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13. Linux Kernel


(1) Kernel Notes

Web: http://kernelnotes.org

Comment: KernelNotes.org is a place where all kernels can be obtained. This site covers a wide range of content and features the ability to find the latest kernel upgrade techniques.

(2) Linux Kernel Archives

URL: http://www.kernel.org/

Comment: the website is concise, concise, and concise. You can select the Linux kernel, unstable kernel, stable kernel, and kernel source code. If you want to find the latest stable Linux kernel or the kernel in development, take a look.

(3) Kernel Traffic

URL: http://kt.linuxcare.com/

Comment: Don't you want a Linux development email list of nearly 6 MB every week? The guys at the Kernel Traffic site have long thought of this for you. Kernel Traffic is a current event Communication Weekly, which summarizes the main topics of this week. A good site.

(4) GNU Hurd

Web: http://www.gnu.ai.mit.edu/software/hurd/hurd.html

Comment: The stable version has been embodied, but the GNU Project on Hurd kernel is still under development. The Hurd kernel is a microkernel. Design . The GNU/Hurd website is characterized by how to install Hurd into Debian distribution.

(5) Linux Mama

URL: http://www.LinuxMama.com/

Comment: In any case, not every kernel patch has to be included in fold. If you are a type that is curious and want to play with informal Kernel patches, do not miss Linux Mama.

14. Career Opportunities

(1) Geekfinder

URL: http://www.geekfinder.com/

Comment: Geekfinder, which hosts are located on the User Friendly site, is a good place for hunting. This site is not limited to Linux jobs, but users can search and select jobs that best suit their skills. In addition, users can search for positions by state or region based on their own wishes.

(2) Linux.com Jobs Page

Web: http://www.linux.com/jobs/

Comment: anyone looking for a full-time Linux job is worth visiting the Linux.com's Jobs page site. Based on the positions submitted, this site has a large number Job Search Useful topics and links.

(3) eLance

Web: http://www.elance.com

Comment: The eLance site, officially released last year, opened a new market for various free services including job hunting in the computer industry. You can fill in the Personal Data Form on the site, and in the "fixed salary" section, you can set the hourly salary according to the writer's requirements (here you can also set the hourly salary to 3 to 300 US dollars Price Hire other people), or you can view the various information on the website to see if there is a free job for you.

(4) Linux Today Jobs

URL: http://jobs.linuxtoday.com/

Comment: This site has two features: Network One of the most comprehensive Linux news sites; can also provide professional sites for Linux Enterprise recruitment and Linux individual job hunting.

(5) Hotjobs.com

Web: http://www.hotjobs.com

Comment: Hotjobs.com is a website not limited to a specific job search for Linux. It publishes 5 to 10 Linux jobs every day, moreover, the posted job information is definitely not outdated news that seems ample but barely shows back.15. Scientific Engineering


(1) SAL: Scientific Applications Linux

Web: http://www.kachinatech.com/SAL/

Comment: Linux is not just about fun, but it does not mean it has lost a lot of fun. For young science Work For example, you can find many open source code, shared software and commercial software for various scientific research applications in Linux on this website.

(2) Beowulf Project at CESDIS

URL: http://beowulf.gsfc.nasa.gov/

Comment: A cool Linux site. To help Scientist They are famous for contacting a large number of high-quality and inexpensive computers.

(3) High-Availability Linux Project

URL: http://www.henge.com /~ Alanr/ha/

Comment: If you are running enterprise-level applications in Linux, or you just want to verify that the Quake server never crashes, this site is perfect for you. The site also provides many clusters Management Linux-HA software and a large number of such site links.

(4) Free Physics Project

URL: http://freephysics.sourceforge.net/

Comment: it is a GPL created in Linux Physical Simulator site. Users can download and run code, project processing, and so on.

(5) Linux and Chemistry

Web: http://chpc06.ch.unito.it/chem_linux.html

Comment: This is Comprehensive Linux and chemistry websites, including many commercial, shared software and GPL software, are suitable for those who do research work in Linux. Presumably, students and professors in the Chemistry Department should like this site.

16. Document Management

1) Linux Documentation Project

URL: http://www.linuxdoc.org/

Comment: LDP has been a FAQ, HOWTO, and Linux guide for quite a long time on all Linux sites. This site features Linux details in various formats. In addition, the HOWTO sub-item in this site is also an authoritative place to answer all users' problems. Recently, due to the addition of fresh blood, the site has new features.

2) Open Source Writer's Group

URL: http://www.oswg.org: 8080/oswg

Comment: This site was created last year by Deb Richard of LinuxChix. It is an open source code collection site and is especially suitable for users of open source code projects.

3) Linux Resources

Web: http://www2.linuxjournal.com/cgi-bi....pl/lr-toc.html

Comment: This site is an excellent data site and is suitable for beginners and professionals in Linux. Here, you can find all the relevant Linux materials, and it also tells you where you can find the relevant information, where you can meet people who use the materials, and more.

4) GNU Project Documentation

Web: http://www.gnu.org/doc/doc.html

Comment: If you have a good Free Software But I don't know how to use it. What should I do? Fortunately, the GNU Project Documentation site administrator has provided you with a comprehensive Documentation area. In addition, if you are in a good mood, you can also read the comments of Richard Stallman published on Free Software and Free Manuals.

5) The Vim Homepage

URL: http://www.vim.org/

Comment: A Linux website that will definitely shake new users. There is a lot of Vim information and usage materials.

17. X-Window System

1) Themes.org

Web: http://www.themes.org

Review: There are all the good things to dress up your desktop, as well as the X resources updated on the window manager and other popular software packages and News . In addition, Themes.org includes SawMill, Afterstep, Enlightenment, WindowMaker, and KDE.

2) KDE Home

Web: http://www.kde.org

Comment: This site provides you with any development materials for K Desktop Environment, and any updates that apply to KDE at any time. Latest Release software. In addition, KDE has many materials such as K Office.

3) GNOME Home

Web: http://www.GNOME.org

Comment: Gnome.org is the best Free Software site in an organization. Here, you can get the development resources for GNOME. You can add them to the GNOME email list or Software Download . Developers will find the latest additional materials, and GNOME users will find a lot of useful documents.

4) XFree86 Project

Web: http://www.xfree86.org

Comments: The XFree86 Project site will provide users with relevant information about the Linux system, the latest released software, and a wonderful FAQ. The XFree86 website will be an important site for beginners of Linux.

5) Window Managers for X

Web: http://www.PLiG.org/xwinman

Comment: Window Manager for X is the most comprehensive site for Window manager. From the earliest to the latest and even all, as well as the largest window manager can be found at this site. I still don't know the difference between a window manager and a desktop environment? This site can also answer your basic questions.
18. Linux distribution site


1) Debian

Web: http://www.debian.org

Comments: The Debian Website user interface is very friendly, and there are a wide range of content about the use of Debian GNU/Linux and Linux. If you like Adventure You can even find out how to run Debian using the GNU/Hurd kernel instead of the Linux kernel we all know and love. There are also a variety of free resource links for users to use!

2) Red Hat

Web: http://www.RedHat.com

Comment: Red Hat's Website It has changed many times in the past year. However, RedHat.com only keeps making better changes. The latest interface is easy to browse and provides users with a large number of links and downloads.

3) SuSE

Web: http://www.SuSE.com

Comment: The SuSE website is a commercial site-it is not intended to be a "Portal" site or any other site. Therefore, this website only contains all the information about SuSE Linux You Want To Know. SuSE websites want to know if Linux can match their Hardware Compatible users are very useful.

4) Slackware

Web: http://www.Slackware.com

Comment: The only dissatisfaction with this site is that there are too many images and slow download speeds. Relatively speaking, the Slackware site is a beautiful, clean, black and white image Design And links are created for all important materials.

5) Linux -Mandrake

Web: http://www.Linux-Mandrake.com

Comment: The Linux-Mandrake website is indeed an excellent website for Linux-Mandrake distro users. Whether you are looking Technology Supported cainiao are developers who want to deal with the latest code. Linux-Mandrake is a shortcut to achieve this.

19. User Groups

1) Linux User Groups WorldWide

Web: http://lugww.counter.li.org/lugww.php3

Comment: Do you want to find the nearest or farthest Liunx user group? The Linux User Groups WorldWide website has the most comprehensive list of related LUGs (Linux User Group. The list based on the user address location allows mutual connection, and the site also provides instructions on how to create.


Web: http://www.sulug.org

Comment: This website is probably the most dynamic LUG site in the world, and it must be a hotspot that people often visit. The Silicon Valley Linux Users Group site contains many interesting History And useful links.

3) Groups of Linux Users Everywhere

Web: http://www2.linuxjournal.com/glue/index.html

Comment: GLUE is the host of Linux Journal. Registered LUGs can participate in friendly Linux around the world Company Activities provided. At the same time, the GLUE website also has a certain number of LUGs resources, including skills.

4) Linux Online's Linux User Group Registry

Web: http://www.linux.org/users/index.html

Comment: Linux Online has a comprehensive list of worldwide LUGs. If you want to find your LUG here, list it on the Linux Online site.

5) LinuxChix

Web: http://www.linuxchix.org

Comment: That's right. Chix is indeed studying Linux. Deb Richard of LinuxChix wanted to create a Linux email list for women. The rapid development of LinuxChix is more popular than Deb's expectation. Moreover, the regionalization of LinuxChix LUGs has begun to move forward. Global .

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