Flash development How to use iOS developer licensing and how to request a certificate

After the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email from Apple Developer suport, as shown below. There is a login button in the mail and you can enter the Apple Developer Member Center after clicking on it. Click on

IOS Development Series--a detailed introduction to data access _ios

Overview The way data is stored in iOS development can be grouped into two categories: one is stored as a file and the other is stored in a database. For example, the previous iOS development Series-objective-c's foundation framework article

Iphone6 Safari can be seamlessly connected with iOS tutorial

As we all know, browsers generally have automatic filling function, which can facilitate our memory and even automatically fill in the user name, password, although may not be very safe, but indeed in the usual use will be very convenient. The

CSS3 to make iOS-style pop-up menu effects

First, we'll write the basic HTML structure. BookmarksPasswordsPreferencesHistory Add an active class to the LI element, identify the style of the mouse response, add a PopOver class to the large div, and make it easier for us to find this element.

A detailed introduction to the time processing of IOS development app _ios

IOS Time Processing Do not have to do the app to deal with time, about the processing of time, there are many doorways, far from a row of API calls, get the current system time so simple. We need to understand the differences between the various

IOS Regular expression Verification phone number, mailbox, ID number, etc. _ios

This example for you to share the common iOS regular expressions for your reference, the details are as follows #import "Nsstring+regexcategory.h" @implementation nsstring (regexcategory) #pragma mark-Regular related-(BOOL) Isvalidatebyrege

8 ways for IOS to obtain unique identification for a device _ios

8 Kinds of iOS acquisition device Unique identification method, hope to be useful to everyone. UDID UDID (Unique Device Identifier), the unique identifier for the IOS device, is a 40-bit hexadecimal sequence (jailbreak devices can change the

Fingerprint Identification FAQ in IOS summary _ios

The company's app has recently been used for fingerprints, but it's been pretty smooth on the whole, but there are holes in the middle, and the pits are summarized below; I. Basic knowledge Point to open this localauthentication.framework, found

Application of regular expressions in iOS and the use and comparison of three regular expressions in iOS _ regular expressions

Application of regular expressions in iOS One, what is the regular expression Regular expressions, also called regular representations, are a logical formula for string manipulation. A regular expression can detect whether a given string conforms

IOS Light point, touch and gesture code development _ios

One, responder chain Any class that takes uiresponder as a superclass is a responder. UIView and Uicontrol are subclasses of Uireponder, so all views and all controls are respondents. 1, the initial corresponding device The event is first passed

IOS Development uses Keychainitemwrapper persistent storage username and password _ios

First download from the official website KeychainItemWrapper.hKeychainitemwrapper.m Import these two files into your project but the file is manually released so you need to do some processing to use this file: If you want to use the

Easy fix IOS remote message push _ios

First, the introductionThere are two ways to push messages in iOS, local push and remote push, local push in http://www.jb51.net/article/93602.htm this blog has a detailed introduction, here mainly discusses the remote push process and configuration

Introduction to IOS common cryptographic algorithms and code practice _ios

The iOS system library defines the encryption and decryption algorithms commonly used in software development, and the interface is in C language form. The following categories are specifically included: #include //commonly used encryption

How IOS gets the phone's MAC address _ios

First of all, the following two methods can get the phone's MAC address, but there is a limit, in the iOS7 below can be obtained. IOS7 after the Apple for SYSCTL and IOCTL technical processing, MAC address returned are 02:00:00:00:00:00. It is

Tutorial on app jump using URL scheme in IOS _ios

The role of URL scheme We all know that the iphone app has a sandbox, and app is an island of information that can't be communicated to each other. But iOS apps can register their URLs Scheme,url scheme is designed to make it easy for apps to call

IOS Set button fillet (4 corners are free to set)

To set the 4 corners of a button:Top left: UirectcornertopleftLower left: UirectcornerbottomleftTop right: UirectcornertoprightBottom right: uirectcornerbottomright Example code: UIButton *button = [[UIButton alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (50, 60

IOS autorelease Runloop

Learning about iphone Development, when autorelease release has always been a problem that bothers me, is that most documents mention delayed release, but the latency is very vague, 5s is called latency or 5min. So I always feel worried that I used

The use of iOS development-nil/nil/null/nsnull

NIL:A null pointer to a Objective-c object. (#define NIL ((ID) 0))Nil is an object value. NIL:A null pointer to a OBJECTIVE-C class. NULL:A null pointer to anything else. (#define NULL ((void *) 0))Null is a generic pointer (generic pointer). Nsnull:

IOS turn on the front end of the copy-write login page __ios

Today or to write a common login interface, to consolidate the knowledge before. In the same way, we first build a project, create the corresponding CSS file and HTML file, then BEGIN code~ The first is HTML: Welcome to login Welcome

What new features and changes are in IOS 7

The official version we'll see next week will be very different from what we see on WWDC. Apple released its new version of the iOS operating system in June-the biggest adjustment and improvement since its first release in 2007. This change has

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