10 tools to simplify PHP Development

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This article mainly introduces 10 PHP development tools, which are popular and used this year. if you need them, refer to this article to introduce 10 projects that can help simplify PHP development, including frameworks, class libraries, tools, and code.

1. CakePHP Development Framework

CakePHP is a PHP rapid development framework. It provides a scalable architecture and uses common MVC and ORM modes. It follows the convention and is superior to the configuration concept.

2. pChart

PChart is a PHP framework used to create charts. PChart is free of charge for most chart class libraries. You can use SQL queries, CSV files, or manually input data. This project is still under development and is updated every week.

3. PHP Filters

We always need data verification when using forms. Illegal input may cause security issues or disrupt your webpage. The "filter_var" function can be used for verification or to remove the flying cross character.

4. Symfony

Symfony is a PHP-based full-featured framework. It provides some frameworks, components, and tools for developers to develop complex Web applications more quickly. Symfony is an experience-based project. It has not repeatedly invented the wheel. it leverages many existing best practices and integrates many third-party class libraries.

5. back up the database to an XML file

Backing up data is very important, and databases are often the most important part. The consequence of database loss is catastrophic. The above code can help you back up the database to an xml file.

6. use PHP to compress CSS files

7. PHP automatic prompt component

For many new users, this is perhaps the easiest way to implement the automatic prompt function. You only need to modify some parameters.


Many people are worried about installing the development environment. XAMPP is a one-time re-release package that can help you install Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl. Its usage is super simple. download, unzip, and install it!

9. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework, but it is very small. It occupies less resources, is fast in development, and provides comprehensive documentation.


PEAR is a distribution system and framework for reusable PHP components. It greatly simplifies the download and installation of development kits.

10. cache dynamic PHP pages

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