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MySQL is the most well-known open source database system for interactive website development. If you are using a MySQL database, you should regularly back up data to prevent data loss ). There are 10 methods to automatically or manually back up the MySQL database, which should be suitable for you.

1. Backing up using mysqldump

Data backup can be completed using the MySQL mysqldump command. This article provides a variety of examples, including backing up a database into a file, backing up it to another server, and backing up it into a gzip compressed file.

2. MySQL export: How to backup your MySQL database?

You can generate a dump file to back up the database. The premise of this method is that the phpMyAdmin tool must be available on the server.

3. Automatically backup MySQL database to Amazon S3

You can also use Amazon S3 to back up databases. This article contains an automatic script that automatically backs up the database and transfers it to the Amazon S3 system.

4. How to backup MySQL databases, web server files to an FTP server automatically

If you have your own web server or VPs, here is a simple method: use ftp or NAS backup. First, you need to use the mysqldump command to back up each individual database, and then write a script for tar packaging, set Cron, and create an FTP backup.


5. How to E-mail yourself an automatic backup of your MySQL database table with PHP

This method helps you easily back up specific data tables and send you an email with a. SQL file. You can create a special mailbox l account to receive backup files.

6. How to back up MySQL database using PHP

At least three steps: ① execute the database backup statement in the PHP file; ② execute the mysqldump command in the system () function; ③ use phpMyAdmin for backup

7. Backup your database into an XML file by using PHP

This method uses a PHP code snippet to output the backup database in XML format. Although the XML file is not the most convenient format for restoring data tables, it is easy to read.

8. Backup MySQL database through SSH

You can back up databases without the phpMyAdmin tool. SSH can be used to back up large data. You must enable shell access in the cpanel or plesk control panel, and then use a tool such as putty to remotely log on to the server.

9. How to back up MySQL database automatically (for Linux Users)

If you are a Linux user, you can use cron to automatically back up the MySQL database. Cron is a scheduled execution tool in Unix/Linux systems.

10. Ubuntu Linux backup MySQL Server Shell script

If your VPS operating system is Ubuntu, you can back up the entire MySQL Server database to the FTP server.


If you have other methods, please refer to the comments.



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