iOS development: A discussion on Web app navigation design

The challenges of the navigation system The more common navigation of the IPhone Native app is shown in the following illustration: Mobile Screen Bottom: A, B, C, D four tab composition of the native app's global navigation, which we

iOS development: Fmdb Data Storage Resolution

Fmdb is object-oriented, it encapsulates the SQLite C language API in OC, it is more convenient to use, do not need too much care about database operation knowledge. But it also has some problems, such as cross-platform, because it is packaged in

iOS development: using Const,static,extern correctly

Objective This article mainly describes how to use CONST,STATIC,EXTERN3 in the development of keywords, if you like my article, you can pay attention to my microblog: Acridine a Zheng, you can also come to small code brother, understand our iOS

iOS development: built-in URL schemes

In iOS apps, it's common to see apps jump directly to the App Store page with a click action, and start to wonder how this third party applies to iOS system application interactions. It was later found that the implementation of this communication

The difference between Nil, NULL, Nil, and Nsnull in iOS

1.nil >defines the ID of a null instance. Defines an instance that is empty, pointing to an empty pointer to an object in OC. > Sample code: NSString *somestring = nil; Nsurl *someurl = nil; ID someobject = nil; if (Anotherobject = = nil)//do

Mac system itunes cleanup iOS backup files increase disk space method

When Mac users connect the ipad and the iphone to the computer, itunes automatically backs up some of the data on the phone, which takes up some of the Mac's disk space, so how do we remove the backup files in order to increase the MAC's disk space?

iOS development Uitextview implement first line indent and default text examples

You may encounter a variety of effects when using Uitextview, for example, in front of the first line of Uitextview the hint text, and after the text entered in the hint after the word, in the input before the default text, the input process the

XML parsing of IOS data parsing _ios

Two common ways of parsing xml: Dom parsing and sax parsing Dom parsing Dom:document Object Model (Document object type). When parsing XML, it reads the entire XML document and constructs a tree structure (node tree) that resides in memory,

IOS gets the number of days of the month for a specified month _ios

Objective This function is often used in developing iOS, and the one-month interval is the first and last day, and you need to know how many days of the month to know what the last day is, and whether it is a leap year, maybe 28 days in February.

The difference analysis of #import, #include和 @class in IOS development _ios

1. In general, when importing Objective C's header file, use #import to include the C + + header file with #include. 2. #import determine that a file can only be imported once, which allows you to avoid problems with recursive inclusion.

Illustrate the role of prototype patterns in the development of IOS applications in design patterns _ios

1 Prefacein many object-oriented applications, the creation of some objects is too expensive or too complex. It would be much easier to recreate the same objects and make minor changes. We can reuse existing objects with minor changes to accommodate

[iOS] Uitabbaritem Change the height and width of the image

I have no title and image only Uitabbaritem. I want to know how I can change the size of the image so it can occupy the entire uitabbaritem. I looked all over the internet, but I couldn't find anything. I have tried: Uistoryboard *storyboard =

The yywebimage of iOS learning replaces sdwebimage

Yywebimage is an asynchronous picture-loading framework (one of the Yykit components). SOURCE Address: Click on the Open link Designed to replace open source frameworks such as Sdwebimage, Pinremoteimage, and Flanimatedimage, it supports most of the

Chapter III: IOS data storage and IO

If the application value requires a small amount of data to be saved for program parameters and options, you can save it using Nsuserdefaults;If the application is just a small amount of data to be saved, then use the attribute list file;If your

Vue image upload to solve the problem of image compression and iOS shooting angle rotation

vue image upload to solve the problem of image compression and shooting angle rotation The reference Exif.js provides a functional extension of the raw data for JavaScript to read images, such as camera direction, device model, time taken, ISO

Implementation of simple push notification (push Notification) on iOS

implementation of simple push notification (push Notification) on iOS According to this very good tutorial (, combine your own practice, write down a little note,

iOS development: Push notification brief and development practice

Turn from: I. About PUSH notifications Push notifications, also called remote notifications, are features that were introduced after iOS 3.0. is a way to tell a user that a new message

IOS App Power test method Research __ios

method One--Hardware detection The power consumption of the application can be accurately obtained through hardware powermonitor. The steps are as follows: Open the shell of the iOS device and locate the power pins on the back of the battery.

Release of iOS app full Guide (2)-How to Use IOS developer authorization and how to apply for a certificate

In the previous article, I introduced how to apply to become a valid IOS developer. This article details how to use the authorization file (. mobileprovision) and signature certificate file (. CER) After the payment is successful, you will receive a

10 excellent Objective-C and iOS development online video tutorials, objective-cios

10 excellent Objective-C and iOS development online video tutorials, objective-cios If you develop your own iOS app, you will surely find many resources on the Internet. One of the best ways to learn programming is to write your own code, and the

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