iOS development: Cocoa Classes and objects

We can find the definition of class and object in/usr/include/objc/objc.h and runtime.h: typedef struct OBJC_CLASS *class; typedef struct OBJC_OBJECT { Class Isa; } *id; Class is a pointer to a objc_class struct type, and an ID (any object) is

160wifi iOS version how to use?

The Android version of 160WiFi, once online, is well received by the vast majority of Android users. Many small partners with iOS systems are eager to release the iOS version quickly. The recent iOS version of the 160WiFi finally officially launched

An introduction to the FAQ after iphone upgrades iOS 9

Device card upgrades on sliding screen Many iOS 9 users in the upgrade card in the "Sliding Upgrade" interface, and then the screen is completely unresponsive or even panic. Apple has now acknowledged the existence of the bug and has given

Apple IOS 7 System some hidden function inventory

1. Master the time of information delivery One of the most criticized flaws in iOS's information applications is that there is no obvious time tag, and users are not able to get a specific time for each piece of information, only to see how long

How the iphone upgrades the new Apple iOS 7 system

There's no way to lose any information in a theoretical upgrade, but we recommend backing up your iphone in case of a precaution.  1. Direct upgrade on mobile phone Apple has been pushing the OTA upgrade for iOS 7 this morning, and if you are an

The method of incrementally loading pictures and acquiring EXIF using ImageIO in IOS development _ios

ImageIO Complete incremental load picture First, the common progressive load picture mode   The incremental load we see today is mainly based on the following three implementations: &NBSP 1)   Loading different sizes of pictures from the

Introduction and use of MD5 encryption algorithm in IOS _ios

Objective In the process of software development, encryption of data is an important means to ensure data security, and common encryption has Base64 encryption and MD5 encryption. BASE64 encryption is reversible, and MD5 encryption is now generally

Introduction to the use of the date picker and Uitool bar controls in IOS development _ios

One, Date picker control1. Brief introduction: Date picker control that displays the timeThere are default widths, no data source and proxy settingsHow to change it into Chinese?(1) To see if the current system is Chinese, change the simulator to

IOS app Communication's local socket example _ios

I've seen an article about five ways to communicate between apps, which have URL Scheme,keychain,uipastedboard,uidocumentinteractioncontroller and use sockets for local communication. The first 4 kinds of things have been useful, but also relatively

Talk about why IOS development don't use macros to define constants _ios

First, preprocessing commands he is not a constant!!!! Let's look at a piece of code #define @ "Avatar" if (false) { #define AVATAR @ " NSLog"} (Avatar); How much does this code output, we define "avatar" for 60, and then redefine

How to create a UI progress bar using the Nsprogress class in IOS _ios

First, the introduction Before IOS7, the system did not provide a complete framework to describe the functions associated with task progress. This makes it difficult to monitor the progress of time-consuming tasks in development, and after iOS7,

[TL-IPC20/TL-IPC22] mobile app set up a method for wireless IPC-ios version

Application of wireless Network Camera Tp-link Infrared Wireless Network Camera specifically for family housing and other space more compact scene design, network structure is simple and practical, 1 routers + 1 Cameras is a complete

"Instruct" iOS code static check--clang format (+ git pre-commit hook + jenkins)

The clang format plug-in can be installed in the Xcode IDE to format the iOS code. But someone will always forget, so plus git client pre-commit hook one for the stay, after the execution of git commit command check, check after the normal

iOS Development algorithm Encryption md5,sha1,aes,base64

1. MD5: MD5 is the Message-digest algorithm 5 (Information-Digest algorithm 5), which is used to ensure complete consistency of information transmission. is one of the most widely used hashing algorithms (also translated digest algorithm, hashing

IOS math.h Common math functions


1. Trigonometric functionDouble sin (double); sineDouble cos (double); cosineDouble tan (double); tangent2, Inverse trigonometric functionsDouble asin (double); Results between [-PI/2, PI/2]Double ACOs (double); Results between [0, PI]Double Atan

About the use of AES encryption and SHA256 encryption used in IOS development

* * about the use of AES encryption and SHA256 encryption used in IOS development **The author in the previous period of time on this issue with the background of the docking of people, and finally finally determine the problem is our encryption,

iOS can also be used in regular expressions in 4.0.

iOS can also be used in regular expressions in 4.0, and the functionality is quite powerful. Once thought oneself already mastered regular expression, these 2 days only then understood regular expression has how complex, originally also has

iOS multithreaded Programming Guide (iii) Run loop publisher

Run loops is part of a thread-related underlying framework. A run loop is a loop of event handling that is used to keep scheduling work and handling input events. The purpose of using the run loop is to keep your threads busy working while they are

IOS Development Solution WebView Adaptive Content Height __ios

During this time, there are a few ways to write about the content of the form that is uploaded from the backend, and then the feature that will be displayed again at the mobile end. first of all, if the content is displayed directly, or the

IOS: Using UITableView to create a table application Walkthrough (3) Using section classification to display tabular data

After the completion of the "Weibo focus on people" this application although the final completion of the distance is not small, but the visual has been compared to the completion of the exercise (1) a great improvement. :] Careful friends in the

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