Reference counts are divided into manual reference

HTML5 upload Picture direction problem solution in IOS _ios

Use HTML5 to write pictures to cut the upload, on the iphone may encounter picture Direction error problem, this solution to share with you,Using the HTML5 FileReader and canvas, if you have not contacted the classmate, first understand its method.

IOS to implement calendar page animation _ios

This article I mainly describe two aspects: 1. Calendar (Simple description principle) 2. Flip-page animation (emphasis) The final effect of the following figure: a page animation along four diagonal pages, representing the slide of a

Detailed approach to the management of cookies in IOS app development _ios

One, what is a cookie Cookies are Web sites to be the terminal identity, stored in the terminal local user credentials information. The fields and meanings in the cookie are defined by the service side. For example, when a user logs on to a Web

Summarize three ways to hide soft keyboards in IOS _ios

One, use the soft keyboard of the done key to hide the keyboard Starting soft keyboard Hiding the most commonly used event is the Did end of the text box, which occurs when the user presses the done key on the soft keyboard. Select a Uitextfield

The difference between the @property and Ivar of IOS Basics _ios

@property A property is actually an encapsulation of a member variable. Let's think about this first: @property = Ivar + setter + getter Ivar Ivar can be understood as a variable in a class, and the primary role is to save data. Let's take a

Detailed user data storage processing in IOS app development session and Coockie _ios

Nsurlsession after iOS7, nsurlsession as the system recommended HTTP request framework, in the case of the foreground request, nsurlsession and nsurlconnection are not significantly different, for background requests, Nsurlsession's more flexible

Use MD5 to encrypt strings in IOS _ios


1, new nsstring category, remember to add the header file required for encryption #import , Nsstring+md5.h: #import #import @interface nsstring ( MD5) + (NSString *) Md5to32bit: (NSString *) str; @end 2, write the encryption method:

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