iOS Development: Application Multi-language localization solution

Multiple languages typically have two approaches in an application: One, the procedure provides to the user oneself choice opportunity; Second, according to the current user mobile device language automatically switch our app to the corresponding

Summary of image compression methods in iOS

There are two simple ways to read picture data on the iphone: UIImageJPEGRepresentation and Uiimagepngrepresentation. The UIImageJPEGRepresentation function requires two parameters: a picture's reference and a compression factor.

The localization of iOS in multiple languages

iOS program to implement a variety of language localization methods, recently to a game for multi-language localization, on the Internet to find some solutions, together with their own a little idea to organize a set of programs and share! Multiple

6 tips to help you convert the UI of iOS Shing Zhuo!

What do you need to pay attention to when you want to fit two different platforms? Today's article summarizes 6 places to learn, including icons, screen density dimensions, design, etc., to collect!   1. Do not convert You should not

How to set up iOS and OS x:wifi routers

The Wi-Fi base station is a 802.11a/b/g/n access point, including airport Extreme base station, airport Express and airport time capsule. "Wi-Fi router" is a generic term that includes Wi-Fi base stations and Third-party 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi access

OS x/ios manual Sync Safari icloud history

As long as Mac devices and IOS devices use the same Apple Id,icloud, you can sync Safari history between these devices. But it all happens automatically, and sometimes a Mac or IOS device may be offline, and Safari history is in an unsynchronized

How to hide purchase items in iOS and OS X's itunes App Store

For the iOS platform app Store, you only need to go to the purchased list, and then on the edge of the app, like a text message, slide your finger, the red hidden button will appear, and you will be hidden from the purchase record after clicking it.

iphone upgrade iOS 9 cotton problem reason and solution

Reasons for upgrading iOS 9 cotton and how to fix it: 1, although Apple does not push the iOS 9 official version for a long period of beta and public testing, but after the official version of the push upgrade, the number of general user

Apple iphone Security Tips tutorial (IOS 7)

What if I lose my iphone? Two friends have lost their mobile phone recently and asked me such a question. Loss of mobile phone is not a good thing, but is not the most unfortunate, the most unfortunate is that the phone has not done any anti-theft

itunes upgrade iOS unknown error 3004 solution

Some users may encounter some wrong code when using itunes to upgrade their iOS devices, so what happens when itunes upgrades iOS with an unknown error 3004? Small knitting below will bring you the itunes upgrade iOS unknown error 3004 solution.

A detailed explanation of JSON parsing instance methods in IOS (four methods) _ios

As a lightweight data interchange format, JSON is gradually replacing XML as a common format for network data. Some JSON code format is confusing, you can use this "" Web site for JSON format checksum (click to open the link).

64-bit Device iOS downgrade tool officially released: Can brush back turned off verify firmware

In the middle of this month, jailbreak developer Tihmstar announced that it will release the downgrade tool for Apple's 64-bit iOS device Prometheus, a tool that the developer officially brought to us today to upgrade or demote the device to any

iOS Development's understanding of retain and assign attributes

Original address: The following text: When writing a program, for the variable to be defined into the habit of adding retain attributes, but to what effect it has been not very clear, today did a demo,

The iOS Classic explains the SVN common terminal commands

Author: Lin Nuo Lin Reprint please indicate the source:, checkout the file to the local directorySVN checkout Path (path is a directory on the server)For example: SVN checkout Svn://192.168.1.

iOS hot fix jspatch patch update management

Summary: 1, in the transmission process of the JS file for the RSA signature encryption; 2, download the script saved to the local, it should be a simple symmetric encryption, each time to decrypt the read; 3, the proposed JS script increase, delete,

IOS Game shelves player IAP Recharge Base64 code sent to Apple verify receipt return value There is no In_app section of the strange problem. __ios

Our iOS game has been on the shelves these days. And then received a lot of user recharge. But there are only 2 itunesconnet on top of it. Someone must have cheated us. First, we will introduce our verification process: Mobile phone to initiate

The differences and relationships between classes, objects, instance variables, member variables, attribute variables, and so on in IOS development __ios

Class: Class is an abstract concept that has the same attributes and behavior equivalent to a class of elements. Distinguish between a class or an object to see if it continues to be subdivided. In OC, a class is a struct that represents an object

IOS Crash log backtrace symbol

IOS crash log backtrace symbol iOS crash log with dSYM files can find the crash of BackTrace, which is the most important information to solve the crash. If you are packaging on the same Mac, import crash log will automatically sign BackTrace, you

iOS development iphone to get the network card address and IP address

Get IP address by domain name + (NSString *) Ipadressfromdomain: (NSString *) host { Structhostent *hostent = gethostbyname ([hostutf8string]); if (!hostent) { Herror ("Resolv"); Returnnull; } Structin_addr **list = (STRUCTIN_ADDR * *)

ios-application of Bradstreet code for the ultra detailed process introduction (2017.06.12)

I. Fill in the Application form When applying for an Apple developer account, we will use the Bradstreet code, and the entry for the Bradstreet code is naturally in the way of applying for an Apple developer account. 1. Login AppID Login entry:

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