10 latest PHP development frameworks recommended in 2014

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In this article, we will introduce 10 of the best PHP frameworks, which are newly evaluated and can greatly simplify your development tasks. These PHP frameworks can help developers quickly design and develop a variety of cross-browser dynamic websites and web applications. Finally, I hope you will see dramatic changes in PHP last year. It seems that everyone has their own ideas about what a good framework should be like, but then again, different frameworks apply to different types of projects, and no frameworks are omnipotent.

The excellent PHP framework can help developers build clean, tidy, and structured Web development, while accelerating the creation and maintenance of Web applications. The following describes the 10 best PHP development frameworks of the year.


This may be the most popular PHP Framework. Laravel is very powerful, elegant, easy to learn and use. It is worth a try!
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Flight is a fast, simple, and scalable micro-PHP framework that allows users to quickly build RESTful web applications. it is also easy to learn and use, simple but powerful!
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Yii is a high-performance PHP framework used to develop Web 2.0 applications. Yii has rich features: MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I8N/L10N, cache, identity authentication, user-role-based access control, scaffolding, and testing.
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Medoo is the lightest PHP database, which only contains a 10-kB file and a powerful microframework suitable for simple web application development.
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This framework is derived from the Kohana framework. it is my favorite framework. it is compatible with MVC and can be quickly mastered and powerful. you should also try it!
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Although it is a relatively old framework, it is almost eliminated, but I still like this powerful MVC framework CI, which has been used in my project for countless times, I have never lost confidence in it. it is still my constant choice!
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Kohana is an open-source, object-oriented MVC web framework built using PHP5. This framework is developed by a group of volunteers who are dedicated to fast, secure, and small.
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This framework was created in 2005 and is a very powerful MVC framework, which is very popular in the business world. Symfony is inspired by many web application frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Django, and Spring. it may be the most complete PHP framework.
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Many PHP frameworks are beautiful and complex. the establishment of Pop takes into account all levels of experience and provides a series of manageable learning curves to familiarize beginners with PHP, at the same time, it provides robust and powerful functions to experienced PHP developers. The size is less than 2 MB.
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Phalcon is an open-source, full-stack PHP Framework. it is a high-performance framework written in PHP 5 similar to the C extension language. Users do not need to use the C language. Phalcon provides the PHP class. Phalcon is loosely coupled and users can use components to create web applications at will.

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