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Every field has its own sacred place, where the development of the field is vital. It is as if artists are accustomed to visiting Michelangelo in Florence, so web designers should visit their most sacred areas in their lifetimes.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of web-dependent professionals who don't know the history of their industry, especially the new generation of young people who see the internet as a matter of course. To solve this bug, here's a list of 10 web designers that should visit at least once, remember! At least once in a lifetime!

1, Googleplex (Google company headquarters)

Is the name of Google's corporate headquarters, located in Santa Clara County, California, in the Mountain View, near San Francisco. It is necessary to introduce Googleplex to all Internet practitioners. This is no longer a separate headquarters for Google, which was purchased as a huge building in New York in 2010. It represents the whole city. This is also the world's largest search engine company website of the campus. Without Google, we do not know the existence of the network now known. For a web designer, is there any better place to be than this?

  2, Adobe System company headquarters

Adobe is located in San Jose, California, United States, when you visit the Google headquarters after a little bit of drive you to the Adobe Headquarters. Anyone who has ever built a website has used at least one of Adobe's products. The company's software has been updated so frequently that the world cannot imagine what it would be like without them. Millions of Web sites are created using Dreamweaver. More intuitively, do you live without Photoshop? Can the Internet survive?

  3, Netscape (Netscape company headquarters)

Originally Netscape was located in the Mountain view of California. This ancient headquarters looks a bit like the ruins of Pompeii. Netscape Communications, a former American computer service company, is known for its web browser--netscape. Netscape was acquired by AOL (American Online,aol) in November 1998, and then the AOL and Time Warner merged and then became independent. AOL still uses Netscape as the brand, on March 1, 2008 to stop supporting Netscape browser after retaining the Web portal Netscape. Although the Netscape website still exists, it is already a microcosm of the past. All students in the network should know that Netscape Navigator was once the web's leading browser.

 4. CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research)

European Organization of Nuclear Research (French: Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire; English: European Organisation for Nuclear study, September 29, 1954--usually referred to as CERN, is the world's largest particle physics laboratory and the birthplace of the global information network. Its entire agency is located in the western border of Geneva, Switzerland bordering France. It was founded on September 29, 1954 to provide scientists with the necessary tools. There they studied how matter formed and the power between matter. WWW is the product of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (enquire) Inquiry program (Tim Berners), which was launched in 1989 by Lee. According to the concept of hypertext, the purpose of the program is to better share information with researchers. The first site was built in 1991. The European Organization for Nuclear Research announced on April 30, 1993 that the World Wide Web is open to all. The first web page made by Tim Berners-Lee is still preserved. Without CERN, there would be no website for us now.

 5, WordCamp

WordCamp is a spontaneous organization of WordPress users of the nonprofit nature of the conference, WordCamp called on the global use of WordPress enthusiasts and developers gathered together to discuss some hot topics, on the Internet has had a certain impact, Its organization is located in many countries and regions around the world, the annual event is usually held in San Francisco. WordPress is committed to making the world's leading blogging platform. The first version of the ubiquitous blogging software is now available as early as 2003. Today, the website using WordPress has reached 60 million, and the number is increasing every day. For this reason, designers who care about whether WordPress update will affect their own business? There is no such thing as Wood, the first update!

  6. Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Corporation)

Microsoft Corporation, a multinational computer technology company based in the United States, is the forerunner of software development for the World PC (PC), founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the company headquarters was established in Redmon, Washington, Redmond, Near Seattle). Though the world has mixed feelings about the billionaire Bill Gates, there is no denying that the company is a heavyweight presence on the web as a whole. Without Microsoft, there is no personal computer, and today the Windows operating system is still the most widely used operating system in the world. This means that most people who visit any site are going through windows!

  7, Apple Headquarters (company headquarters)

Headquartered in California State, Cupertino. The main competitor is Microsoft. No computer company is more influential than Apple. Like Microsoft, Apple also has its own loyal fruit powder and critics. No matter how it is, we cannot deny the great influence that the company brings to us on the Internet. Many designers around the world like Apple's video and graphics capabilities. As a real web designer should not be lazy to just visit an Apple store, but should go to the Apple headquarters!make the trip!


The company is located in 1040 Avenue, New York, USA. FileZilla is probably the most famous Open-source FTP software, so it's a household name. FileZilla by SourceForge, a large number of open source projects in SourceForge settled, including Apache Openoffice,ipcopfirewall, Scintilla and so on. And SourceForge, in turn, is owned by a dice holdings, which is where you should go if you salute FileZilla.

 9. UNIVERSITY of ILLINOIS Urbana-champaign (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (University of Illinois at Urbana-champaign, abbreviated as UIUC), founded in 1867, is a member of the "Great Ten League School" (The Big Ten Conference) in the Midwestern United States, Tie is one of the finest engineering universities in the United States, with the University of Michigan in the "Big Ten League School". The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign covers an area of 1450 acres and is located in the quiet and elegant yah-Ursula and Champagne city of southern Illinois State, United States. Why should web designers visit this relatively obscure Midwestern university? Because it is here that the first major browser of the network,--mosaic, was developed in 1992. This is the first popular browser to support a variety of network protocols, which played an important role in the early development of the network. Today's browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome and IE, have a strong impact on it.

  10. Apache SOFTWARE FOUNDATION (Apache Software Foundation)

The company is headquartered in Forest Mountain, Maryland. Finally, no web designer's pilgrimage site can be included without Apache. The Apache HTTP server represents one of the most important developments in the history of the World Wide Web. In fact, Apache now serves more than 100 million sites (including web sites that use a variety of operating systems, such as Windows,linux, Apple, and other systems).


Now start planning your trip to the most famous "historic Site" in the history of the Web. Visiting these places may not immediately upgrade your skills, but they can open the horizon of your career and your bosom!

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